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Black Friday Sales

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Thought I’d check in and share a few sales I’ve got going on this weekend.

Goodbye, Magnolia eBook is FREE from Black Friday thru Sunday.
That’s right. FREE! So make sure you click over to Amazon on FRIDAY to get your copy.

Both of my books are on sale this weekend in paperback form.

to get $1.99 OFF each book.
You can order multiple copies and the code will take that amount off each copy as well.

Goodbye, Magnolia • $11.00 (originally $12.99)
The Truth About Drew • $8.00 (originally $9.99)

* Note: The above coupon code only works when you purchase paperbacks through my Amazon Createspace Storefront, so make sure you follow the links to each book from this post, then enter the code there. The code will not work on, Barnes & Noble, or anywhere else my paperbacks are sold. Thanks. :)

Happy shopping & Happy reading!

hello, monday

• Had a lovely visit at Mom and Dad O’s on the east side of the state a couple weekends ago. Lots of yummy food and I even spent some time in the mornings working on my NaNoWriMo novel. Morning writing is so unlike me (except for blog posts). I’ve always been an evening writer, but I made myself do it so I could keep up with my word count and the ideas flowed even though I’m so not a morning person. ;)

• It was sort of Friend Week for me last week. I got to visit Heidi and help her design her annual Christmas card. It’s our annual tradition now for me to take their family picture and help design the card. Always a fun time chatting and picking photos and laughing at all the ones where they’re making funny faces or their eyes are closed. I also had dinner with my friend, Jen, and lots of catching up time over coffee (tea for her) at Starbucks afterward. Time with friends always makes it a good week.

• The painting is done. For this year anyway. I finished all but a couple small sections on the way back of the house that need to be reached by climbing on the roof. They aren’t really visible from the ground anyway, so they will be finished in the spring. So our house is all one color finally, and we finished just in time …

• It’s our first Monday with snow. We had the first big snowfall over the weekend. Not sure how much snow there was. At least 6-8 inches piled on top of my car.

• Chloe’s first gymnastics meet of the season was early Sunday morning. We drove through mostly clear roads to get there and had a nice lunch at Cracker Barrel afterwards to celebrate her 3rd place medal on bars and also the completion of painting the house. :)

• I was happy to see The Truth About Drew had the #1 Best Seller banner again this week. I ran a Kindle Countdown Deal throughout the week and it did really well. It’s always fun to see that little orange banner pop up.

• It’s a short school/work week for Thanksgiving. Looking forward to family time and putting up the tree.

• My newsletter is going out later this week. If you haven’t signed up yet, click HERE. There will be a little Black Friday info inside. Stay tuned!

five random thoughts

I have seriously been writing this post for FOUR days. It was first meant to be my “hello, Monday” post, then I named it “random tuesday thoughts”, then Wednesday passed me by, and now it’s happening. Finally. On Thursday. Such is life. ;)

Five random thoughts:

– Christmas music is playing on one of the local radio stations. They switched over to all Christmas tunes last week. I thought this would annoy me since it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but it’s actually making me kind of happy and in the mood for the holiday season.

– I finished the entire series of Friday Night Lights finally. I got behind on it years ago when it first aired and never caught up, so when I reached that point in the series on Netflix, I got even more excited to watch it since I had no idea how things were going to play out. I’ve never been a huge football fan. I like to watch the Super Bowl sometimes, and I went to my share of high school football games (just to be with friends mostly). But I’ve spent the past couple months immersed in all things football while watching that series and I have to say, I think I understand the game a little better and might not cringe if I’m flipping channels and the only thing on is football. ;)

– My mom is the greatest! A couple years ago in the fall, we started painting our house. We only got up about halfway and then the cold set in and we didn’t finish. Ever since then, the house has been two colors – the bottom half a lovely color called Earthy Mushroom Taupe (a greyish color with a hint of brown to it) that I adore, the top half a dirty looking yellowish color that I was never very fond of. For various reasons, I chose to focus my time on other things and did not touch a paintbrush to the siding for far too long. It annoyed me every time we drove in and I had to look at the two colors on our house or when someone was coming over and I had to tell them to just “look for the two-tone house”. ugh! But this fall, my mom suggested that we work on it again, so we have. And we almost have it complete. A couple small sections of yellow left way up high (must gear myself up to climb that high on the ladder), the shutters, and a section on the back that will require me to climb up on our roof. When I drive in now, I feel a huge sense of accomplishment that it’s almost done and looks so nice. And it’s all because of my mom pushing me to do it. Plus, she’s been the best ladder holder, making sure it doesn’t slip while I’m climbing to all the high places. :)

** Note: I did it! I climbed up to the peak of the house and got rid of the ugly yellow color. It looks so much nicer now. Two more peaks to paint. Hoping for nice weather next week to finish those sections. When I drive in now … the entire front of my house is Earthy Mushroom Taupe with dark chocolate brown shutters. Swoon.

– My daughter is so resilient. She’s had kind of a rough year friend-wise, but I’m proud of her for not letting the loss of a friendship get her down. She has been spending time with other friends, getting to know some of the other girls better, and trusting God to bring some new friends her way.

– I’m more in love with writing than ever. This month, I decided to be crazy and participate in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) while still editing my next book, Until Then. It’s been a lot of fun. I am working on the young adult dystopian/fantasy novel that I’m sure I’ve mentioned here before. This idea has been knocking around in my head for a year, so I decided to get the first draft of the first book written. I’m fairly sure this one will be a series of a few books. This is also allowing my mind to think about something besides Until Then, which has been pretty much all I’ve been thinking of and writing for months. NaNoWriMo is a crazy mad dash to finish a 50,000 word novel in thirty days and I’m right on track to finish. I passed 20,000 words last night. That’s more than 40% of the way and it’s going well. My main characters are forming and the hero is getting into all kinds of trouble. Good times! ;)

Have a wonderful weekend!

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