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visiting friends is the best

Had such a nice day yesterday visiting with Kelle and Rachel. I love those girls so much! Mom and I went up for a few hours, had a nice lunch and chatted and played with the kids: Derek, Ryan and Charlie. Oh my goodness. They are all so cute. It makes me smile to think about growing up with Kelle and Rachel and their brothers. And now we are all grown up and married and their friendships are still so important to me. I am very thankful for life long friends!

Charlie is SO adorable. She makes the cutest little faces.

On a totally unrelated note, Spring Break begins this afternoon at the end of the kids’ school day and we are very excited for a week off. So, I will most likely be quiet for the next week while I spend some much needed time with my family.

Hope everyone has a great week and a very Happy Easter!

out west prep

I think it’s time to get all our lovely vacation photos from our trip out west last summer into a photobook, so I’ve been looking through my stash of digital products, choosing papers and cards from Project Life kits to use in the design. I’m thinking neutrals and wood for that western feel. I like how the title page turned out. Used wood design paper from One Little Bird Retrospective kit and the font Jellyka Western Princess. I found a couple more great neutral papers from the same One Little Bird kit I used for the title page.

And a couple more I like from Paislee Press Daydreamer kit.

I’m sure I will find more that I like, but these are just a few that I plan to use. There were also lots of cards in the Project Life kits that I plan to use. They are so versatile and, even though these three cards (below) are from the Project Life Yellow Baby Kit, I think they will work perfect for things we said during the trip or quotes I want to include.

These two from the Bridgeport Childhood Mini Kit are fun to document our travels as well.

I’m getting really excited to start working on it. Now to find some extra time. ;)

monday’s list | easter edition

Our entire weekend was all about Easter, so this isn’t really the typical “list” I usually do on Mondays. Because of Spring Break, we decided to have Easter at my parents’ over the weekend instead of next. It’s been our tradition since the kids were little to decorate eggs and frost cookies with grandma on Saturday, then have dinner and an egg hunt on Sunday. So, after Jake ran 12 MILES for the first time!!!!! (yay!!!!!), we went over to the farm and decorated cookies. Jake even got creative using wax and he drew cute little egg people, which I can only assume are the two of us all cute and cuddly with our arms around each other. hehe.

My masterpiece (in the pie plate) with some of Chloe’s creations in the background.

Sunday was nice with my brothers there, too. Since it was so chilly outside, we hid eggs around the house. We asked Zach if he’s too old for this yet (he’s 12). He said, “Too old to pick up eggs filled with candy? I don’t think so.” Such a funny kid. Grandma always puts together Easter baskets for the kids, too. Such nice traditions that the kids have always looked forward to each year.

Lots of laughter and goofing around together, as usual. (above right) Chloe got behind the bunny chair cover and gave us a thumbs up. :) And I love the below photos of my boy goofing around. So glad I caught that genuine smile of his. He’s one of those closed mouth smilers when you ask him to pose for a picture, so this is rare to capture. :)

When we got home, we watched a little of The Bible miniseries that is playing on the History Channel. A nice way to start this week remembering Jesus coming into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday and all he went through in the days following. All for us!


Just checking in for a second. No time for a full post today. Thought I would just share another cute one of Violet from last weekend. Edited using the PicTapGo app, which I LOVE. It is made by the same people who made Totally Rad Actions, which I have used for years. Check it out. :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

around here

Had to look this one up. Taken a few years ago in mid-April while walking through one of our local parks with Mom. Makes me feel a little better as I look outside at the winter wonderland.


RUNNING | This stupid weather caused Mom and I to skip our Couch to 5K yesterday. Hopefully we’re back at it tomorrow or Monday. I already feel better after having done just a few days. I’ve lost some of the strength in my legs from last Fall when I completed Couch to 5K the first time, so I am ready to get going again and eat better and lose some more lbs. and inches.

Jake had some training stuff this week. Yesterday, there was a public event downtown GR for people to come and run part of the 5/3 River Bank Run route and there were free classes, like Zumba and Yoga. I think Jake did both. Here he is in the Zumba class (posted on the 5/3rd facebook page)

SCHOOL | Still working with Chloe on her math. She is still struggling. She failed another test. It’s not that she doesn’t get it, but she overthinks it. This is going to be a challenge for me to get her to understand. I guess it’s a good thing she has a mother who is good at math. Zach failed a math test this week, too. He blames it on the fact that he wasn’t feeling well the day he took the test. Both kids have a chance to retake their failed tests for a better grade. Not a great week school-wise. I think the kids are also getting antsy for …

SPRING BREAK | begins one week from the end of school today!!! We are definitely in need of a week off to relax and recharge as we go into the last two months of school. That is just crazy! I think each school year goes by faster and faster. Spring Break will be the perfect time to slow down and reflect on the year so far and really soak up the moments with the kids. Must remember … SLOW DOWN! I like this quote:

Slow down and enjoy life. It’s not only the
scenery you miss by going too fast–you
also miss the sense of where you are going and why.”
– Eddie Cantor

spring has not sprung

I am trying really hard to see the good in this. I really am. And I have to believe that after this long cold winter that is spilling over into this new season, which is supposed to be filled with trees budding, flowers blooming and birds chirping, that God has a really beautiful Spring and Summer in store for us. That’s my prayer today anyway. :)

on the east side

It feels like it’s been a while since I shared photos from my big camera. I so love the convenience and quality of pictures from my iPhone and sharing collages of those pictures here on my blog, but it’s nice to edit through some photos and share more like I used to when I worked in photography professionally. Here are a few of my favorites from our weekend at Heather and Jeff’s house.

Uncle Jake saying hello to the girls.

Somebody didn’t like Uncle Jake’s whiskers.

Scarlett. Always entertaining us with song and dance.

I love little baby fingers (and toes, too). ;)

The girls all dressed up for St. Patrick’s Day. Scarlett made Chloe wear her green tutu and bow for a while.

Sweet sisters. The one on the right cracks me up. Violet is doing a little Irish Jig. :D

A wonderful weekend. Wonderful memories captured!

monday’s list

SATURDAY | In the morning, Jake ran the Irish Jig 5K in East Grand Rapids.
He did awesome and beat his personal record. I can’t remember the
exact time right now, but I think he shaved a few minutes off his time.
I’m so proud of him. It was a chilly morning for a race, too. Last year it
was about 80 degrees for the Irish Jig. I think it struggled to hit 30 this year.

After the race, we had a lovely weekend visiting family on the East Side.
It was a little mini getaway and it was wonderful. Lots of chatting and
catching up, cousins playing, 3-D movie watching (Life of Pi was so
stunningly beautiful and Tintin was a fun adventure), Violet cooing and
smiling, Scarlett dancing and a bit of stomping (a little terrible 2’s going on),
and some picture-taking, too. I took a lot of pictures with my big camera.
I will share some tomorrow.

Zach and Chloe love playing with Scarlett. I love all of these taken with my iPhone. My favorite is Scarlett’s little hand holding onto the edge of Zach’s jacket as they sit looking at a computer game. So adorable.

SUNDAY | Happy St. Patrick’s Day! We spent most of the day there and were sad to say goodbye. So thankful it worked out for us to visit. Family is so important. No matter how busy we get in our every day lives, we always want to make it a priority to plan time with them.

Our evening back at home was spent working on Chloe’s science project. Her assignment was to show all the eight phases of the moon in a creative way. She saw on Pinterest that someone had used halves of Oreo cookies for each phase and she really wanted to do that. That part of the project was the most fun for her since she got to eat the top halves of all the cookies while Jake carved the frosting into the correct shapes for her with a knife. It turned out cute.

TODAY | Mom and I did Day Three of Couch to 5K. She’s doing great. Chugging right along. Today was cooooold. In the 20’s and it started snowing just as we began so, even though this is like the worst picture of me ever, I had to get a shot of us all snowy at the end of our run.

a little me time

soaking in the warmth of the sun through my car window. enjoying a mocha and a new nail polish color. mom’s little runnin’ shoes.

This week has ended on a happy note. I have taken all the negative stuff from the past couple weeks and just let it go. After Mom and I did our Couch to 5K this morning, I took some time for myself, painted my nails, had a mocha, listened to music I love, just relaxed and didn’t worry about things. I need that every once in a while and I just don’t make time like I should to relax and recharge. It was really nice.

Have a great weekend! Take some time for you! :)

without them

Grandpa & Grandma,

You left us 26 years ago this week, Grandma (March 12, 1987), and 25 years ago, Grandpa (March 19, 1988). We wish so much that you could have been here all these years to share in our lives, our joys, our heartbreaks, our accomplishments, our weddings, our babies, every little thing we’ve gone through without you.

Here we are. Your beautiful family. Your legacy. All a part of you.

We miss you! But we’ll be seeing you again someday. Looking forward to that day! <3

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