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book launch amnesia

This looks like a pretty good place to be right about now. One can only dream.

Reality for us right now is saying “no” to a vacation and saving our pennies so we can pay for what needs fixed on our house in order to sell. I know it’s the responsible thing to do, but some days I wish I didn’t have to be. Some days I want to say “the heck with it” and book a week with my husband at an all-inclusive resort or rent a cottage on a lake somewhere or take a road trip to the Grand Canyon (I will see the Grand Canyon. Oh yes, I will!).

My brain is in need of a break, though, that’s for sure. Writing, editing, book formatting, proofing, marketing. I seem to have developed “book launch amnesia”, because I went through all of this when I published The Truth About Drew last year, but I must have forgotten. It can be really hard and frustrating and overwhelming at times. I think I’m through the hard and frustrating part (editing, line editing, copy editing, book formatting, ebook formatting) and now I’m on to completely overwhelming.

I am a bit overwhelmed. I’ve got this great book and I want to share it with as many people as possible, but how do I do that? How do I get the word out? I’m no marketing genius, but I know how to share on social media. And I’m not a gifted salesman or public speaker (obviously, that’s why writing is perfect for me!), so how do I promote the book without sounding like all I’m saying is “BUY MY BOOK! BUY MY BOOK!”. It’s tricky, this marketing thing.

But I do want people to buy the book. Of course, I do. I love my sweet story and I want to share it.

And I want to be able to make a living with my writing, or at least contribute to our income, which requires me to sell my books.

I’m also overwhelmed in a good way by the positive reaction from those who have read advanced copies of Goodbye, Magnolia. I’d love to think that the word of mouth about the book will do all the selling for me, but I know that’s not realistic. Wouldn’t it be nice if it was? ;)

Again … overwhelming.

These are some of the things that are racing around in my brain lately. Especially as book launch gets closer (less than THREE WEEKS from now!), I have mixed emotions. I’m nervous and excited and giddy and terrified and hopeful and proud and scared. But mostly I’m just happy. Because writing makes me happy. And I hope the stories I write will bring some happiness to all of you who read them, too.

hello, monday

Sometimes, you have to turn your attention on something different, step away from the thing you have been so focused on, get deep into something else, so your mind can rest and see things more clearly. That was this weekend for me. So much of my attention lately has been on my book launch and all the things surrounding that. I needed not to think about it for a while.

So, I lounged on the couch on Saturday morning with my coffee and read the paper. I watched old episodes of Property Brothers on Netflix. I organized our coat closet and put away all the winter things. I read. I did all the laundry off and on throughout the day and even folded (most of) it. I hung out with Jake and the kids, got take-out, and watched Friends episodes.

On Sunday, I watched my daughter compete in her final gymnastics meet of the season, the big State Championships, where she placed 6th on floor amidst some really strong competition. So proud of her! Then I had a lovely dinner with Jake, the kids, my mom, and Jake’s parents at the Chinese buffet. When we got home, Chloe and I relaxed on the couch and watched Gilmore Girls together.

It was a lovely weekend. Just what I needed.

What did you do this weekend?


Today is an exciting day around here! I thought I’d wake up to the sun shining and birds chirping. Instead, it’s grey skies and SNOW! But I DON’T CARE! It’s BOOK TRAILER DAY!

I’ve had it in my mind since I finished writing this book that I wanted to put together a book trailer to promote it. And the vision I had in my mind was so clear. Pictures from some of the weddings I photographed over the years hanging on twine. “Magic hour” light shining from behind them. Close-up shots and lots of bokeh (that pretty background blur). So, I browsed through photos on my computer, had some prints made, and begged Jake to use his big camera with its video capabilities to shoot it for me. Last month, we made it happen. And it turned out just like I imagined.

The getting there was a bit of a process. I edited the entire thing myself on my ten year old Mac, but the iMovie program exported it in such low quality. I was crushed and shed a tear or two after all the work I put into it. But all was not lost. Hubby to the rescue! We sat down last night and recut the entire thing together using his computer with a better video editing program. And it looks glorious!

Without further ado … here is the official book trailer for Goodbye, Magnolia. Enjoy!

A few behind the scenes tidbits:

• The pictures on a string were totally inspired by my cousin Sarah’s wedding. She also happens to be the beautiful bride on the cover of my book.
Hi, Sarah! ;)

• Several photos in the video are from Sarah’s wedding as well. I was trying to stick with the yellow color scheme as much as possible.

• The cute wedding couple toward the end … stock video footage that I chose just for that yellow sash around her dress.

• The voice over … yeah, that’s me. I don’t love my voice, but as my mom said, “This is your baby. Might as well be you doing the talking.”

hello, monday

It was such a nice weekend around here. We went out to my parents house on Friday evening to celebrate Jake’s birthday with some Jet’s pizza and cupcakes. The guys helped my dad get big tires put on one of his tractors, then we all took a ride back to the woods while Dad hooked up a combine. We also had movie night and watched “Interstellar”. Really good movie. I was not expecting it to be such a tear-jerker.

On Saturday, my mom came over and we dug up all the old nasty bushes around our house that we’ve been wanting to get rid of. The kids were good helpers. We got it all done in a couple hours.

My book giveaway on Goodreads ended this weekend. Over 1,100 people put their names in. Now if all of those people would kindly purchase my book and read it next month. ;)

Sunday afternoon, we went to Jake’s dad’s for a visit. Heather and the girls were there for the weekend. We also got to see Andy and Michelle (one of Jake’s other sisters) and our niece, Breanna. Was a nice time with family.

The weekend was not without sadness, though. I learned that Jonathan Crombie, who played Gilbert on the “Anne of Green Gables” movies, passed away unexpectedly. He was only 48. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve watched those movies. My friends and I have wonderful memories of “Anne” movie marathons back in high school.

Jonathan was the perfect Gilbert and will always live on through those movies. :)

April ING Journal | doctors and dentists

After a nice morning walk with my Mom, I pulled out my ING Journal and took about 10 minutes to jot down what’s been going on in my head and heart and life lately. I didn’t write in the journal in March, but that’s OK. It can be done whenever, as often as you want. No rules. What matters is jotting down these little snippets of your life, a simple record of what’s happening on that day.

My life lately has been full of a lot of book preparation, but there have been other things going on in our daily life as well. Things that, to me, are stressful. Doctor and dentist appointments, especially, which I mentioned in the journal.

I’m not very good when it comes to needles. When I had my blood drawn or had an IV during my pregnancy, I could not watch. I had to look away. Last week, I took Chloe to the doctor because she had a bump on her eyelid that the doctor thought was a simple cyst that could be drained. He had to numb her eyelid and make an incision then stitch her back up, all with me sitting across the room. She was so brave, but I could see her legs tense up every time she felt pain and I felt so helpless. It took the doctor forever to stitch her eye, too, and I was starting to feel very queasy. Thankfully, there was no fainting on my part. But it was not just a simple cyst. It was more of a hard bump that needs to be removed surgically, so we have to take her back again. :(

I also had to face my fear of the dentist this week. I’m embarrassed to admit that it has been many years since I last went, due to childhood fears. The hygienist was so wonderful and got me through it with a lot of kindness and patience. She was very happy with the condition of my teeth and gums. I told her I can’t stand to start and end my day without brushing and I floss fairly regularly, so I know that helped. My teeth were not free of cavities, though, which I pretty much expected. But there was only one that needed immediate attention, so I go back … tomorrow to have that taken care of. If you think of it, say a little prayer for me. I could use it. One of my big fears is that needle. I’m also going to try to do it without the “laughing gas”. Last time I had the nitrous, it made me super dizzy afterwards, which I did not like. So I’m going to attempt it without. Extra prayers that I can make it through without, but the doctor said it’s there if I need it. ;)

Today, we go back to the doctor to get Chloe’s stitches removed. That should be an easier appointment than the last one. I hope.

Here is the full ING Journal page. Click for larger image.

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April Project Life® Blog Hop

Welcome to the fourth of 12 BLOG HOPS from the 2014 Becky Higgins Project Life® Creative Team! We are all passionate about Project Life & memory keeping and we wanted to continue to inspire each other and you as we move forward in 2015.

Because I’ve been busy putting the finishing touches on MY NOVEL over the past month, I didn’t have a lot of extra time to work on my physical Project Life album, but I really wanted to go back and put together some layouts from my annual camping trips with my friend Jen. Most of the time, I use Photoshop to design my layouts and then print the photos for the pocket pages. This time, I knew the Project Life App would help me create more pages and get through the photos faster. So, I went through my folders of photos and chose the ones I wanted to use, edited them in Photoshop, then copied the edited images into the Dropbox folder on my desktop computer. I’ve got the Dropbox app on my phone, so all I had to do was open that and save the photos I had added to my account right to my phone. Then I was free to play with them in the Project Life App. I sat down for a couple hours one afternoon and whipped out 6 pages. The most timely part was editing the photos. The app does have built in photo editing as well, so I probably could have skipped that step and saved myself some time, and I just might do that next time.

All of these layouts are from the first year (2005) that Jen and I took a trip north. We didn’t actually camp that year. We stayed in St. Ignace, MI and took a little day trip north to check out some of the sights on the east side of the U.P. The Upper Peninsula is so beautiful and peaceful. We have gone back many times in the past ten years of our camping trips.

So, here are the pages. If you have yet to try the Project Life App, jump on over and get it now. It’s SO EASY and FAST! You won’t regret it. And you can even have your layouts printed right from the app now. I haven’t tried that option yet, but I know I will. Maybe when I finish all the layouts from the camping trips. ;)

JULY 22-23, 2005

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We hope you enjoyed this hop!

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throwback thursday

When we were at my parents’ for early Easter dinner a couple weekends ago, Chloe and I flipped through a mini album I made for my mom one year (I believe it was for a Mother’s Day) when the kids were little. There were cute photos of my little family and lists of things we love about Mom. I closed the album with the above quote. It’s been a long time since I put together a little mini album for a gift. Seeing that little book inspired me to make some gift albums soon.

I snapped a quick photo of the last page with my phone, because I wanted to add it to my quote notebook, and I thought it would be fun to share for a little throwback thursday, too. :)

sneak peek

As I’m putting the finishing touches on Goodbye, Magnolia, Jake is helping me put together something special for the book. The above photo is just a little sneak peek of what’s to come. I’m super excited about it and can’t wait to share when it all comes together.

In the meantime, the giveaway is still going on over on Goodreads for a signed ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) of the book. This copy is the almost final draft, so you’ll get to read the version of the book from just before I made the final changes and edited the typos. ;)

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Goodbye, Magnolia by Krista Noorman

Goodbye, Magnolia

by Krista Noorman

Giveaway ends April 17, 2015.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter to win

a happy easter

It was such a wonderful time with Jake’s family this weekend. I brought along the big camera and took a bunch of our nieces with their Easter baskets and hunting for eggs and playing Hide and Seek outside with Chloe. I love the first two pictures (above). Jake decided to lift Violet up by her overalls. And the one on the right of Chloe petting Emmie is so cute. She loves dogs.

Could Violet be any cuter? ;)

The little chicken on the right (below) actually lays little gum eggs. We all got a laugh out of that one.

We actually woke to snow on Easter morning, but by the afternoon it had warmed and the snow melted. The girls went outside and played. Love Scarlett’s “Found you!” shot on the right.

Love our family!

hello, monday

My posts usually go up earlier in the day, but we arrived home late this afternoon from a few days with Jake’s family, so I’m just now getting to my computer. Had a wonderful time with Mom and Dad O, Heather and the girls.

• Played games.
• Watched movies – Watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty for the second time. Have you seen that one? There is just something about it that I love. Beautifully shot and such a good story. Love it.
• Lots of chatting and laughing and catching up.
• Celebrated Chloe’s birthday (belated) and Jake’s birthday (early).
• The little girls had baskets of goodies on Easter morning.
• Had an egg hunt for all the kids.
• Enjoyed yummy meals and way too much candy.

It was such a nice time. We were sad to go, but so glad it worked out for us to visit.

On our way home, we stopped for lunch with Jeff (who wasn’t able to be there this weekend because of work) and the girls (yay! we got to see them again!), then a quick stop at IKEA to buy a desk for Zach that we’ve been promising him. We arrived home just in time to take Chloe to gymnastics practice. Busy day, but worth it.

I took a bunch of pictures of the little girls this weekend. Will share some tomorrow. :)

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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