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flashback friday

Glanced back to some pictures from this week in 2009 and found this adorable gem (above). It was at a time when we had one working vehicle and we had to go pick Jake up from work after school. I took a few pictures of the kids climbing around in the back of the van and on top of the seats while we waited for Jake and caught this sweet one of Chloe. She was 6. Such a cutie pie.

Jake drove on the way home that day, so I took a bunch of pictures out the windows of the fall colors as we drove along the Thornapple River and went the country route instead of the main highway.

I love fall! Hope you have a wonderful weekend and are able to get out and enjoy the beauty of this season. I have a feeling I will be outside plenty as we are painting our house right now. ;)

anniversary party | cake and ice cream

What anniversary party would be complete without cake? Lots of cake. Jake’s sister, Missy, was so sweet to make us this cute little cake for the occasion. And Mom got two big sheet cakes, which was way more cake than we needed. But the kids didn’t complain when we had lots of leftovers to take home. ;) We used some more silk flowers for the top of the little cake. And we tore the petals off a couple bundles and I decorated the tops of the sheet cakes – one with random flowers all over, the other with the flowers forming the number 20. I’m sure the lady at the bakery thought it strange that I didn’t want “happy anniversary” or a photo of us or something printed on top of the sheet cakes. They have pages and pages of designs you can have put on your cakes. But I think they looked cute with the flowers on top.

And how can you have cake without ice cream?

When my dad mentioned to his Amish neighbor, Melvin, that they were having an anniversary party for us at the farm, Melvin asked if we would like him to make some homemade ice cream for the party. My parents have become friends with this nice man and his family, and they help each other out with farm tasks often. I thought it was so sweet of him to ask and we eagerly agreed. About halfway through the party, Melvin and his wife and one of their sons walked across the road with this very large and noisy contraption that was whipping up the ice cream.

Family and friends stood around the machine talking, taking pictures, and chatting with Melvin. And the ice cream was so delicious and smooth.

It was a big hit with everyone! Especially the kids. I love that Lindsey captured this sweet photo of our niece, Violet, staring at the ice cream. So adorable.

So grateful to my parents’ neighbors for doing this for us.

All photos taken by Lindsey Gerlinger Photography and edited by yours truly. ;)

anniversary party | details

Time to share some details from our 20th anniversary party in August. It all started with the invitations that I picked out from a Groupon that we got online for cards from Zazzle. I liked these. They were simple and perfect for an outdoor party at the farm. And I imagined little vases of green hydrangeas on the tables and some chinese lanterns hanging inside the tent with strings of lights. So we went with the green and white color scheme to match the invites.

To keep costs down, we picked up some green and white silk hydrangeas and ribbon from Michaels, dollar store vases, which we painted with white spray paint. I had extra invitations left over, so I used the back side of those as a matte for 4×6 photos of us over the years and sandwiched a stick between them, which I shoved down into the flowers. They turned out cute.

I also printed out more photos and attached them to cardboard in the shape of the number 20. I saw that on Pinterest. ;)

In preparation for the party, I pulled out my tub of wedding stuff. We displayed our wedding album and proof books as well as a photo album filled with photos friends and family took at our wedding and the pictures from the disposable cameras we had on all the tables at our reception. Also on display were the ring bearer pillow and my wedding bouquet, which my mom made for me out of silk flowers. And we dug out our rehearsal and wedding videos and had those playing during the party, too. That was definitely fun to watch.

I loved all the green and white. The kids helped stack the plates and cups in alternating colors.

We had a little basket on a table by the tent entrance for cards, but in place of a guest book, I had a basket of Project Life cards for people to sign. My plan is to make a little anniversary party Project Life album, print photos of all the guests and stick the card they signed in a pocket next to their pictures.

There are more things to share – food, yard games for the kids, the cake, guests. Stay tuned for more anniversary posts.

All photos (except the invitation) were taken by Lindsey Gerlinger Photography and edited by yours truly. :)

throwback thursday | fall in Chicago

Throwback to five years ago when we took a fall trip to Chicago for Zach’s birthday. CLICK HERE to see my original post with all the pictures and details. :)

all the words

Sometimes I feel like all of my words are for my books. I write and write into the evenings, my mind constantly on the story, and there don’t seem to be enough words left over for blog posts lately.

There’s so much I want to share. I want to talk about the new book and how hard it is to write Michelle’s story, but how I love the way it’s coming together. I want to show you more pictures of our 20th anniversary party, which was such a fun and special day. I want to share about things that have been going on around here since school started. It’s been a constant stream of friend drama, sleepovers, gymnastics for the girl, gaming conferences for the guys, book promotions for me, and some sickness thrown in there. And writing. Lots of writing. It seems there’s been one thing after another for months and I haven’t yet stopped to let it all soak in.

I know I will. Soon. But if I simply share pictures around here for a while, you know why.

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