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this day

Making • Doing a little knitting this week. Made a headband for myself. Kind of fun. Might make some more and put them up on Etsy maybe.

Listening to • Pocketful of Sunshine by Natasha Bedingfield. Just watched the movie “Easy A” again the other day. Must make this song my ringtone. :D

Watching • How I Met Your Mother: Season 3 – Jake and I are working our way through the seasons. Love it!

Shopping • I have two words for you. Garage. Sales. Every summer I think, “I should go to some garage sales this year and find the kids some clothes.” Well, mom and I went to some the last week of school and then again last week we took the kids. Chloe is pretty much set for the next year or more. We found her so many nice things. Haven’t been as lucky finding things for Zach, but he does have some new jeans and shorts and a couple shirts. Garage sales are awesome! Mom and I usually have a sale each year, but we just haven’t gotten around to it this year. Maybe later in the summer.

Happy First Day of Summer!


I love my kids. Very much. But they don’t always do what I want. Today, we went to Jake’s mom’s and hung out for the evening. I took each of them for a ride around the yard in the golf cart and we did self portraits. Lately all I get are goofy faces when I ask for pictures, so I was happy that they both cooperated tonight. These are just so cute.

The first full day of summer is over. I’m excited for all the fun times ahead.

field days

Last week, the kids’ had field days at school. Mom came with me both days in the morning. So much fun. I especially loved sitting in the bleachers at the football field watching Zach. I remember running around on that same field when I was Zach’s age playing those silly games and running relay races. This year was Zach’s last field day since he’ll be a big Middle-schooler next year. Made me a little sad when I realized that, so I tried to soak everything in that day … The kids running around on the bleachers talking to their friends, the smell of sunscreen, water bottles everywhere, the warm breeze blowing across the field, Zach asking me to sit a little distance away from his class on the bleachers but later coming over to sit by me, each class cheering for the kids from their class that were racing, groups of kids running along the sidelines encouraging the kids who were slowest in the races and the crowd cheering the loudest for the very last kid to cross the line, running into a friend from high school, seeing some future track stars (so fast!), capturing it all with my camera.

Had a great time at Chloe’s field day, too. They always play such funny little games. Jake was able to come for the afternoon for Chloe, too. I love these two pictures. Love those smiley boys laughing as Chloe tries to squeeze the last bit of water out. Then Chloe and the boys sat down along the side to try and get wet from the overspray.

It was a toasty warm day and we all had popsicles when the games were done. It was a fun fun week! :)

We are in the midst of the last week of school now. Zach went to Michigan’s Adventure with all the fifth graders yesterday to celebrate the end of their elementary school years. He came home with story after story about his day. I was a little worried that he might not like it there since he did not like roller coasters we went on at Disney, but he went on two, including the Corkscrew, and he loved them! As someone who LOVES roller coasters, that made me very proud! He is now asking to go there for his birthday at the end of the summer.

Sounds good to me!


Yesterday, Mom and I stopped by the local farm market in Middleville. We had driven by and noticed the sign saying they had rhubarb and mom said when she was little, Grandma would make rhubarb sauce (like applesauce). So we decided to stop there and she picked some up. I said we should show Chloe how to make it, so we went out to the farm this morning and Chloe helped cut the rhubarb into little pieces and put it in the pan to cook it down. Mom and I did the stirring on the stove. Then Chloe helped stir in the sugar. I think we’re going to find some good recipes and make some more rhubarb goodies while they are still in season. Summer fun!

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