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muscle memory

Many years ago, I wrote a song entitled “He Knows” based on one of my favorite verses, Jeremiah 29:11. Thanks to a wonderful friend at our church, we have a recorded version of the song from shortly after I wrote it, but I never wrote the music out. It was just in my head. And over the years, I played my piano less and less and when I would sit down and try to play it, it just wasn’t there.

It’s amazing how the mind works, though.

We recently moved my piano out of our house into my parents’ and after it was in place in mom and dad’s family room, I sat down and started playing around. Chloe told me to play my song and I told her that I didn’t remember it anymore. She has a copy of the recorded version on her phone and she sat it on top of the piano and hit play. I started to pick it out a bit at the beginning and then … my fingers suddenly took off. There were a couple places that I got stopped up and had to pick out the notes, but the whole thing came back to me. It was the most incredible thing. Mom and Chloe were cracking up at my face, because I was staring at them with wide eyes, mouth hanging open, not even looking at the keys as my fingers played the song completely from memory. Muscle memory.

I am in awe of the way God created our complex brains.

Maybe when I sat down at home to try to play it before, I was blocked for some reason. Maybe I just needed to let my mind and fingers find it at the right time. Whatever the reason, it was a fun moment to share with my mom and my daughter.

the ING journal | January 2016

I finally pulled out my ING journal and sat down for about ten minutes to jot down the little things that are going on at this moment in my life. It’s been about six months since I last wrote in it, but it’s all good. I flipped back through my other entries and smiled thinking about what I was doing on those days. So glad I have those little tidbits to remind me of where I’ve been, the things I was doing, reading, eating, etc. months ago.

Here’s the full entry. Click to see it larger. I didn’t mess up the new year, but I did mess up what date it was. haha!

If you’re interested in a copy, they are available at the below links in three colors:

a new year

I think I’m still in denial that 2015 is over. It hasn’t sunk in yet. Christmas and all the family gatherings flew by in a blur. We attended 6 family Christmases, not including our own on Christmas morning, and did more traveling this time around, but it was worth it to see lots of family this year. We spent our last weekend of break at Jake’s parents’ on the east side of the state. We were there for New Year’s Eve (lots of games, movies, and yummy soup), then had our final family Christmas on New Year’s Day.

These are just a few photos from New Year’s Eve. I tend to share a lot more photos on my Instagram account. If you’re an instagram addict, like I am, feel free to follow me. My username there is kristajean.

My Merry Christmas book giveaway wrapped up this past weekend, too. The winner was LETTY MAR! Congratulations, Letty! :)

Are you setting resolutions for yourself this year? I’m not. Not really. But there are a couple things I want to accomplish this year.

• I have challenged myself over on Goodreads to read 50 books. I read just about that many in 2015, so I’m sure I’ll have no problem reaching that goal. And I want to finish reading through the Bible this year, too. I’m about 25% of the way through (started last year, but didn’t finish).

• And it’s time to kick my book editing into high gear so I can finish Until Then and get it ready for all of you. Then it’s on to the next book. ;)

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s. Looking forward to all that 2016 holds.

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