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a good ending

I have taken very few pictures this week. It’s a strange feeling knowing I can’t edit them as I normally would and it has caused me not to pick up my camera. So, today you get to look at some stripes from our upstairs bathroom. The shower curtain, a towel and the beadboard wall. A post isn’t complete without some kind of visual. ;)

The past couple days have been an improvement over the start of the week. I know I’ve had friends and family praying for me because my mood shifted and I felt more calm and taken care of. And, even though I’m without my Mac to edit the book with right now, the story is playing out in my brain every day and I am jotting down things I know I need to work on. So God wins! Take that! I will not quit!

Spent some time with Chloe in the pool today. We swam yesterday for like thirty minutes, but it was too cloudy and we quickly got cold. But today was perfect. Humid and in the 80’s. Puffy white clouds, but not enough to hide the sun all day. We floated and talked and played games and got tan. It was a fun mama/daughter time! (Zach was too engrossed in his video game to join us. What’s new?)

Our niece Scarlett turns 3 this weekend and we are all looking forward to ending our week celebrating her birthday. Yay!

Happy weekend, everyone!

under attack

This past week has been very discouraging for me. I am probably sounding like a broken record right about now, but being without my computer feels disconcerting. It has given me a lot of time alone with my thoughts and I really feel like the devil is doing a happy dance now that I don’t have the tool I need to complete my book. He doesn’t like anything good that could bring glory to God. I made a decision to finish the book and set my date and got really excited about it, and then my computer died. On top of that, several little things have happened this week that have brought disappointment and discouragement and hurt feelings.

So, I am asking now for prayer. Satan is doing everything he can to knock me down and get me off track and take away my positive forward momentum.

I truly believe that God can use my little book for His purposes. Whatever they may be and whomever my words may touch.

Thanks for your love and support and prayers. It means the world to me!

monday’s list

• Friday was our Daddy/Daughter and Mommy/Son date day. Zach and I went here in town to see the movie Monsters University (so fun! we both loved it!), while Jake and Chloe went to GR to The Rides Twilight bicycle event. They had such fun riding around downtown Grand Rapids. There were fun activities for kids and after the ride they got to go to a show at the Planetarium. It was a fun night all around!

• Watched some old movies I hadn’t seen in a while – Legends of the Fall and Indian Summer. I always loved Legends for its beautiful Montana landscapes and I loved the musical score so much that some of the songs were used in the Prelude music at our wedding while people were being seated. And Indian Summer. That movie cracks me up! A bunch of adults going back to spend a week at the camp they went to when they were kids. Love it! The scenery in that movie is amazing, too. Filmed in Canada in Algonquin Provincial Park. Just gorgeous.

• Jake went to hang out with his nerd friends (hehe! Love you, honey!) on Saturday.

• Our niece Lexy’s graduation open house was on Sunday afternoon. A nice time with family, as usual. Got to hold Violet and that, seriously, made my day.

• HOT and MUGGY were the words of the day. We finally got out “Big Blue” (our easy set pool) and started filling her up.

• We watched Nik Wallenda walk the wire across the Grand Canyon with no harness on the Discovery Channel. Oh my goodness. I was so nervous, especially since it was live. I loved that he was openly praying all the way across. So thankful that he made it. He’s absolutely crazy for doing it, but praise God he didn’t fall to his death.

• More hot weather to come this week. I’m thinking it will be either inside in the air conditioning or in the freezing cold pool.

• Still struggling without a computer around here. I seriously feel antsy and uneasy and it’s awkward trying to do things on the tablet. Trying to wait patiently. Anyone have an iMac they aren’t using that they’d like to donate. hehe. ;)

Happy Monday! Have a great week all!

down on the farm

We had a little spur of the minute hay baling “party” last night at my parents’ farm. Mom emailed that Dad would be out baling hay and she threw out a little open invitation to come and help. I don’t think she really thought we would be able to come out, but we did. My brother Tim also showed up and we were able to get one big wagon load done before the sun went down. I know my Dad appreciated all the help. Most of the time it’s just him and Mom working away out there.

The kids were such good helpers, too. They rode on the wagon with us for a bit, but once it started to fill up, they hopped down and went to the barn, where Grandpa gave them some tasks. I found them in there sweeping when I finally hopped off the wagon. Zach’s favorite was climbing up on the tall pile of hay and pushing the bales off so the guys could stack them in the barn. He worked hard at it and almost fell asleep in the bowl of ice cream Grandma gave him as a reward.

Hard work is good for the soul!

in our disappointments

It’s been one of those weeks. The kind of week where one little thing after another doesn’t work out how you think it’s going to. There are just too many things to list here, but one of the big ones, besides my computer dying, was Chloe’s gymnastics team sleepover.

She was so excited to go and hang out with her new team. They went swimming at a local pool then back to the gym to jump around like crazies all night and then have a sleepover right there in the gym. She had her sleeping bag all laid out on the big trampoline with a few of her friends. Except there were snacks. Lots of snacks. And after eating pizza and breadsticks, she ate a bunch of fruit snacks and three cupcakes, then proceeded to jump and flip and roll for hours. So, at about 10:30 last night, we got a call that Chloe’s stomach was bothering her. They thought it was probably all the food she ate. Good diagnosis. Once we got her home, we gave her a glass of water and two childrens Pepto Bismol tablets. She was feeling all good after about fifteen minutes. Then she felt sad that she couldn’t go back to the gym and spend the night sleeping on the trampoline with her friends. Lesson learned. (hopefully!)

I’ve been thinking a lot about disappointment and inconveniences this week. A dear friend shared a story with me about something that happened to her this week that really showed her that God cares about even the little inconveniences we experience. He is right there with us in all the little things and He is taking care of us in ways we don’t even know until they happen.

We have been through much worse than the annoyances that have happened this week. I am trying to dwell on that and doing my best to be patient (my biggest struggle) and trust that God knows better than I do!


I feel a little out of sorts today. I walked to my computer this morning and tried turning it on. It’s habit. It’s not like I have no access to the internet or email or anything, but just knowing that my go-to programs for editing and writing aren’t available to me right now is not a good feeling. I am trying to make do. My wireless keyboard was able to sync with the iPad so I don’t have to type on the screen. I have apps for touching up photos and found an app that creates collages and an app to add text to my images, so I can still prepare images for the blog. It’s a little bit longer process than before, but it works for now.

The death of my computer makes me sad. :(

monday’s list | sunday edition

What a nice weekend we had around here. This post won’t be in “list” form this time, but I’m still calling it that. Even though I’m posting it on Sunday night.

On Friday, we went to the little theater here in town and watched “Man of Steel”. I liked it, but it was very very heavy on digital effects and fighting. I really would have liked more story. And I am not a fan of Amy Adams as Lois Lane. I like her as an actress in other movies I’ve seen, but as Lois … not so much. Henry Cavill, well, he was great. A perfect Superman. I’m a fan. ;)

Saturday morning, Jake and I went running with our little Couch to 5K group. I’m used to sleeping in on Saturdays, but we got up and went at 8:30am and it was a nice way to start the day. And I improved my time already and felt pretty good after.

In the evening, something horrible happened. I went to my computer to check email before bed and it would not start. I had left it on earlier in the day, so I tapped my mouse. Nothing. I pressed the power button several times. Nothing. Unplugged it. Blew dust out of it. Plugged it back in. Tried starting it again. Nothing. Not even a little hum of the fan inside. No lights. No beautiful start up tune. My computer is dead. The computer that I have had for about 7 years now and use for all my editing and blogging and emailing, etc. etc. etc. We are thinking it may be the power supply. But we can’t afford to fix it right now. So, until we can, I won’t be able to edit photos as usual. Thankfully I have another device to check emails and blog and edit photos with apps, but it’s just won’t be the same.

Thankfully, I have my entire computer backed up on external hard drives and all my photos and important files are also saved online at If that wasn’t the case then I would probably be in a serious depression right now.

Today took my mind off my computer woes. We got up and went to visit the church my parents attend and it was great! A small town church just packed full of people, warm and inviting, joyful music, a great sermon. We showed up and surprised my dad for Fathers Day. They’ve been telling us about this wonderful church they found for a while now, so we thought he would be happy to see us there. He was.

After church, we had a delicious roast at the farm, then played some ladder ball and volleyball outside. Then we stopped to see Jake’s Dad for a bit before heading home.

It was a great weekend!

it’s a super friday

It’s been a great relaxing first week of Summer break. This morning, Mom stopped by and we all went for a walk along the river. It was the perfect weather for a walk. Sun was shining. Cloudless blue sky. Low humidity levels. Temps in the 60’s with a gorgeous breeze. An awesome start to the day.

We are going to see a movie this weekend. Can you guess which one? It’s Fathers Day weekend and Jake is a “super” dad, so he deserves to see a “super” movie. hehehe!

Have a great weekend!

less is more

Less posts on the blog means SUMMER is HERE and more of my time will be spent with the kids! I usually don’t post every day, but I have been posting at least a few times a week since the beginning of the year. It might slow down a little around here, but I’m still going to try to share what’s happening and do my Monday’s List posts for recaps of all our weekend fun. I hope you’ll hang in there with me through the Summer months. There will for sure be lots of pictures to share. Coming soon! :)

monday’s list

• A busy weekend to start our summer vacation.
• Lunch with Grandma on Friday (Zach chose KFC!) to celebrate the last day of school! (man, that kid needs a haircut!)
• Jake ran a 5K on Saturday.
• Gymnastics team practice for Chloe.
• Stayed up late a couple nights working on my book.
• Graduation Open House for our nephew Josh.

Love this little gem (on the right) from Fall 1994 (I believe). It was displayed in Josh’s scrapbook at the open house today. Yikes! Gotta love perms. :P

• Best part was getting to see all the little people and hang out with family for a few hours.

• Jake, Brenda (his sis) and I are starting our training for the Summerfest tonight. We are going to kick butt in August!

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