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taken last Sunday 9.16.12 on a family walk (zach rode his bike)

So, my September is going OK and I thought I would take a few minutes and go over my goals for the month and share how I’m doing.

1. Lose 15 lbs.
So far, I have lost 4 pounds. I was really discouraged last week because I had been eating well and running and I hadn’t dropped a single pound. I was just stuck on the same stupid number I started on. But I was noticing that my clothes felt a little looser, so I pulled out the measuring tape and discovered that, while the pounds weren’t dropping, the inches were. I lost inches on my waist, hips, thighs and arms. Then over the last several days, I’ve lost a pound here and there. So I don’t know if I’ll actually be able to hit my goal of 15 lbs. for the month, but I would be really happy to drop 10.

2. Finish Couch to 5K program.
Still on track on this one. I am about to start week 8 day 1, which is running for 28 minutes straight. I never ever thought I would be able to do that, but I’ve done three runs of 25 minutes straight and even though I’m really really slow, especially toward the end of the run, I just keep chugging along until the app says “All right. Time to cool down.” Such a relief when I hear those words. I have had a little problem with my inner right calf, but I don’t think it’s anything serious. I took an extra day break over the weekend and that seemed to help. This may cause my final run to be on October 1st, but that’s OK with me. I’m doing it!

3. Complete two rooms in our house – Chloe’s room and the downstairs bathroom.
OK. I think I was a little ambitious on this one. I might have been able to do it if I hadn’t waited until mid-month to start on Chloe’s room, but I had to focus on editing my cousin’s wedding photos so that took top priority. My mom came over this week and helped me get half of her room painted. We have a small house, so moving furniture out of the room isn’t really an option. So we have to move everything to one side, paint a wall, then move stuff back to do the other half. It’s pretty comical when we are both trying to paint in this tiny space and we’re trying not to trip over paint cans and brushes and each other. But it’s getting done and it gives me that feeling of accomplishment that makes me want to keep going and fix up every room.

Sometimes, though, you feel that “one step forward, two steps back” sort of feeling and you look at all that needs to be done and feel completely overwhelmed. That’s how this week has been for me. We are at a point where we have to fix some things on the exterior of our home that are in dire need of fixing and the finances aren’t there to do so. It’s discouraging and I’m really trying not to let it get me down. I know it will all work out because God always provides for all our needs. He has proven that over and over. So I choose to trust that He’s got it covered. ;)

editing with felicity

Thought it appropriate to drink my morning coffee from Jake’s Dean & Deluca mug as I run old episodes of Felicity while I work on wedding pictures. :)

an end and a beginning

As a wonderful end to our summer, we headed to Ohio for my family reunion (dad’s side) at my grandparents’ farm. It was a good time with yummy food and conversation and the mini ferris wheel rides, crafts table and wagon rides for the kids. Jake took each of the kids on the tandem bike with him (below with Chloe) and Zach decided to give the tricycle a try. hehe. :)

It was a nice day with family. A little sad that Grandma is no longer with us, even though she hadn’t been able to participate in the reunions for some years now. Grandpa drove the wagon ride for the kids this year. I love this picture Jake captured of him.

All the pictures above were actually taken by Jake on his iPhone. I forgot my camera. Can you believe that? haha!

So, school started this week and we survived Week One. I am hating waking up by alarm clock again. We were rather used to waking when our bodies decided it was time. Chloe, who is our late sleeper (sometimes until 10:30 or later if we let her), is struggling a bit getting out of bed when she’s called in the morning. I think Zach is doing OK with the early mornings so far, but I’m still snoozing when he leaves with his dad. Thank God for Jake dropping him off on his way to work, because there is about an hour and a half between the kids’ school start times. Weird, but it’s the way their district does things.

On Wednesday, we celebrated Zach’s 12th birthday. Grandma picked him up from school and took him to GR to Game Stop to pick out a couple of video games. He was so excited to have that special time with her. Then, my parents and brothers met us at Applebee’s for Zach’s birthday dinner. I wish I had a picture of Zach’s face when the waiters/waitresses sang Happy Birthday to him. haha! Good times!

Thursday was Chloe’s first gymnastics class. Oh my goodness. She LOVED LOVED LOVED it. Can I say LOVED a few more times, because I cannot stress that word enough. She learned so much in just one night and is already so excited to go back next week. I asked her if she liked it better than dance and she emphatically exclaimed “YES!” After trying soccer for a couple years and dance last year, I think she’s found her sport.

TGIF! So happy we made it through the week. I know the schedule will get easier as the weeks go by. I’m still mourning the loss of another summer and missing my kids during the day. But we have lots of great memories to look back on.

Now that September is here, I have set three goals for myself for the month.
1. Lose 15 lbs.
I think this is attainable by cutting out pop and fast food and eating healthy meals at home, as well as keeping up with the couch to 5k program (see goal #2)

2. Finish Couch to 5K program.
I have 12 more days to go on this and if I do a run every other day, I will finish on September 30th. Yesterday, I ran for 12 minutes straight. The program called for a 20 minute run, but 12 was all I could do. A friend asked me yesterday if I would continue to do yesterday’s run until I completed the 20 minutes, but I am going to move on to the next run in the program. Not sure if other people who have done this program repeat days until they complete them fully, but I am just moving through it and I continue to get stronger each time so I don’t think it’s hurting me.

3. Complete two rooms in our house – Chloe’s room and the downstairs bathroom.
Every room in our house is in need of a serious makeover. New paint, cleaning, organizing. I am determined to finish these two rooms, so I will finally feel like some progress is being made on them. Will try to share some before and after photos along the way.

These are good goals for the month and I like the idea of setting new ones each month. I often feel very overwhelmed with things I need and want to do and making a list like this will help a lot. We’ll see how it goes.

six days in august

Thought I would share a couple photos each from six days/events in August.

Grand Rapids Symphony Picnic Pops. Cannonsburg Ski Lodge. 8.3.12

(l) a little self portrait before we had melted in the 90 degree humidity and (r) a shot of the crowd waiting for the show to begin.

Girls Days 2012. Berlin, Ohio. 8.6.12

the Farmstead restaurant in Berlin. delicioso buffet lunch of which I ate WAY too much.

Sarah + Daniel Wedding Party. Burlington, Kentucky. 8.10.12

(l) more self portrait action with a little photobomb by Zach and (r) Chloe signing the guest book when we first arrived.

Hastings Summerfest. 5K run and parade. 8.25.12

(l) after our first 5K and (r) with friends Ron (blocking his face) + Jen and their girls waiting for the parade to begin.

Our 17th wedding anniversary. Rothhaar Farm, Nashville, Michigan. 8.26.12

(l) my roses from Jake and (r) family pic taken by my Mom.

Girls Days 2012 – Part II. Shipshewana, Indiana. 8.29.12

(l) Farmstead Inn, where we stayed, and (r) us in the hats we got at the flea market to shade our eyes from the early morning sun.

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