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rainy days

taken October 2011. Fayette State Park MI.

It’s been rainy around here lately. All this rain and wind is knocking down the pretty fall leaves. Boohoo. It pretty much rained all last weekend, but we had a cozy Saturday evening at Brenda (Jake’s sis) and John’s for a little pumpkin carving party. That was so much fun. Almost the whole family was there, which was so nice. We ate and laughed and carved those pumpkins.

Here’s our whole pumpkin crew!

We’ve had a couple warmer days this week and we’ve been taking advantage of them. The front porch windows are now freshly caulked and just need a final coat of paint. It’s such a feeling of accomplishment driving up to the house and seeing how much better it looks around the porch now. I did that! Yeah! (with the help of Mom, of course!)

Still running a few days a week. Squeezing in runs on the days it’s not raining. Took my measurements last Saturday and I dropped more inches all around and finally down an inch on my calves, which makes me so happy since they were stubbornly staying the same while the rest of me was shrinking. :D Jake has made the decision to start training for a 25K. What? That’s a looooong distance to run, but I know if he sets his mind to it and works really hard, he can totally do it! I’m so proud of him.

Zach’s teacher conferences are this week. Already. Feels like school just started last week and here we are six weeks later. He is doing really well in all his classes so far this year and has really been on top of his homework assignments, finishing the work as soon as we get home without even being asked. I’m such a proud mama.

Chloe is doing well with all her schoolwork, too. She is loving her teacher this year and the fact that her best friend, Olivia, is in her class again. I was really happy about that as well. She has had some “drama” over the past couple years with other girls in her classes, but Olivia has been the one friend who has stuck by her. They just love each other and are always talking on the phone and writing each other notes. It’s really cute.

Feeling a little under the weather today. hehe. It’s rainy and dark, so I’m inside taking it easy. Hoping and praying for a little sunshine this weekend so we can get out there and get more done!

Have a wonderful weekend!

a new color

So, here it is. The color I chose for the house. I couldn’t resist trying it out on the garage. It’s sort of a grey with a slight brown tint to it. I think mushroom was in the name of the color. These were taken just after I painted, though, so it may darken just a bit as it dries, but I really like it. Especially next to that nice fresh white trim. WAY better than the ugly yellow-ish color it currently is. Now I’m really excited to get more painting done. Unfortunately, we’re getting low on days that are warm enough for the paint to dry properly, so we are going to squeeze in as much as we can and pray for some more days in the 50’s and 60’s before the snow starts falling and we have to hibernate for the winter.

Looks like my wind chimes could use a little paint as well. :)

painting and a pink beard

October is off to a great start around here. Before I know it, our house trim will be all painted fresh and new and maybe we’ll even have a little of the new house color painted on as well. It’s an old house with aluminum siding so we’re painting rather than replacing with vinyl siding. I’m so excited because I’ve never really cared for the “yellowish?” color of our house. Not my choice. It was that way when we bought it. Jake thinks we are crazy to take on such a project. He hates painting with a passion. But Mom and I enjoy it. Something about getting to the finished product makes it all worthwhile.

My hubby picked up some pink hairspray from KMart’s Halloween department the other day and sprayed his hair and beard for the Bee Brave 5K on Saturday for Breast Cancer. He ran for his mom, Shirley, who just went through a double masectomy earlier this year and is now going through chemo and also for a friend from work, Jessica, who was just diagnosed.

He shaved about five minutes off his Summerfest 5K run time, so he was really happy with that. It was a very hilly course compared to what he usually runs, too. He did great!

Been working on my book quite a bit this week. Not every day as I had planned, but some days for a few hours at a time, so I think I’m making up for those days when I’m not able to work on it. The story is really beginning to fill out. When I wrote it for NaNoWriMo, it was so bare bones. NaNo is such a marathon of writing to get to the goal of 50,000 words in 30 days that you just do your best to get the story out of your head and onto your computer and pray you have enough words by November 30th to say you “won”. So it needs a lot of work. But I do feel like this story has an audience (young adults) and the person I trust the most to tell me if it sucks actually cried when he read it. And not because it sucked. :D

Thought I’d end with this pic I took of my handsome boy the other day while we waited for Chloe after school.

He’s growing up so fast. I think back to his elementary days and wonder how in the world he got to be a seventh grader already. If I think about it for too long, I start to realize that he’s only got 5 more years until he’s a senior in high school. What? Must stop thinking about that now.

failing and setting new goals

ready to run. pay no mind to those chubby ankles. hehe.

September was a nice month and I am kind of in shock that it is October already. That month just flew by. We spent time in Ohio for the family reunion, the kids started school, Chloe started gymnastics, we spent a day at Binder Park Zoo with family, Mom and I visited Marsha, Rachel, Rhonda and all the kids and got to meet Rachel’s new baby girl Charlie, we did lots of running, lots of painting, lots of editing my cousin’s wedding pictures, and we ended the month with a nice lunch at my parents’ farm to celebrate my brother Rick’s birthday.

The end of the month also brings me back to my list of goals. Time to see how I did. I technically failed at each of my goals, but I feel great about it. Here’s why …

Goal #1. Lose 15 lbs.
I didn’t even lose half of that, but I did drop 6 lbs. and lots of inches and that is so encouraging and I feel so much stronger and healthier after just 30 days. We stayed away from pop and fast food until the last two days of the month when we had McD’s for dinner and pop with lunch at my parents’. The next morning, I had a killer headache from the pop and I felt kind of icky from the fried food, so I could really tell the effect just that one meal had on me. ick.

Goal #2. Finish Couch to 5K program.
I did not finish yet. I have two more runs to do this week and I can proclaim VICTORY! My run last night went great. I ran for 30 minutes straight and actually felt like I could have kept going when the app suddenly told me “Cool down”. I still can’t believe that only a month ago, I could barely run five minutes at a time and now I can keep it going for half an hour. I am still quite slow and am only running about 2.2 miles in that amount of time, but I know I will get stronger and faster the longer I do it.

Goal #3. Complete two rooms in our house – Chloe’s room and the downstairs bathroom.

Didn’t finish either of these goals, but I am happy that I finally made progress on getting Chloe’s room painted. When we turned the room from my office into Chloe’s room, some of the drywall was damaged removing some old built-in bookcases. So it’s been a process to mud over the problem spots and sand it before painting. It’s turning out really nice, though. Just a little more wall and a little trim and we’ll be done with that part of the project. So, I am going to continue on with Chloe’s room in the month of October, but I have some new goals for this month.


1. Continue healthy habits.
– Eat healthy.
– Keep running.
– No fast food. No pop.

2. Finish painting trim on garage and house.
I started scraping all the old flaking paint off our garage last weekend and painted the garage doors/trim a nice fresh coat of white. Mom and I did the same to the windows around our front porch and it makes such a huge difference. Our 100+ year old home needs a lot of sprucing up and this is step one to making that happen.

3. Work on my book for a couple hours a day.

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you already know that I took part in NaNoWriMo in 2008 and 2009, finishing two separate 50,000+ word novels in 30 days time. It was a lot of fun and a real challenge, but I did it and I’ve been sitting on those two very different stories for a few years now without really working to polish them and make them into something I would be proud to share. I have felt a little nudge from within for a while now, God telling me that I need to work on one. So I am going to do my best to spend some time with these characters I’ve created and hopefully one day you will get to meet them, too.

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