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celebrating baby haisch

On Saturday, Mom and I attended a special celebration for our sweet friend Erinn, who is expecting a baby very soon. A sweet little boy that they’ve waited a long time for. Their little guy is such a huge blessing and it was a wonderful gathering of old friends and Erinn’s mom and sisters.

I love this picture of my mom giving Erinn a hug and telling her how happy she is for them. My friends were always like daughters to my mom. She loves them all as if they were her own.

We had a couple little ones there, too. Erinn’s nephew, Landon, and Cherish’s little sweetie, Katie.

Aunt Christa holding a sleeping Katie.

I’m just so excited for Erinn and Kevin. Can’t wait for their little guy to arrive in December!

Edited to add: I also took some pictures of baby Katie that afternoon and I’ve shared some of my favorites over on my biz blog. CLICK HERE!

whistle while you work

OK … I’m not really whistling, but I am working. Posted a little slideshow over on my biz blog from Kelle and Chris’s wedding reception. CLICK HERE if you want to take a peek!

And here’s a picture of me and Kelle at the wedding. Can’t blog without a picture, right?

Have a wonderful weekend!


I am loving this fall. It’s been so beautiful around here. The leaves on the trees in our yard are just now changing and haven’t even begun to fall, which means we’ll be raking leaves well into November even after the city trucks come around for fall leaf cleanup. Mom said we should have a leaf raking party. That sounds like fun. Maybe with a little jumping in the leaves and some cider and donuts for all our hard work.

We went out to my parents farm last week and my mom took some family pictures for us. The colors were beautiful, the glow of the evening light was gorgeous and we got some nice shots. It’s been several years since our last family picture was taken, so it was time. We had a good time wandering around taking pictures by the fences and the barns and the field with the sun setting behind us. Just lovely. I positioned Jake and the kids, took a test shot to make sure my settings were good, handed the camera over to Mom, jumped into the shot and she snapped away. Worked out pretty well. I may share some of the pictures once I decide which one(s) to use for Christmas card or letter this year.

Zach and Chloe kept wanting to pose for me after our family pictures were done. Zach learned about the American Gothic painting at school and he wanted to recreate that with Chloe. She could barely keep a straight face. It was cute. Then they wanted to pose by the farm equipment and Zach wanted a silhouette shot with the sunset behind him, which turned out pretty cool.

Jake and Tim messed around for some photos, too. This one cracks me up. Silly boys!

my best friend’s wedding

Jake, Mom and I traveled to Louisville KY this weekend for Kelle & Chris’s wedding reception at Historic Locust Grove. Gorgeous place! Beautiful couple! Fabulous weekend! Every time I see Kelle’s family, it reminds me of all the time we spent together during our high school years and beyond and how much I miss them all. We had a wonderful time visiting with them and catching up and then celebrating Kelle and Chris’s recent wedding in Aruba (jealous!). It was a great weekend. I’ve put a few more pictures over on my biz blog, too. CLICK HERE! More to come, of course!

family reunion | day two

Here is why I loved this year’s family reunion so much. I participated. Every year, I go and bring my camera and take pictures, and I did plenty of that this year, too. But this year, I actually put the camera down and let myself have a good time. My camera is like a crutch sometimes. I can hide behind it and capture the moments, but most of the time I’m not really a part of the moment. I’m outside of it, just taking it in. And that’s OK sometimes, but I want to be more present and not always standing on the sidelines watching. So, I put my camera down and I played some games with my mom and my aunt and my cousins. And it was a lot of fun!

There were lots of games for everyone. Some cute little “shooting” games and a craft table for the kids, croquet, badminton, corn hole and more.

Fun with a mirror that was in the swap meet.

All the kids loved the ferris wheel, of course.

And the annual wagon ride to the woods and back.

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