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more florida memories | downtown disney

Downtown Disney. December 2011.

On our third day, after hanging out at the pool for a while, we headed to Downtown Disney for the evening, did a little window shopping, made a stop at the Lego store (of course!), had ice cream and rode the carousel. We met up with Heather’s friends, Dina & Andreas, while we were there (some of you may remember that I shot their wedding in Naples FL a few years ago). It was so great to see them again. Chloe also discovered her new favorite store, Little Miss Matched. We would return there before the end of our trip for a few souvenirs. Here are a few highlights of the night.

Ghirardelli, anyone? Yum!

Scarlett LOVES Toy Story!

I love this picture. Pure joy on her face. <3 (and on her mommy’s face, too) ;) There’s Chloe in the background, too, spinning and spinning.

My little family.

Downtown Disney at night. Chloe with one of the living statues.

our march

What a crazy month of March. I feel like it kind of went by in a blur.

At the beginning of the month, I decided to teach the kids how to play the piano. I took my first lessons in second grade and have played every since, even studying music at college. I tried teaching Chloe a couple years ago, but she just wasn’t at the point where she would listen to her mom as her teacher. I thought maybe having someone else teach them might be an option, but we can’t afford that. But while browsing the internet for info, I came across some free lessons online and thought I would use those videos along with a beginner book I bought Chloe a few years ago. The videos are geared toward younger kids, which seem OK for Chloe, but a little young for Zach. He follows along with them for me anyway, just to kind of see what his sister is learning and it helps reinforce the basics for him. I was happily surprised that both kids have done pretty well with me teaching them. Now that we are in the routine of it, they know what to expect and are doing better at listening to my instruction and not fidgeting and goofing around on the piano before I ask them to play something. So, it’s going well, and I hope to put on a little recital for the grandparents in a few months. :)

Also at the beginning of the month, I took a drive to Coldwater to visit Lindsey & Kevin and sweet little Avery. Oh my goodness, he is so tiny and precious. I spent a couple hours there visiting and holding him and taking lots of pictures for them. So many sweet ones. Here is a favorite that I came across while editing yesterday. Love this one so much. Makes me smile. So happy for them. They are such a cute little family.

Spent some quality time with my girl. The kids had no school one Friday, so Chloe and I went to GR, shopped, had lunch, got some Starbucks. It was a wonderful time together. We need to do that more often. :)

Mom and I went to Holland for a nice get-together with the ladies of the Young family (well, most of them). Got to meet Chris & Rhonda’s sweet little Sophie for the first time and visit with these wonderful women who are so special to us. They were always like my other family growing up and I love them very much!

We had plenty of gorgeous weather for walking and bike riding. It was the warmest month for our area as we had a week or so in there of 80+ degree weather, which was absolutely glorious, and it broke all kinds of records with all time high temperatures. Chloe got to ride her new birthday bike lots. It felt so awesome to wear t-shirts and capris and flip flops. We were hoping it would stick around a little longer, but it’s been cooler bringing in April. Back to the usual average temps. It was really nice while it lasted, though. Now that the weather is cooler again, we are all longing for the warmth of summer.

April has arrived now and we are starting off our month with Spring Break. No big plans this year since we took our big trip to Florida in December and we’re planning a trip out west for sometime this summer. So we’re hanging around here, taking it easy, enjoying the break from our normal routine. Soccer has begun, so there are lots of practices and games will be starting soon. I love that there are only a couple more months until summer break, though. Whenever we hit Spring Break, it’s like the home stretch. I know I should probably not be looking forward to the kids being done with another year of school and moving on to the next grade, but I think we are all ready for those lazy days of summer to get here. :)

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