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around here

GYMNASTICS • I just looked at the calendar today and realized that we are five days from July already. The past two weeks have not felt like summer break at all. We’ve been running back and forth every day to the gym. Chloe is making up some gymnastics team days she missed while we were on vacation at the beginning of the month, so she’s been there 4 days a week for the past two weeks. 12 hour practice weeks are totally wearing her out and I think she’s about to crash (and so am I).

GRANDMA DAY • Chloe is spending the night at Grandma’s tonight. My mom was nice enough to pick Chloe up from her gymnastics today so I could have lunch with my friends. She took her home for a little sleepover. Such a good Grandma.

FRIENDS • Had lunch today with Heidi, whose maternity pics I recently shared, and her Mom, Lynn. Always such fun getting together with them. Lots of laughter and catching up. We had a delicious meal at County Seat here in Hastings.

BETH & JEFF • I already mentioned this the other day, but it was so wonderful to spend last Saturday with Beth and her hubby, Jeff, and celebrate their recent marriage. My dear friend, Beth, has been waiting patiently her whole life to find the right man and I’ve been there for her along the way, as she’s been there for me. I am so happy for her and so thankful that God finally brought her a great guy.

THE TRUTH ABOUT DREW • I’m working hard on my book. Yes, it’s already been released, but the work doesn’t stop once you hit “publish”. Because I chose to self-publish, I am responsible for all the marketing, and it’s hard to get a book noticed. But I’m plugging along, making connections with other authors and learning all I can. I didn’t do this to “be famous”. That doesn’t interest me at all. But having people read and love my book(s), that’s what I want. I think there is definitely an audience for “clean” books, great stories, which also happen to deal with the characters’ faith in God (or lack thereof). My book is one of those and I hope people will find it. With a lot of prayer and much learning as I go, I’m trying to make that happen.

MY NEXT BOOK • It’s coming right along. I’m halfway through the first edit of my manuscript and it’s already way better than it was before. I cried through two chapters last night. There were some emotional moments for our girl, Maggie. But she’s about to have a little breakthrough. :)

PROJECT LIFE • Editing through a folder of about 100 pictures I chose from our vacation photos for my Project Life album. I’m excited to get them printed and in the page protectors. Then the fun part … to choose some cute cards and do all the journaling. Pictures of the completed album coming very soon!!!

monday’s list

It was a lovely yet emotional weekend here. Jake and the kids went to his sister’s house to celebrate our niece, Scarlett’s 4th birthday, while my Mom and I traveled north to celebrate the marriage of my dear friend, Beth, and her hubby, Jeff.

• Friday •
Mom and I went to Sam’s Club to pick up some glorious coconut oil. Do you know how many uses there are for that stuff? We were introduced to it by Marsha when we were on vacation. Had to go get us some.

Took the kids to Chuck E Cheese for lunch. No, my kids are not little anymore, but it’s been kind of a tradition to go there every year or two, ever since my brothers and I were kids. We even went when we were in our 20’s and had no kids. haha! Yes, we are crazy, but it’s one of those fun traditions that we still continue.

Chloe had a fun gymnastics party. All the team girls spent the evening jumping around at the gym, eating pizza and lots of junk food, then spent the night in sleeping bags spread out all over the gym – some on the floor, some on the trampolines, etc. Fun! She had a blast!

• Saturday •
Jake and the kids headed across the state. I was so sad to miss sweet Scarlett’s birthday party. My little family spent the night, so they got to spend lots of time there with the family. Jealous!

But I would not have missed Beth and Jeff’s wedding party for anything. They were married back in February, on Valentines Day actually, down in North Carolina, where they live. It was a small justice of the peace ceremony, but she knew she wanted to have a renewing of vows ceremony here in Michigan so her Dad, who has not had the best health in recent years, could walk her down the aisle. On Saturday at 3pm, that happened. It was very sweet and a couple of her nieces walked the aisle with her as well, so that was really special. I took pictures, of course. She had asked me to stand up with her, but I just knew that she would love having those pictures and I couldn’t be in two places at once. She agreed. I was standing up there, I was just taking pictures instead of standing next to her. :) It was a very nice afternoon with friends.

When I got home, the house was empty and quiet. Sometimes I crave the quiet, but when my family is gone, I miss them. And the quiet makes my mind wander and my thoughts turned to the past and I shed more than a few tears. I think I needed the time to myself. They were healing tears.

• Sunday •
I had pretty much all day to myself with Jake and the kids still gone, so I started sorting through pictures from our vacation for this month’s Project Life. I’m going to fill up a cute little mini album with my favorites from our trip. Excited to get those printed and pick out cute cards to use with them in the album. It’s been a few weeks since I did any Project Life and I’m itching to get some more memories recorded.

Jake and the kids arrived home around dinnertime. It was good to have them home. I missed my cute little family. They shared photos they took and I was thankful that they like to take pictures as much as I do. Even though I wasn’t there, we’ll still have lots of photos for the Project Life album.

All in all, a very good weekend and official first days of Summer!

digging deep

My latest book is filled with weddings and photography and relationships and love.

But this is a hard one to write. I’m pulling from my heart, from a lot of the struggles I went through when my first engagement ended. I love this story. I love Maggie, but she is me in a lot of ways, and it’s not easy to spend so much time with her. Not that I don’t like myself, it’s just hard to put myself in her shoes and be back there again, hurting, brokenhearted, lonely, questioning everything, afraid of being hurt again.

I’ve been spending a few hours every night this week working through the first several chapters. And it hurts. Earlier today, when I thought about sitting down to write, I tried to come up with other things I could do instead. I could sort through our vacation photos and choose some for an album. I could edit the maternity photos I took the other day for my friend, Heidi. I could bake a loaf of banana bread. (Mmmmm. That sounds good right now.) I could fold and sort some laundry, maybe go through my clothes and see if there’s anything I want to get rid of. I could binge watch some random television show on Netflix. Anything and everything crossed my mind.

To really fill in Maggie’s story, though, I have to dig deep. But digging up all those old emotions has left my recently opened wounds a little raw. I even thought today that maybe I should just shelve this one, maybe it’s easier to just quit before I get too far into it, too consumed by the pain.

But maybe this is exactly the right time to write this book, when I’ve already been dealing with so much of my past this year and it’s all fresh in my mind. Maybe God will use it to help me heal. I don’t know that I’ll ever be fully healed, but that is part of my journey, just as it is a part of Maggie’s.

I found my happily ever after. Will Maggie find hers? Hmmm … guess you’ll have to wait and see. ;)

you, my friend, are gorgeous!

If you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you know my dear friend Heidi. We took advantage of the lovely evening light on Monday and took some pictures of her cute baby belly. In less than a month, we will meet that sweet little baby and I’m so excited for them. As I was looking through these pictures, I thought of the beginning of our friendship and how thankful I am for her presence in my life. I met her sometime around 1993 when she was just a young thing, bopping in and out of the store every once in a while. (I worked for her then-stepfather’s family business.) But it was when she began working there, too, that we became good friends. I think that was about 18 years ago or so. So thankful for her and for her mom, Lynn. Their friendship was the only good thing to come out of that job.

Isn’t she a gorgeous little mama? Wish I had looked that good when I was pregnant. ;)

monday’s list

• It’s the first Monday of summer vacation! Yeah!

• Chloe went to a birthday sleepover on Friday night for some new friends (twins) that she made in her class this year. They stayed up late, ate junk food, and jumped in the cold pool on a 60 degree day for a “cold water challenge”. She had a great time and we discovered that her friends live only five minutes from us, so I’m sure there will be lots of hanging out and sleepovers this summer. Nice to have friends so close since most of her friends live about twenty minutes away.

• Went to the park with Heather and the girls on Saturday. Took a bunch of pictures of them as a gift for their daddy. Got a few where they were actually looking at me and sort of smiling. hehe! Above are a couple of my favorites.

• Jake and Zach hung out with my brothers and some friends that night, so it was just us girls. We got Taco Bell and watched a movie together.

• Father’s Day was spent at my parents’ farm. A nice lunch and hanging out on the porch talking and taking selfies with Retrica, a fun camera app with lots and lots of filters. Here are a few we took. ;)

• Off to see my friend Heidi later tonight and take some pictures of her cute baby belly. So excited to meet this new little one very soon.

• Today is one month to the day since my book launched. I would say it’s been a pretty good first month. I’m excited to see where month two takes it. :)

first day | last day

Wow! You really don’t notice how much your kids grow from day to day until you open up a couple of photos taken nine months apart and see it with your own eyes. They’ve both gotten taller. Chloe started out so skinny and now, because of gymnastics, has lots of muscle tone. And their facial features are more mature. So glad I remembered to snap this photo of them today. :)

Today was the end of middle school for Zach and the end of elementary for Chloe. Jake, my Mom and I attended Zach’s 8th grade graduation today and his principal gave them some really great advice about not being afraid of failure because we all fail at times in our lives, and about finding what they love, remembering the moments that have meant the most to them so far, discovering what they want for their future, and going out and making it happen. He entitled his talk “Love, Failure and Instagram”. ;)

When I picked Chloe up, she and some of her classmates were outside with the teacher waving goodbye to all the kids that ride the bus. The buses were all honking and the kids were waving and cheering. It was a fun moment (which I captured on video, of course). Her teacher was out there signing some of their yearbooks with sweet personal messages. I caught a bunch of cute pictures of her hugging the kids goodbye. Such a wonderful teacher. Before we left, her teacher said, “Now Chloe, you have such a gift for writing. Don’t wait for teachers to mention it to you, you go out and do it, because you need to share that with people. Do you hear me?” Chloe shyly said, “Yeah.” She said, “I’m not kidding. Because you are really good.” I think that meant a lot to her. She really does have a talent for writing. Some of the stuff she brought home this year blew me away. When we went outside to leave, I had her stand in front of the school for a picture. Last day in this building. Saying goodbye is hard. I think she could feel it, too. It seemed like she didn’t want to leave.

Bittersweet day. Lots of great memories. But middle school and high school are going to be new adventures for them both. I’m excited to see what they will both do next year. :)


A lot has happened in the past nine months. As I sit here on the eve of the kids’ last day of school, I am reflecting on it all. There have been a lot of fun times this year. Class field trips, family gatherings, holidays, and vacations. Fun things like being chosen for the Project Life® Creative Team and self-publishing my book. And the not so fun – the longest winter ever, struggles in Math for Chloe, Jake spraining his ankle, and facing the fact that my kids will be in middle school and high school next year. No more elementary school for us.

This year, for me, has also been one of revelations, grieving, dealing with past heartbreak, and being open to what God wants to show me. It hasn’t been easy. As each day passes, I move forward and remember that I’m right where God wants me to be.

I’m looking forward to the next few months. Hopefully the lazy days of summer will go by very slowly this year.

outer banks 2014

Where do I even begin to share what a wonderful vacation we had last week in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I guess I will go back in time to 1990 when I was 16 and my best friend, Kelle, invited me to go on vacation with her and her family to Ocean Isle, NC. It was her immediate family along with her Mom’s brothers and their kids. All of us in one house near the beach. It is by far one of the best vacation memories I have. Here are a couple pictures from that trip:

So, earlier this year, when Kelle’s Mom, Marsha, invited us to tag along this year because one of their family members couldn’t go, WE WERE IN!

All these years later, Marsha’s family and her brothers’ families have grown, and they now each rent a house on the same street to be able to fit all the kids and grandkids. There were 15 of us in our house. Probably around that same number in the other two houses as well. A big group to go on vacation with. And a lot of fun!

Everyone pretty much did whatever they felt like during the day – pool, beach, biking, fishing, napping, cards, souvenir shopping, the ice cream place, whatever.

Then we met up in the evening for dinners. There were 5 families within our house and we each took turns making the evening meals. It was such a nice time eating together after most days spent all split up.

The evenings were lovely, too. Pretty sunsets and walking on the beach with my hubby.

On Wednesday, our little family took off from the rest and visited Wright Brothers National Memorial. Very cool to see the site where the first airplane lifted off. We had lunch together in Nags Head, which Zach told me was the perfect town for me (“Get it, Mom? NAGS Head?” Was he implying something about me?) ;)

That night, all the family from the other houses gathered at our house for a dessert night. So much happy noise in the house. It was so loud, but so wonderful to witness their family all catching up and laughing and enjoying their time together.

After dessert, a big group of us, like 20+ people, went down to the beach at dark to hunt ghost crabs. Creepy little things. They are EVERYWHERE down there at night. One brushed my foot and I totally freaked out. It was a lot of laughs. So fun with such a big group.

There was only ONE DAY that it rained. And it poured. But it left behind a flooded street that the kids had a BLAST riding bikes in.

Before the trip, I made a little photo book of that 1990 vacation in Ocean Isle to give to Kelle and Marsha. A little thank you for letting us come along this time. It was a big hit. It got passed around from house to house and sparked a lot of conversation and reminiscing about that week so many years ago. I am always amazed at the power photographs have to bring back memories.

While this week was completely different than that week back in ’90 (all us kids are married now, some with kids of our own), it was no less wonderful. I think one of the coolest things was our kids hanging out, talking, laughing together. It was heartwarming. :)

OBX 2014! We had an awesome time!

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time flies

Well, I had good intentions to share some more as the week went by and here it is Thursday night already. I guess that’s how it goes on vacation. Time flies when you’re having fun, right? Lots and lots of relaxing this week, bike rides, good meals, swimming, a trip to the Wright Brothers National Memorial, dessert night here at the house, an evening of ghost crab hunting after dark on the beach with 20+ people, a day of downpours and grilling in the rain, souvenir shopping, and ice cream. It’s been a really nice vacation. Feeling very thankful that we were able to spend this week with friends.

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