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eat pray love

I just finished reading the book Eat, Pray, Love last night. I had heard of it a couple years ago and I picked it up from our local library last week and finished it pretty quickly. I really enjoyed following along on her journey from brokenness to happiness and peace.

Because I have visited Italy, I found it easy to envision the places she went in the first leg of her journey – Rome, Naples, Venice, Florence. When she described the pizza in Naples, I could almost taste it again. This strange doughy creation with sauce that is nothing like the pizza we’re used to. I loved Italy so much and reading this book made me want to go back. Like now.

The book has been made into a movie starring Julia Roberts, which will be coming out sometime this summer. I found the trailer online. Can’t wait to see this one.

spring blooms

The May flowers have arrived a little early this year. The temperatures have been unseasonably warm lately, which has caused the trees and flowers to start blooming sooner than they usually would. The trees have been so beautiful that I decided to bring my camera along on a walk with my mom last week. It’s a good thing I did, too, because we had a ton of rain this past weekend and a lot of the blossoms are now on the ground. My favorites were the pink/purple trees at the park. I just wanted to lay down in the grass underneath the beautiful canopy of flowering branches. So pretty.

jake’s birthday

This is way overdue since Jake’s birthday was actually eleven days ago, but I was busy last week finishing up a wedding edit and didn’t have much time for anything else. For Jake’s birthday this year, we decided to get Jet’s Pizza. Jake had been talking about their pizza only a few days before and when my mom asked what we should do for dinner, I immediately knew. It had to be Jet’s. He really wanted their BBQ chicken pizza and that’s what we got for him. Mom made some cute cupcakes and we had pizza with chips and pop. It was a nice time together. I tried the BBQ chicken pizza for the first time and it was really good. It sounded a little strange, but it was tasty.

Jake brought the iPad home from work and showed us all some fun games and e-books.

Birthday hugs!

sunshine and snakes and uncle rick

Well, Spring Break has ended. The kids are back to school and we’re getting back into the routine again. I’d much rather sleep in now and then instead of getting up at 7, but it’s only a couple more months until summer. The last half of this school year is flying by.

The end of last week was pretty quiet around here. The kids spent the night at MiMaw’s on Wednesday. They love doing that. Since we didn’t go anywhere for Spring Break this year, it was a nice little getaway for them. Jake and I were able to have lunch together on Thursday. I picked him up from work and we went to Panera and then got a mocha at Starbucks. I rarely go there anymore, so that was a nice treat.

Jake took a couple vacation days off (friday and monday) so he could have a long weekend. He’s worked for almost a year and a half now with no vacation, so this was a nice break for him. He loves his job so much, but he needed this.

Did some yard work this weekend. Got almost all of last fall’s leaves raked up and Jake pulled this ugly eyesore of a bush out of the front lawn. Much better. Our grass, though … well, let’s just say it’s not pretty. We’ve got a lot of dead spots and mole holes. It’s doesn’t look great, but we’re going to work on it. While raking up a pile by the kids’ swingset, a nasty snake came slithering out from under the pile. I screamed and ran! So disgusting. It freaked me out more than I thought because I had a dream last night that a huge king cobra was attacking me. haha!

Church was great on Sunday. The pastor at TVC isn’t afraid to tell God’s truth, even at the risk of offending people. I like that. My brother Rick joined us at church this week. I hope he’ll go with us again. It’s completely different than the church we grew up in, though, so I’m not sure what he thought of it. We’re happy we chose to try it out. I find myself looking forward to church every week. Hoping to get to know some people there. Make some new friends.

Rick came over later that afternoon. We took some pictures and hung out. He tossed the ball and the frisbee around with Jake and the kids. It was a fun time.

It was a nice end to Spring Break!

the weekend

The kids are on Spring Break as of last Friday and we’re having a good time so far. We started it off with a drive to Dundee to meet Aunt Pat & Tonya & the girls at the McD’s for a little ice cream and play. Poor Zach was the only boy, but he had fun with all the girls. They had a great time in the Playland. Their little cheeks were all red from running around so much. It was a fun time!

love this picture! Chloe loves her cousins. She keeps telling me how much she misses them. So sweet.

On Saturday, we went to my parents house for our annual egg and cookie decorating with Grandma. The kids are getting a little older now and they did really well this year without much supervision.

Easter Sunday, after a wonderful church service at TVC, we went to my parents again for dinner and egg hunting. Mom, Rick and I hid the eggs and the kids ran around like crazies hunting for them. Now, they have a huge ziploc bag each filled with candy. That should last a few days. ;)

The weather has been really lovely lately. The kids have been outside riding bikes a lot. It’s great!

Last night, we had our first thunderstorm and another rolled through this morning. We even got a little hail. I love this time of year. Chloe doesn’t love storms at all. She’s usually in our room in a second, but last night she slept through it for the first time. I was so happy about that. She did freak out this morning during the hail, though. Zach on the other hand loved it. Night and day, I tell ya’.

It’s crazy that we’re in the middle of Spring Break already. Only a couple more months and school will be out for the summer. Yay! :)

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