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a walk in May

Looking through some pictures tonight that I took back in May. These were taken during a “week in the life” project I was working on. I plan to organize all the pictures from that week into a photobook eventually, but thought I’d share a few favorites here. On that Monday evening, we went for a drive with my mom to take something to my dad in the field and we took a nice walk in the woods together.

LOVE that Zach took the flower he picked (above) and gave it to his Grandma (below). Such a sweetie. (This was obviously taken before a haircut.) ;)

May have to frame the one of Chloe (above left) and the one below. It looks like they’re running through some kind of magical forest or something. Love it!

kelle’s getting married

Had such a fun time in Louisville a couple weekends ago at my friend Kelle’s house. I’ve been meaning to go visit since she bought a house down there and her engagement was the perfect excuse for a trip. We hung out, she showed me around town, and I finally got to meet her fiancé Chris. We reminisced while looking at old pictures, planned for the wedding, and took some engagement pictures. It was a perfect weekend with my friend.

Posted some of my favorites from Kelle + Chris’s engagement pics over on my biz blog HERE.

girls days 2010

Well, it was another great girls trip this year with Mom, Aunt Pat & Tonya. When Aunt Pat suggested a trip to Hershey, PA this year, I thought it sounded like a lot of fun. Never having been there, I did a search on Google Maps to see where it was located and what was in the area. I saw Gettysburg on the map and told Mom that it was only like an hour south. She was very excited because she’s been wanting to visit there for many years. So we had a rough plan to stay near Hershey in the capitol of Harrisburg and visit Hershey one day and Gettysburg another.

We departed on Sunday morning, the 4th of July, and arrived in Harrisburg in time to check out the jazz/multicultural festival that was going on along the river downtown. It was so hot and muggy that night, but the breeze along the river helped to keep us from melting. We walked around and then staked out a good spot on the Market Street bridge to watch the fireworks. A band near the bridge played the James Brown song “Living in America” and everyone was singing along, including me. It was fun and I was really glad we got to celebrate our country’s birthday.

On Monday, we woke very early due to a horrible hotel room with tiny beds that were so uncomfortable. None of us slept well that night and we were kind of grumpy about it. We ended up canceling the rest of our stay there and moving to another hotel in another town. More on that later. We went to Gettysburg that day and took a guided tour on an air conditioned bus because it was in the 90’s outside and so very hot. The tour was awesome. I learned so many interesting things about the battles there, too many to share here. It was a great experience being there and seeing the battlefields. It’s so sad thinking about all the men who died there. So many men. Like almost an entire generation wiped out. Mom was really happy that she was finally able to visit Gettysburg, too.

When we finished the tour, the temperature outside had hit 103 degrees. We headed back to Harrisburg and canceled our hotel there. Aunt Pat mentioned that she and Uncle Tom had been to the area before and had stopped in the small town of Intercourse (teehee), so we decided to see if there were any hotels there and we ended up staying there for our last two nights in Pennsylvania. Intercourse and the towns in that area were really cute. Lots of cute shops in the middle of Amish country.

On Tuesday, we went to Hershey and took the tour at Hershey’s Chocolate World. Got some chocolate to bring home for the kids. That days high temp ended up reaching 105, so we got a little bag at the Hershey store with an ice pack in it so all our chocolate wouldn’t melt. :)

That evening, we headed out with a map from the hotel front desk in search of some covered bridges. There are tons of covered bridges in the Lancaster area of PA. We found 4. :)

So, despite the high temps and the problem with the hotel, we had another wonderful trip together. Can’t wait for next year’s trip! I wonder where we’ll go.

happy independence day

Jake and I recently watched the HBO series “John Adams” and we loved it. We highly recommend it. I thought I would share this clip from the series of the voting and reading of the Declaration of Independence.

THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE from the series “John Adams”:

So proud to be an American!!! Happy 4th! “God save our American states!” :)

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