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family reunion | day one

The wind was whipping hard when we arrived in Ohio for the annual trap shoot/family reunion weekend. My cousins brought along their kites and everybody took turns attempting to fly them without dive bombing the people on the ground. It was so windy at times that I could feel it pushing me a little. I don’t know how many times the kites ended up in the field and the strings had to be untwisted. Chloe even got in on the action, but with a small box kite. The regular kite would have probably lifted her off of the ground. ;)

As people arrived for the trap shoot, Zach showed an interest in learning how to shoot a gun. Grandpa showed him how to hold it properly and taught him all the rules of gun safety. After watching Grandma shoot once, he tried it and did not like the kick of the gun into his shoulder. He didn’t shoot again after that. I was pretty nervous having him even hold a gun, but I’m glad he tried it. My Dad’s motto when we were growing up was always “safety first”, so I knew he would teach Zach how to be safe with it. I’m sure in the coming years, he’ll be out there shooting trap with everyone. I even shot this year. My mom made me. haha! I’ve shot a few times when I worked at Bob’s Gun & Tackle years ago, but not since. It was fun. I even hit 3 … out of 20. Better than nothing.

Chloe had a great time running around with all the kids all afternoon. We barely saw her all day. When the sun began to set and cast this gorgeous glow across the field, Chloe was there asking me to take her picture. It was beautiful and so is she.

We had a birthday cake and gifts that night for Zach since the family reunion was the next day on his actual birthday. I can’t believe my boy is 10 already. Makes me sad for all the time that has passed so quickly, but excited for all that is to come. I’m so proud of my boy.

More pictures to come from day two of the family reunion.

the end of summer

I admit it. The kids started school this week and I miss them. I am very sad that summer break is over. In past years, I have been so busy all summer with work and even more busy when school started trying to finish summer wedding edits that I was anxious for the days to myself. This year has been photography lite for me and I have cherished this extra time I’ve been able to spend with my kids. As much as they drove me crazy some days, I miss their noise around here.

The last month of summer was pretty laid back and perfect.
– Jake got to take a guy trip with our brother-in-law Jeff to Maryland and Pennsylvania and every place in between. They had a fun time visiting Antietam and Gettysburg and lots of cemeteries. ;)
– We went to Craig’s Cruisers in GR for a family night for Jake’s work. Played putt-putt golf a couple times. Chloe kicked butt at Skee-ball. The boys played laser tag. We ate lots of yummy pizza and ice cream.
– My childhood neighbor, April, got married and I got to take pictures for her (an outdoor wedding on one of the hottest days of the year, by the way. we all melted, but it was still very special.).
– Went to see “Eat Pray Love” with Heidi & Lynn and also with my mom. I like the book better, but I did enjoy the movie a lot.
– Chloe and I took off for a day to visit my college roomie, Julie, and her kiddos on the east side of the state. We went to the park near their house, where the kids decided to go swimming fully clothed. :) Chloe and Kaleigh love each other so much. They have been the best of friends from the moment they met. Pretty much like their moms back at GRBC/Cornerstone. ;) We had such a nice day and the girls got very excited when we told them we’re going to take them to Paris when they graduate from high school. We’re planning ahead!

This picture is so sweet. Chloe was sad to leave her friend.

– Spent lots of time swimming in our big blue pool. It’s been so HOT this summer. We got tons of use out of that thing.
– Jake and I celebrated 15 years of marriage. Our parents took the kids for the weekend. We went to see “Inception”, had a nice dinner at Olive Garden, browsed the book store, had coffee, went shopping at the outlet mall in Michigan City, IN, enjoyed spending time together. just the two of us.
– Went to Open House at the kids’ schools, met their teachers, saw their classrooms. I love both of their teachers this year. They are super sweet and I think it’s going to be a great year.
– Chloe started AYSO soccer. This is very exciting, because I’ve tried to get Zach to do some kind of sport since he started school, but he has no interest. In the spring, Chloe told me that a couple of her friends were playing soccer and she wanted to sign up. So we did and she is loving it so much already. I’m so happy. Jake snapped this picture of her with his phone at her first practice:

I’m officially a soccer mom!
– The last big event of our summer was the annual Rothhaar trap shoot/family reunion in Ohio this past weekend. We haven’t been able to go the past couple years because of finances, so I was really excited to go this year. I will share some pictures/stories from that soon.

So the summer of 2010. Best summer ever! Sad to see it go, but excited about things to come.

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