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our february

Well, this month has just flown by without a moment left for my blog. ;) A baby shower, Chloe’s 9th birthday (last year in the single digits. boohoo!), a Valentines party at school for Chloe, a date with my hubby to IKEA, Lindsey’s baby arriving three weeks early (yikes!), a visit with my dear friend Jen and a daddy/daughter masquerade ball. It’s been a nice month, not a lot of snow, lots of family time, and a little too much eating out, but it’s helping the winter months to move along. Looking forward to Spring’s arrival, that’s for sure.

The highlight of my month was getting to be there for the birth of sweet little Avery Tanner Gerlinger. Such a tiny little thing, being a few weeks early. It is such a miracle to see a baby born and I feel so overwhelmingly blessed that Kevin and Lindsey trusted me to be with them and photograph it all.

I get to go visit soon and take some newborn pictures, so I’m very excited about that. He’s so adorable. :)

baby belly in a barn

This past weekend, Lindsey and Kevin were in town for her baby shower and we took some maternity pictures out at my parents farm. Maternity pictures among the hay bales. Who’d a thunk it? ;) But they turned out really cute. It’s been fun to use my parents barns for pictures over the past couple years. I actually really like the old peeling green paint on the barn, but they are replacing it with traditional red siding, so soon the green will be a thing of the past. Gotta take advantage of it while I still can, right? One of my favorites of Lindsey (on the left) with her cute little baby belly and the happy couple looking so sweet together, as always. It was fun (stinkin’ cold, but fun)!

A few years ago, we took this picture at Tunnel Park in Holland (left), our little nod to the movie “Notting Hill” and the scene where Julia Roberts is laying on Hugh Grant’s lap on the bench, all cute and pregnant. Only Lindsey wasn’t pregnant at the time and we talked about recreating it again in like 10 years when they had their first baby. Well, it hasn’t been that many years, but we couldn’t end the maternity pictures without finding a bench.

In about a month or so, I will be getting a call from them and I will drive like a mad woman to get to the hospital so I can capture the moment their sweet little boy enters the world. I am so overjoyed that they asked me to be a part of it.

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