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a valentines poem

a poem by Chloe. (typed exactly as written)

God. He is holy.
He needs are love and not are cruleness.
He loves to hear the word Love.
He hates to hear the word hate.
The caringest thing I would ever do to him would be love him more than anything.
God! He Rocks!
He’s so big, he could fit me in his pocket.
I’m so loving to him, he could give me candy (unlimited)
and he’s our Father up above.
I love him and he’s everything I’ll ever WANT!

So sweet. Chloe is very into writing poems right now. She wrote this in the car on the way to school and read it out loud to me. It was so cute, I had to share here.

the birthday girl

My new favorite picture. taken today before they left for the Father/Daughter Dance at school.

Our girl turned 8 yesterday. 8!

As each birthday comes and goes, I realize how much I need to cherish each day and try harder to be more in the moment rather than just moving through the normal routine of each week. It also makes me happy and at peace with my decision to take a break from my business. The kids are growing up so fast and sometimes I just want to turn a magic dial and sloooooooow things down.

Chloe had a fabulous birthday. She was up and ready before I even went in her room to wake her up for the day. Such a funny girl. It is normally such a struggle to get her out of that bed. I sent some cupcakes to school for her class and she came home with some little gifts from a few of her friends (silly bands, nail polish, earrings (even though she doesn’t have her ears pierced yet), gum). She was very happy. Then we went to Pizza Hut with my parents and my brothers. Mom brought balloons and a little cake for her and she opened her presents there while we waited for our pizza to arrive. The waitresses there came out and made her stand up on her chair and they had the whole room sing to her, then they gave her a little ice cream sundae for her special day. It was a very good day!

Tonight, Jake took her to the Father/Daughter Dance at school. I spent 45 minutes curling her hair and putting a little blush and lipstick on her. She wore a pretty white dress she got for Christmas and asked Jake to wear a tie and a suit coat, which he did. I wish I could be there taking pictures because I know they will have a lot of fun together. The picture above just made my heart melt. I know I’m biased, but she is so beautiful, and she loves her daddy so much!

snow day

The big blizzard last night was very interesting. We were watching some TV and suddenly saw a flash and then heard a boom of thunder. I’ve never experienced a thunderstorm in the middle of a blizzard. That was a strange weather phenomenon for sure. I think we got over a foot of snow last night. Not sure on the official amounts in the area.

We enjoyed sleeping in a bit in the morning, then we watched the movie “Groundhog Day” and saw online that Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow today. I guess that means Spring will be coming early this year. Bring it on. I’m so ready for warmer weather.

The kids bundled up in their snow gear this afternoon and Jake dressed up like a ninja and they went to work on the cars and driveway. Jake spent several hours outside today shoveling and then blowing the drive and sidewalk with his dad’s snowblower. Thank God for family. The kids helped a little with clearing off the car, but they mostly just played. I made them some hot cocoa when they came in.

They thought it would be hilarious if they threw snowballs at me as I took their pictures through the window. But then the window was covered in snow and I could no longer take pictures out that window.

I did take a few through the kitchen window, which is why they have a slight blur to them.

Chloe decided to sit down and bury herself in the snow. A couple hours later, I looked out the front porch window and saw Zach sitting in the snow in the front yard and the bright evening sunlight shining on him. That was a welcome sight after overcast skies for the last couple days.

We have another snow day tomorrow. I guess there is still a lot of drifting and back roads have not been cleared enough for the school buses to get through yet. Chloe was actually upset when she heard because she loves school and all her friends so much. Zach and I were rejoicing. :)

the calm before the storm

We spent this past Sunday afternoon at my parents farm and one little girl got very whiney because she was “so bored”, so I took her outside for some fresh air. It was a chilly, but beautiful winter day. Chloe didn’t exactly have the proper clothes on to be playing in the snow, but that didn’t stop her.

The untouched snow was so pretty and sparkly in the bright sunshine.

And we’re about to get a LOT more snow tonight and tomorrow. We’re actually in a blizzard warning right now with snow totals of 10-16″ expected over the next couple days. Pretty sure we’ll have a snow day or two. The kids are excited to get a bunch of snow, so they can go outside and play in it.

on the east side

Chloe (7) and Scarlett (almost 7 months when this was taken)

Last weekend was so much fun. We spent a couple of wonderful days at Heather and Jeff’s for our last family Christmas. We hung out, talked, played with Scarlett :), watched movies, had yummy food, probably gained 10 lbs. It’s always so great visiting them on the east side. Every time we get together, it makes me want to visit more often. We don’t see them nearly enough.

top: Heather and Scarlett – trying to put her down for a nap. Zach reading to Scarlett. bottom: Chloe, Scarlett and Jeff – I love Scarlett’s big smile when I did a little peek-a-boo over the camera at her. Zach’s “sack boy” that he got for Christmas (the character is from his favorite video game, Little Big Planet).

The kids got some great gifts this year. Zach got the new Little Big Planet 2 game. He almost missed it in the bottom of the box with the Sack Boy. He was so excited! He has also been collecting Nerf dart guns and he got a cool vest that he can carry darts in. Chloe got a cute little wardrobe to put all her American Girl doll clothes in. I was probably more happy about it than she was because the doll clothes/shoes were all over her bedroom floor all the time. She needed a nice home for them. Now to just get her to put the clothes away after she changes the doll’s outfits ten times a day.

For some reason, it was the weekend for me to take naps. Twice I fell asleep on the comfy leather couch in the basement – aka: Jeff’s “man cave”. I’m not usually a nap person, but something about that couch put me to sleep every time.

It was also the weekend of good food. Delicious breakfasts prepared for us by Jake’s mom. She spoiled us good with biscuits and gravy one day and yummy cheesy omelets and cinnamon rolls the next. We also had Jet’s pizza for dinner the first night and delicious ham, corn, homemade mac ‘n cheese the next. See what I mean about gaining 10 lbs.

A wonderful Christmas celebration. :)

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