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15 years

These were taken the morning after our wedding as we opened a few gifts from our parents before heading off on our honeymoon.

How was I to know when we got married what was in store for us. As I walked that aisle to you on August 26, 1995, all I cared about was becoming yours officially and starting our life together. I remember such a feeling of calm that day. Everyone asked if I was nervous and I told them I had no doubts at all. I was nervous about marrying into a military life and what that would be like, but I didn’t really care. I just wanted to be with you.

How was I to know that three months after we married, you would be shipped off to Bosnia and away from me for nearly a year. I hated that part of the Army that could send you anywhere they wanted whenever they felt like it. But I loved the part that allowed me to live with you in Germany and see places I never would have seen otherwise. I was so happy and relieved when your time in the service was through and our “normal” life could finally begin.

How was I to know that “normal” life would be so hard sometimes. We bought a home and started our sweet little family. But you were sad. You hated work in the factory, but you did it because you loved us and wanted to provide for your family. You were miserable there and I felt so helpless. It seemed there was no way out. Until that factory got shut down and our life was turned upside down. It was during this time that we learned all about God’s provision and timing and we watched as things fell into place. There were times of great stress and fear and sadness and many tears on my part, but through it all we held onto each other and rejoiced when God guided you to a new career that is perfect for you. I am so extremely proud of you! I love that tone in your voice when you talk about work now. It’s pure happiness.

How was I to know that on this day … 15 years later … I would feel more love for you than I ever thought possible.
Always and all ways!
Krista Jean

while jake was away

… the baby fever reared its head again! :)

We said goodbye to Jake on Thursday as he headed off to the east side to meet up with Jeff for their trip to Maryland this past weekend. It was kind of a last minute, “hey, wanna go to Maryland with me next weekend” sort of a thing. I was glad he was able to tag along with our brother-in-law, who is just the coolest addition to the family. We love him. :)

While the boys were away, Heather and baby Scarlett came over to the west side to stay for the weekend and we got to see them on Sunday for lunch at Dad + Mom Noorman’s house. She is just the cutest, squishiest little sweetie ever. So glad we got to see them before they headed home yesterday. Both of the kids kept wanting to hold her. It was so cute. And I spent a good chunk of time sitting on the floor playing with her, which was wonderful. And, of course, I took a bunch of pictures, too.

We had a pretty quiet weekend while Jake was away. Went swimming in our pool on Thursday and Friday, stayed around here, relaxed, watched TV, did a little cleaning. On Saturday, we went over to my parents house. They still live in the home I grew up in, but also own a farm, which my brother is renting right now. At the end of the month, they will be swapping houses so my parents can start fixing up the farmhouse. So we loaded up my car with lots of boxes and tubs and took a big load over to the farm. While moving boxes, I discovered one that contained hundreds and hundreds of negatives from pictures my grandma took. Probably all the photos she took in her lifetime. So I borrowed the box from my mom and I’ve started scanning some of the negatives into my computer. It’s like finding wonderful little treasures with each new scan. Pictures of my mom, aunt and uncle when they were little, some from my aunt’s 17th birthday, my grandparents 25th wedding anniversary. Some of these I have seen before while looking through old photos, but some I’ve never seen and it’s been so much fun so far. Can’t wait to scan some more. Big project, I know, but a little at a time will be just fine. Here are a few that I’ve scanned so far. So fun!

aunt pat, uncle ron + mom | teenage mom at home | grandpa + grandma’s 25th anniversary 1968 | mom + dad’s wedding 1971

Looking at this box full of negatives just reinforces where I got my love of photography! I miss you, Grandma!

board games + clutter

August is here. I know that means there is only a month until school starts again, but I’m happy about this month. July was so busy with all the traveling, I’m enjoying the quieter, laid back, lazy days. We have no real plans this week, it’s already Wednesday and we’ve spent every afternoon floating around in our pool – “Big Blue”. Yes, I could feel guilty that the house isn’t clean, that there are projects to be done, that I haven’t showered yet today and it’s nearing lunchtime, but I don’t. Soon we’ll be back into our school year routine and these lazy summer days will have passed, so I’m trying to slow things down and just enjoy the days one at a time. Yesterday, Chloe and I even sat down and played some board games together – Chutes & Ladders and Candyland. It was nice to step away from TV and computer for a bit and focus on fun with my girl.

Though I am enjoying doing not much of anything but being with my kids, I am thinking about the upcoming fall season and making plans. Wanting more and more to declutter our home and get rid of anything that’s not really necessary to our life. I just read an article online about a family (mom, dad, and 3 kids) who left their life, sold everything, bought a boat and sailed around the world for 7 years. Yikes! They lived in the tiny quarters of that boat together for all that time without a lot of elbow room or “stuff”, they saw the world together, and learned how to live that closely together and survive without killing each other. ha! What an amazing childhood that would be and what wonderful lessons those kids must have learned about what’s really important in life. A few years ago, I discovered Sara Janssen’s blog about their life on the road in their veggie oil powered RV. They, too, sold everything and live without a lot of stuff in a limited number of square feet, traveling around the country together, living and learning as a family. Ever since I started reading her blog, I have thought what a wonderful experience that would be, to travel around the US, a new view out your window every day, teaching the kids about our country as we travel. Jake has absolutely no desire to do anything like that, but I still think it would be great – even for a few weeks in the summer. Maybe someday …

But for now, I’ll just be thankful for my life. God has blessed me with what I have right now – a wonderful husband and two great kids. I don’t need anything more than that. Well, maybe to get rid of all this clutter, but I think I can do something about that!

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