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merry christmas to all

december is here

The advent boxes have begun!

I have filled the first week of boxes so far. I usually add things as we go along. The first year we did them, I filled all the boxes ahead of time, but it didn’t always work. I scheduled certain things for us to do, but the timing didn’t work on some of them, so I kept having to switch things around. Not a big deal, but I think it works better to just fill a few at a time.

What do I put in the boxes?
– candy (Hershey kisses, mini candy bars, small candy canes, anything that will fit in the boxes)
– lip gloss/chapstick
– nail polish (chloe)
– little Lego stuff (zach)
– notes like “popcorn and a Christmas movie”, “slumber party by the Christmas tree”, “Christmas crafts”, and whatever else I can think of for us to do together

It’s always fun. The kids take turns opening the boxes every day.

I guess now that it’s December, I will need to do some Christmas shopping, huh? Maybe I should get on that soon. :D

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