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new years happenings

The knit blanket (totally inspired by Elise’s) is coming right along. I have column number one done (this photo is of the first column laid next to the one I’m currently working on) and will probably be spending this evening working on it. In case you are in a knitting mood, here is how I’m making mine. You can make the blocks any size you want. I cast on 25 stitches. In my mind I thought I would make them 25 stitches across x 25 rows, but I am doing knit a row, purl a row, continuing for every row, so you sort of have to stop on a purl row and then switch colors, so each block is 24 rows (even though the width is 25, which doesn’t really matter). And you could actually make them wider rectangles if you didn’t want squares, too. So many options, so little time. I am doing 9 color blocks per column – repeating the pattern green block, striped block (which is just -knit row, purl row- one color, then -knit row, purl row- the other until you get to 24 rows), then grey block. Not sure how wide it will be yet. Will lay out the columns as I go and when I’m happy with the width, I will sew the columns together. I’m just kind of winging it, no real set plan, just easy stitches, no intricate patterns. Such a relaxing project to work on while watching TV or a movie (or your son playing the video games he got for Christmas). I’ll share again when I’m finished.

About five minutes from now, my husband will be starting the 4-mile Resolution Run in East Grand Rapids at Reed’s Lake. He and his Road Warrior team are all running it as part of their training for the big 25K Fifth Third River Bank Run in May. I’m pretty happy that Jake has become a runner and is a part of this team now. There is a lot of training and several running events that will pretty much be our life for the next five months. Even though Jake is very busy with all of that, I know that he will come out of it more fit and healthy and he will probably look a little more like the man I married 17+ years ago. ;) I’m very proud of him.

Hope you have a wonderful and safe New Years Eve!

best of 2012

I’ve seen this on several blogs this week and I thought it looked like fun, so I went back through my photos for the year and picked out some of my favorites for a little “best” post. It’s a little photo heavy, but I hope you enjoy it. I’ll wrap up the post at the bottom, so hang in there. ;)

That was fun. :)

Thanks so much for taking time out to read this blog. You’ll see a lot more of me here this year.


most of these were made with Heather Ann Designs kits. The 2012 cover used Project Life Seafoam digital kit paper. The 2011 used a kit from One Little Bird.

I have been making “year in review” books for my mom for several years now. Some have been very simple, two-page layout per month books. Some have been filled with pictures from every event in our year. Some were hard cover, some soft cover. Some thin and some very thick. I enjoy putting these together and looking back at the year. Today, I pulled the cover images from the past six years and put them side by side. Awwww, look at how my kids have grown.

I recently got the digital version of a couple of Project Life kits and I thought I would try out the Olive kit on my 2013 year-in-review. So I made a title page. Will probably add a family photo to that at the end of the year when I put together my cover image.

Then I made a page for each month’s section of the book using the cute little filler cards and some of the papers. My idea is to add one photo to each month’s page (like above). The photo above was from last year in January, but I did it as an example. I think each month’s photos will just be simple grids of photos – 4 or 6 or 9 depending on how many photos I want to include on each layout. We’ll see how it goes.

Guess this book’s design won’t be much of a surprise for you, Mom! ;)

oj and downton abbey and knitting

I couldn’t sleep last night. The clock stared its “3:00am” at me and all I wanted was to drift off into a deep restful sleep. It didn’t happen. My throat was tickling and I was coughing and when I awoke this morning (yes, I finally fell asleep at some point), the cough was still there. I sat on the couch all day sipping on a large cup of orange juice, reading blogs and facebook, and watching Downton Abbey. I also did a little knitting. I saw this cool checkerboard blanket on Elise’s blog that she knitted and I thought I’d give it a whirl. For mine, though, I am using green and grey and instead of just a checkerboard, I’m doing a solid green block, then a striped block alternating the grey and green, then a solid grey block. When I knit each strip, I will alternate which color I start with so it will alternate when it’s all sewn together. I’m excited about it. It will take a while, but we have a long winter ahead of us.

My mom’s cough has remained just horrible and she’s had a fever up to 103. Dad came home early today and took her to the doctor, who said she has severe bronchitis and possibly a little pneumonia. :( She will have a chest x-ray tomorrow and she’s got plenty of medication to start attacking this thing. Please continue to pray for a speedy recovery. Thanks!

we’ll miss you, Uncle Bill

1969. with my Mom. they shared a birthday. 1992. at the annual family reunion. 2011. a couple summers ago at the reunion.

My Great Uncle Bill passed away on Christmas morning. He was married to my Grandma Betty’s sister, Pauline (or as she is affectionately called, Aunt Pete). I’m sure these pictures will make my mom and my Aunt Pat cry. This past summer, on one of our Girls Days trips, we stopped over to visit with Aunt Pete and Uncle Bill one night after dinner. I am so glad we did. He was always the uncle that picked on us girls and made us laugh and had such a big smile and a fun personality. I will always remember that about him. And even this summer, when his health was poor, his wit and humor still came through.

Our family would appreciate prayers for Bill’s family in Ohio as they make the funeral arrangements and prepare themselves to say their goodbyes. Also, my mom has come down with a terrible cold/high fever. Please pray that it passes quickly so she can make the trip down for the funeral.

Thank you so much! God Bless!

a christmas self portrait

I decided to dress up a little today in a shirt that Chloe talked me into getting last Christmas, but I never wore because I felt overweight and puffy and not in the mood to wear anything that would draw attention to me. Having dropped ten pounds (so far!) and a whole pants size (yay!), I thought I owed it to myself to sparkle a little this Christmas. :)

a b&w christmas

We had a wonderful weekend of family Christmases on the east side of the state and in Ohio with my mom’s side of the family. Here are some of my favorites converted to black and white. I thought it took the focus off the bright colors of the decorations and wrapping paper and back on the most important part of the photos, our family. Merry Christmas Eve!

merry christmas to all

Christmas is almost here and I just wanted to take a moment to wish you – my family, my friends, my photography + scrapbooking friends, and anyone else out there reading this – a joyful Christmas. Thank you for following along with me and my family here on the blog.

We hope you have a wonderful holiday surrounded by all the people you love
and we pray for God’s blessings for all of you in the new year!

Much love,
Jake, Kris, Zach & Chloe Noorman

friends and fun and exhaustion

photos taken by Chloe with her iPod. she loves detail shots just like her mama. :)

This has been such a nice week of connecting with friends. A phone call with my dear friend Beth. Lunch at Marsha’s with Rachel, Kelle, Mom and the kiddos – Derek, Ryan, Charlie and Sophie. A visit coming up next week with my sweet friend Erinn and her boys, Jack and baby Elliot.

Life has such a way of flying by and I go into auto pilot sometimes, moving from week to week without talking to anyone but my mom, my husband and the kids. I really must change that, because I have some amazing friends that have been there for me through so much in my life. Definitely need some more friend time again. Very soon!

Spent a couple days and very late nights this week working on a project for Christmas. It had a bit of a deadline so the order could be placed to arrive on time. Hence the very late nights. Reminder to self: Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today! If I hadn’t waited until two days before, I wouldn’t have pushed myself to the point of exhaustion. Lesson learned.

Will share some pictures after the holidays. :)

I can’t believe it’s only a week until we start our Christmas celebrations. And I have all the gifts purchased, except for a couple small things. It’s a Christmas miracle. :D

Enjoy this next week of pre-winter break school events for your kids and last minute Christmas shopping (none for me, thank you!).

it’s been 8 years

Thanks to Rich Tatum for taking this picture of us tonight!

Jake and I attended the wedding tonight of a friend of his from work. It was the first wedding since 2004 that I attended as a guest … WITHOUT my camera. What? I mentioned at one point that I felt naked without it. I found myself watching the photographers work and seeing things the way only photographers can – the smiles between the couple, the way the light was shining through the reception windows behind the cake, the father of the groom dancing with a little girl before any of the dancing had begun when nobody was really paying attention. Little moments made me wish I had my camera. Even though I had never met Adam and Rachel, I still felt that urge to document things for them. I guess it will always be a part of me after shooting so many weddings over the years.

It felt nice to just spend the evening with my husband, though, and witness this beautiful event. He snapped a few pictures with his iPhone. That thing is so handy to have around. I took the one of the cupcakes (below left).

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Adam Forrest. :)

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