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spring break 2011 nasa and family

Our second day in Virginia was much cooler and very wet. Storms blew through overnight and during the morning hours. The temps were at least 20 degrees lower than our first day there. But we had indoor plans for the day, so we weren’t too worried about it.

In the morning, we met my cousin Paul at NASA Langley, where he works. He gave us a tour through the building where he works and we drove all around checking out some of the other buildings and the Air Force Base. We stopped and took a look at the big drop tower where they do impact tests and saw some of the things they’ve dropped (helicopters, vehicles, etc). It was pretty interesting.

A friend of Paul’s gave us a tour of one of the wind tunnels. Very cool. They were getting it set up to run a test of some sort.

After our tour, we headed back to Williamsburg and had lunch at Applebee’s. Mom and I parted ways with Jake and the kids for a couple hours (they went swimming at the hotel, of course) and we did a little souvenir shopping near our hotel and in Market Square.

We had dinner that evening at Paul and Kaeli’s house in Newport News. Paul grilled burgers and hot dogs and made homemade french fries. So yummy! It was so nice to see them and visit for a few hours. We drove over to Yorktown with them later to get some ice cream, but the shop was closed by the time we got there. It was still fun to see Yorktown and take a few pictures along the river.

Eli is SO adorable!

Chloe decided to hug the statue of George Washington before we left. :)

bad behavior

Here’s a little video Jake took of the kids getting punished. LOL. :)

Click the little play arrow to watch.

Please ignore my cackly laugh at the end. :P

spring break 2011 | williamsburg

We had such a great time in Virginia for Spring Break this year. I chose Virginia because Zach mentioned that they were studying Jamestown in school and I had visited there during a trip to see Beth a few years ago. I asked Zach if he would like to go there sometime and he said “yes”. I mentioned the possibility of a Virginia trip to my mom and invited her to come along. She was in! So, I did some research and decided we should see Williamsburg and Virginia Beach, too. And we made plans to visit my cousins Paul and Kaeli and their sweet baby Eli, who live in nearby Newport News.

Our first day was beautifully sunny and 86 degrees. A nice change from the cold Michigan temps we had all winter. We spent the day in Colonial Williamsburg.

We gave Chloe our ten year old digital camera to take pictures and she took a ton. I’ll have to share some of the ones she took later. There are no less than 75 self portraits among her vacation photos. :D

One of the buildings in the working farm (left) and the Governor’s Palace (right).

We wandered around the lovely gardens at the palace before taking a tour of the building.

A yummy lunch at Season’s Restaurant. The food there was delicious.

Zach planning out what we should see next.

After lunch, we walked a few blocks down to a little place I had seen online called Friends Cafe that had bubble tea. I have been hearing about this stuff for a while now and seeing mention of it on blogs. I had to try it for myself. I got strawberry bubble tea and Jake got lemon. It was interesting with its little tapioca balls in the bottom that come up through the big straw as you drink it. Kind of like little gummy bears. Fun.

After some ice cream for Grandma and the kids, we headed back to the main street of Colonial Williamsburg – Duke of Gloucester St – and went through some of the little shops and buildings.

Chloe was getting very grumpy at this point. It was very warm out and she was tired of all the walking. So we went to the courthouse …

… and decided to lock her up for a while. :)

Our last stop of the day was the Capitol building.

We took a tour guided by this man, who both mom and I thought looked extremely familiar, like an actor we’ve seen or something. If anyone reading this thinks he looks familiar, please help us figure out who he looks like. We are stumped.

This picture is the epitome of Chloe on our vacation. She was always rushing through every building we saw and was about 20 steps ahead of us everywhere we went. We kept having to tell her to slow down and look around so she wouldn’t miss anything. I caught this shot of her running ahead of us on the Capitol staircase.

The kids’ souvenir of the day was an old fashioned slate, slate pencil and a box of chalk. It’s amazing how this little item kept them busy for so long.

We went to dinner that night at a place called Rainbow Buffet, a chinese place. It was Zach’s choice. Pretty good, but not as nice as other chinese buffets we’ve been to. After dinner, Jake and the kids went swimming at the hotel pool while Mom and I watched Dancing with the Stars and relaxed. It was a long day of walking.

A great first day of vacation!


Zach all dressed up to guard the fort at Jamestown.

We’re home from a wonderful vacation in Virginia! This was the first big vacation we’ve taken as a family in three years. It was a very nice trip. My mom came with us, too, so that made it even more special. We visited Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown, Virginia Beach, had a tour of NASA Langley from my cousin Paul, who works there, and a lovely dinner at Paul and Kaeli’s house, too. My camera memory card is filled with many pictures of our adventures and Jake’s Flipcam he got for his birthday is filled with lots of video craziness. Pictures and maybe some video from Jake coming soon. :)

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