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binder park girls

For Christmas, I got Chloe the Cherry Edition of Project Life so she could start on her own album. She is determined to go back through all the photos I’ve ever taken of her, especially when she was a tiny little thing, and put lots of those pictures in her album. The above (left) picture is one we found while going through some zoo pictures. She was about 15 months old at the time. We went to Binder Park Zoo and I snapped this photo while we were waiting to ride the tram to the Wild Africa part of the zoo. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to look up the picture of Scarlett on Jake’s shoulders this past fall when we went to the same zoo. I think we were standing in pretty much the same spot when these were taken, too. Pretty close to it anyway.

I don’t know what it is about photos like this, but I love comparing photos that were taken in the same location in different years. A couple years ago, I shared the below picture of the kids at this zoo posing in the exact same place, taken five years apart. My favorite part about seeing these side by side is the fact that they are wearing the same colors, which was absolutely not planned but makes it that much better. :D

project life 2012 | first page

Today, I thought I would share the title page for my 2012 album. The nice thing about these kits is that they come with specific cards made for the first page and the last page, so you don’t have to do any thinking. You just arrange the cards on the first page however you like, add a title and maybe a photo or two. That’s exactly what I did for mine. I added the photo of our family (I usually end up starting the album with the picture we used on the previous year’s Christmas card.), handwrote the “Noorman 2012″ and my name, then added a tiny thumbnail picture on that same card that was from the little contact sheet that came with our 2012 Christmas cards. Done!

I am still working on the journaling and I still have the end of the year pictures to order and put in the album, too, so I’ll be finishing up my 2012 for a while. At the same time, I will be starting the 2013 album. I’m looking forward to that because I really really love the designs for the Seafoam kit. Still waiting to get the binder and page protectors so I can start putting all the cards in the book. Fun fun fun!

So, after posting this, I didn’t like the look of the two blue cards next to each other, so I moved them around. Liking this much better. See how easy that was! Yay for Project Life!

at the moment

At the moment
january 28, 2013

Inside I feel like I: have so many ideas, so little time
A goal I’m working on right now: getting the house in order so it will be ready to sell, finishing 2012 Project Life album
The last gift I bought for someone: a new Flipcam for Jake for Christmas
The last CD I bought: Taylor Swift RED (for Chloe, but she is sharing it with me)
My current favorite song: anything from the movie Pitch Perfect (Chloe has been singing Bulletproof and the “Cup” song all around the house. So fun!)
The last movie I saw in a theater: Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2
The last book I read: Mockingjay (the 3rd Hunger Games book)
The last DVD’s I watched: Ever After, Season 2 of Chuck
The last person I talked to on the phone: Jake
What I’m wearing right now: jeans, gray l/s t-shirt, green puffy vest
What I ate for breakfast: a banana and a grande mocha from Biggby
What I thought I’d be doing at this age: working from home
Something I’m saving up for right now: new house, new car for Jake
Someone I think about a lot: Jake and the kids :)
The last person I helped: Mom with the tax papers for her small biz
The last thing I apologized for: a silly argument with Jake
Something I’m worried about: selling our house, saving enough money to buy a new one (am also very excited about this as well).
What my plans are for the rest of this day: edit photos (Sophie), pick the kids up from school, edit more photos.

I did a similar interview with myself about six years ago and I came across that old layout the other day and thought I should do another. So here it is.

Used Elise’s Project Life Seafoam Kit (the digital version) and one of the quote cards she made available for free download on her blog. :)

monday’s list

• Today is another snow day. An ice day actually. There was a lot of freezing rain around here after midnight. It was not pretty. Luckily, the main roads were mostly just melted slushy stuff so Jake was able to make it to work OK.

• I’ve been doing a lot more baking/cooking lately. Made some banana bread last week. It got me started on a little baking kick. Yesterday, I made two loaves of banana bread and a few dozen chocolate chip cookies, too. It’s been so long since I’ve made cookies. I couldn’t even tell you the last time. I’ve got plans for some zucchini bread, too. My Griddler is my new best friend, too. I tried it for pancakes the other night and they were so perfect. Love that thing!

• Watched the movie Ever After with Chloe today. An old favorite of mine. She pretty much did gymnastics in the living room while “watching”. Too much energy to sit still today, I guess.

• So proud of Jake. Yesterday, he hit a HUGE milestone in his journey to health. He weighed in at 299.5! He has been in the 300’s for several years now and he finally dropped below that number. He is doing so awesome!

• I looked at the calendar today and noticed it’s the 28th already. It’s almost February, which means my girl will be leaving behind single digits and turning 10 soon. Not sure I’m quite ready for that.

Have a great week!


Chloe & Grandma looking through the new Justice catalog together.

• Chloe had a sleepover at a friend’s house last night (not the jealous friend from the other day). She sent me a picture on her ipod of them watching Pitch Perfect while laying in a fort they built in the living room. Fun! When she got home, Mom was here to take her out for a special Grandma/Chloe day. They were going to lunch at Applebee’s then a little shopping then back to Grandma’s to hang out for a while. What a fun weekend she is having.

• Jake and Zach went out to Mom + Dad O’s this afternoon, so I am enjoying a nice quiet house for a few hours. I must give a HUGE THANK YOU to my father-in-law, Kenny (aka Dad O or Poppy), for fixing our snow blower. He is the BEST!

• I filed our taxes today. Early! That felt good.

• And finally … this is my 700th blog post. That is craziness! I started blogging nearly 8 years ago (Feb. 26th is the actual “birthday” of my blog). So, if I break it down, that’s about:

88 posts/year
7 posts/month
2 posts/week

Seems the posts are few and far between when you look at it like that. There have been times when I’ve posted almost daily and times when I’ve gone weeks or months without. One of my goals for this year is to blog more often. I think I’m doing pretty well so far. I enjoy blogging, putting words and pictures together, sharing a little part of myself with you. So, you will definitely be seeing more activity on here. If you are one of my facebook friends, you will always see links to my posts. If not, you can add me to your google reader or other blog feed.

Thanks for reading! <3

icy morning light

icy morning light – east facing screened window/west facing window. on our three season porch.

The kids have another snow day today. I am OK with the sleeping in and not having to go out into the cold, but I think they are getting antsy and need to get back into school for more than a day at a time. There’s been some bickering around here this morning. Not pleasant. These snow days are also messing with my normal routine and I’m not getting as much done as I had planned to this week. It looks like a bit of a “warm up” next week in the 30’s and I think I even saw a 50 degree day in the forecast. So weird.

By the way, Chloe’s issue with her friend has been resolved. For now anyway. When she got to school yesterday, her friend told her how mad she still was at her and then a little while later she forgot all about it and they were BFFL’s (best friends for life) again. :) Pre-teen girls! Gosh! (<--said in my best Napoleon Dynamite voice.) ;)

Time to figure out what's for lunch and go hang out with the kiddos. Have a great day everyone!


I adore this girl so much. She took this with her ipod on the way to school last week and I thought it was the cutest picture.

The green-eyed monster reared its ugly head this weekend. Not for Chloe, but for a friend of hers. It’s one of those situations where Chloe was commenting back and forth with a friend on some instagram photos and her bff saw the interactions and sent my girl some messages about deleting her as a contact and not being best friends anymore. I felt so bad for Chloe. She had done nothing wrong except talk with her other friend and she seemed SO confused by these messages. I let her know that girls can sometimes get jealous if their best friend has other friends and everyone deals with jealousy differently. In this lovely world of computers and ipods, girls can instantly let their jealous emotions get the better of them and say things they don’t really mean, especially at 9 and 10 years old. I sat with her as she texted back and forth with her bff and after several more “hope you’ll be happy with your new bff” and other similar messages, I told her to say “goodnight. we’ll talk at school tomorrow.” and just drop it.

Chloe didn’t seem too bothered by the whole thing. She doesn’t really let things like this upset her. Yet. I hope she never does. I just encouraged her to always be kind and caring, even if someone isn’t very kind to her.

I have been on both ends of the jealousy monster. I’ve felt territorial over friends who suddenly made new friends. And I’ve been one of those new friends and had others not like me because they thought I took their friend away. Being a girl is hard. We are so complex sometimes.

I hope and pray that I can help Chloe navigate her way through the “tween” and teen years with as little drama as possible.

A little sidenote, in case anyone was wondering, we do monitor Chloe’s instagram account. It is set to private. And we also monitor her email and text/iMessages on her iPod as well. We have had a few issues, but have nipped them in the bud right away and we are doing our best to teach her the proper way to use all this technology. It sure is different raising kids now than it was when we were kids. Although I do love computers and ipods and iphones, sometimes I long for the simpler times. :)

snow day

It worked! Last night, I told Chloe if she wore her pj’s inside out + backwards and stuck a spoon under her pillow, we would have a snow day. I didn’t actually think we would have one because we really haven’t gotten that much snow. It’s just bitterly cold. 0〫in fact. But this morning, Jake woke me with news that school had been cancelled. The crazy thing is we are the only school in our county with a snow day. I guess back roads must have been too snowy/icy for the buses to run. We’re not complaining. We’ll take it!

Yesterday, the kids went outside to play in the snow. So cold. They weren’t out there very long at all. I stood on our back porch and took a few pictures and I couldn’t stand it. I was out there for less than five minutes and my hands felt like they were frozen through. I’m glad I got a few pictures, even if most were of Chloe doing cartwheels and splits. When they came inside, we threw all their wet winter clothes in the laundry room and I made them some nice hot cocoa to warm them up.

We plan to take full advantage of this day off. Grandma’s coming to visit in a little while. I think some board games sound good today! Yay for snow days!!!

monday’s list

• It’s been a nice long weekend. The kids and Jake both have today off so we happily slept in and plan to be as lazy as possible.

• Had a little “me time” on Saturday. Got some scrapbooking done (shared here on Saturday).

• Jake had a run on Saturday. His first time running 6 miles. He did it!

• Dropped the kids off at Mom + Dad O’s Sunday afternoon so Jake and I could go on a date. We had gift cards to Red Lobster then we walked around Barnes & Noble for a bit before grabbing some Starbucks for the ride home. It was nice to get away for a few hours together.

• Hung out for a bit when we stopped to get the kids. Chloe helped MiMaw bake brownies earlier in the night, so we had some for dessert before heading home.

• Watched lots of tv and movies this weekend – the highlight was, of course, Downton Abbey last night. :)

• This morning, we watched the Presidential Inauguration. I do enjoy the ceremony of it all and the pride I feel when they talk about the history of our country.

• The temperature outside has dropped drastically this weekend. It was just in the 40’s a couple days ago and then we had really really strong winds that knocked some of our branches down. Along with that wind, colder temps blew in and now the snow has arrived. ugh. Am thinking some place warm and southern sounds great right about now! Is it Spring Break yet?

scrapbook saturday

Enjoying a quiet afternoon around here. Doing a little digital scrapbooking for the year-in-review book for 2013. Went through the January pictures I’ve taken so far and put together some pages. Used cards from the digital Project Life – Olive Edition. I also made a template to use for each page with a matte layer that the photos go under. At the bottom of this post, I am linking to that template page. Feel free to use it for your own album if you want.

CLICK HERE for the page template I used for these layouts. It is a Photoshop .psd layered file (file size about 3Mb) designed for a 12×12 page. This can always be resized smaller for making photobooks. I like my photobooks to be 8×8 so that’s what I usually do.

Hope this is helpful! Have fun!

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