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friends are so important

As the years go by and life gets busy with kids and work and activities and the day-to-day of having a family, I’ve realized how much I’ve neglected my friendships. I let my business and the stress and sadness of the past few years after Jake’s job loss take a lot away from me. I pulled away from life and friends and just never felt like making the effort to invest anything in my relationships outside of my family. I was a little numb and complacent. But over the past few months, I’ve been thinking a lot about that connection that I have really been missing, having my best friends to talk to and confide in and just hang out with. And thinking about someone other than myself and my own problems. We all need our friends.

This has been a good friendship week for me so far. Kelle, one of my best friends in this world, is getting married this fall and Mom + I went to her bridal shower last night. It was so fun hanging out and catching up with my other family. I miss them all so much and whenever we get together, it’s just like old times again. Today, Kelle came to visit and we had lunch together and talked about our lives and the upcoming wedding reception in Louisville. It was nice to spend the afternoon together. Here’s a picture of Kelle and I at my bridal shower in ’95 and my favorite of us from our weekend in Naperville in ’08. Love this girl so much!

My week gets even better on Friday when my oldest friend Jen (oldest as in we’ve known each other since first grade … that’s like more than 30 years. yikes!) comes to visit so we can plan our annual camping trip together.

Friends are important!

special person day

Last Friday, the kids both had Special Person Day at their schools. Chloe invited MiMaw to come and I tagged along and took pictures. We had a fun time doing little projects together, playing some games, going to the computer lab, walking around the school, and joining her for P.E., where we got to jump rope, toss balloons around and form our bodies into letters of the alphabet. I think we were trying to make the letter E in the picture below on the right. LOL! Obviously, it looks nothing like an E.

After that, the kids dismissed for lunch and we took Chloe home for the day so we could get ready for our trip to the east side for Heather’s baby shower. We had a nice little lunch at Dynasty Buffet, packed up the van and headed across the state. (more about our trip later)

Jake was Zach’s special person, by the way, and he didn’t take any pictures. Every other year, it’s been me or my mom as Zach’s special person, so I think it was nice that he got to take dad this time around.

grandpa and grandma’s 60th

A couple weekends ago, we went to Ohio for my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary. It was sort of a surprise since they didn’t really know we were all coming. Grandpa thought his sons were coming to go to an auction with him and then all the rest of the family showed up. I think he was surprised to see all us grandkids. It was a nice time together with family. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed spending most of the day outside. Jake and I laid in the grass for a bit and I played with taking some self portraits of us. I love the one above of him kissing me on the top of the head. :)

Before we had a yummy dinner, Grandpa shared some memories of his and Grandma’s life together and wonderful advice to have a successful marriage. My grandma has had dementia for a long time and she is no longer able to speak or take care of herself. Rather than put her in a home or get a nurse or something like that, Grandpa lovingly cares for her every day. That is true love and living out the marriage vows “in sickness and in health”. It was special to be there with them to celebrate their anniversary.

The ferris wheel.

Yes, that’s an actual working ferris wheel. My grandpa built it all by himself. His own design. Just because. Our grandpa is awesome! This was Zach and Chloe’s first time riding it (he just got it up and running last summer for the family reunion but we weren’t able to make it) and they loved it. It was even able to hold us “big kids”. Jake and I each got turns riding as did my cousins. It was awesome!!!

The sun peeked out for a bit later in the day and gave us some nice light to play with. :)

The kids decided to take one more ride on the ferris wheel before heading inside for the night. I thought it would be fun to play with my camera and lower the shutter speed to make it look like the wheel was speeding around. This shot had us laughing. It’s even funnier when you see how slow the ferris wheel actually goes around.

A very fun weekend! Looking forward to this year’s family reunion so we can all see each other again!

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