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almost spring break

Today is the last day of school before Spring Break for the kids. I’m happy about that. Feels like I’ve been running around so much lately for field trips and teacher conferences and Chloe’s soccer practice started this week. I need a break!

Last Tuesday, I went out to my parents’ farm for lunch with Marsha and Rachel and the boys. We had such a fun time, as we always do, chatting and reminiscing. I took a few pictures of sweet little baby Ryan, too.

This past weekend was totally family filled. Heather and Scarlett came over for a visit and we all had dinner at Mom+Dad O’s and hung out together. Then we went to Jake’s dad’s on Sunday for lunch with the family and then over to my parents old house to help them move some more things since they are closing on the sale this week. I took some pictures out there, probably the last time we were all there together. Very sad, but I’m very happy for my parents for finally selling after two years.

On Monday, I went with Zach’s class to Starbase in Battle Creek at the National Guard Base. This program is so awesome! They have the kids do all sorts of cool science experiments and use engineering software to design things. So cool. I’m so happy that Zach gets to be a part of it.

I was so glad I got to be chaperone for a day. I was very impressed with everything they did there.

Been reminiscing a lot lately. Seems I always do this time of year, but it seems moreso this year since I’ve been looking through old pictures and seeing so many of my childhood home and all my friends hanging out there having birthday parties and bonfires and stuff. I started scanning some old high school pictures recently. That’s been a lot of fun. I’ll probably be putting them up on facebook soon and embarrassing everyone with all our lovely 80’s hairstyles. So many great memories. So thankful for all the pictures I’ve taken over the years.

Now I think it’s time to get this Spring Break started! 10 days off. Yes!!!

spring is here

It’s here! Spring is here! Not that the upcoming weather is any indication (winter weather reports for freezing rain, sleet, snow, etc.), but it’s official and that’s enough to make me smile. And with the change of season, I thought it was time for a little hairstyle change. I’ve been letting my hair grow for a few years now and the longer it gets the harder it is to do anything with it since it’s so fine and lifeless. I visited my friend Jen this weekend and her shoulder-length haircut was so cute that it motivated me to go for it. So I spent a couple hours this morning trimming it into a long bob thanks to videos on YouTube for a little guidance. :) It was a little scary cutting off all those inches, but it was time.

Happy Spring!

happy st. paddy’s day

my great grandmother’s parents. my Irish heritage.

Mom stopped by today and gave me a card with a couple of old family pictures from her dad’s side of the family. I thought I would share this one since it’s St. Patrick’s day and it is his mother’s (my great grandmother’s) family that came over from Northern Ireland in 1774 and 1775. I love seeing these old pictures and learning more about my heritage.

Hope everyone has a happy St Patrick’s day.

baby jack

Oh my goodness. Isn’t he just the sweetest little guy you’ve ever seen? Here are some pictures from meeting baby Jack. :)

So happy to get a fresh clean diaper! :)

Erinn took some while I was holding him. He fell asleep on me for a bit, too. So sweet.

“Grandma” Jean.

Love his little crooked lip in the left pic. hehe.

Nap time again.

What a special little guy Jack is. I’m completely overjoyed for Erinn and Kevin. :)

quiet around here

I used to blog all the time. Now I find that weeks go by so quickly and I haven’t touched WordPress. I blame it entirely on Facebook. Sometimes it’s just easier to type a few sentence status than to sit down and compose a full blog post. But I love my little blog and I know I’ve got friends and family and others out there who would like to read my blog more than once a month.

So here’s what’s been going on the past month:

New York. Jake spent a week in February in NYC for a conference for work. (He took the photo above.) He had a great time, heard some awesome speakers, met lots of people, got to work for a day at the Harper Collins offices, and even went and stood outside the Today show on his last morning there and shook Ann Curry’s hand. We missed him, but I am so thankful that he gets to do things like this in his job. He loves his job so much! Praise God for that!

Sickness. How many times is our little family (namely me and the kids) going to get sick. We’ve had the horrible flu, terrible coughs, sore throats so bad we lost our voices, terrible cough and sore throats again. It’s ridiculous. We are so ready for spring break! Maybe that will give us a little reprieve from all the germs spreading around at school.

Snow days. February was a horrible month for snow days around here. We had 5. This is the point in winter when I start to gripe about how much I hate snow and Michigan winters and how I only like snow at Christmas time. If you’ve read my blog from the beginning, I’m sure you know to just ignore me by now and block this paragraph out.

Baby Jack. My mom and I finally got to meet our dear friend Erinn’s baby boy Jack. He is too adorable for words. I took a bunch of pictures of him during our visit and will share some soon. Jack is such a little miracle. They waited patiently on the Lord through some rough times to get to the day that Jack finally arrived. He’s a wonderful blessing.

The kids. Both are doing great. We had a little meltdown the other day, though. They were arguing about something and were just so loud that I could barely hear my own thoughts. I stepped in and told them that I didn’t want our day together to be full of yelling. I said that our time together is precious, it goes by so quickly and they are growing up so fast that I want to cherish each moment we have, but all the yelling was making me not want to be in the same room with them. Chloe dropped her head and got sweet sad little tears in her eyes and hugged me. I think I made my point. Well, at least until the next argument.

Project Life. My friend Heidi gave me her original Project 365 album kit. It was Becky Higgins’ first kit that she sold through Creating Keepsakes, I believe, before she went out on her own and came up with Project Life as it is today. Heidi never used the kit and realized that she probably never would, so she passed it on to me. I am actually really loving doing it. It’s weird because once I started doing digital, I really didn’t think I would ever go back to printing out photos again unless they were in the form of a photobook. But this kit is a lot of fun and it’s forcing me to stop and think and document our daily life and get prints made. I’m not doing a photo a day, just documenting each week along with pictures from that week, not necessarily one-a-day. Thanks again, Heidi. I’ll show you the finished product at the end of the year. ;)

So, there are some highlights of what’s happening around here lately. I’ve really just skimmed the surface. I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching and thinking and praying, but we’ll save the deeper stuff for another day.

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