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Lego cable guy

We recently decided to get Dish Network after having struggled with the stupid rabbit ears on our TV for the past couple years. The guys came for the installation last Saturday. One of them was inside with us getting stuff set up. We were chatting with him and Zach walked in the room and held out this little Lego guy (the one on the far right below), pointed at the satellite guy and said “This is you.” It was hilarious. It looked just like him. He was wearing a hat and an orange jacket. Then the other guy came in and a few minutes later, Zach returned with another creation of them getting the dish hooked up on our garage roof. They loved it! Even got out their cell phone and took a few pictures. I love this kid! :)


Been practicing my knitting. I’m getting pretty good at it. Nothing I’ve made so far has come out perfect, but I’m still working on it and just sort of playing around. My only finished projects so far are a washcloth and a little case for my iPod touch (picture above). That was kind of fun to make. I learned how to stitch two pieces together and how to make a button loop. Having fun with this new hobby! :)

iMac surgery

Well … I performed surgery on my iMac yesterday with the help of a couple tutorials I found online and my computer made it through with a brand new 1Tb hard drive beating steadily in its chest. :)

I’m kind of proud of myself for doing the research, taking the thing apart without breaking anything or tearing any wires (not easy, let me tell you) and getting that new hard drive in there. I use my computer for everything in my business as well as just personal stuff, so I was antsy to get it done since I have a wedding coming up.

I have to say THANKS to the two sites that were the most help:
TwistedMac on YouTube
Jason Tomczak
I found them both doing searches on Google and YouTube. If I hadn’t come across these sites, I don’t think I would have had the confidence to do it. They were both very clear with their instructions. The only snag I came across was that the layout of my hard drive is slightly different than what Jason showed on his site. Yikes! I panicked for a minute, but thought it through and took a chance on a couple of screws that looked like the easiest option and they were the correct ones. Phew!

My computer is back up and running and I restored the entire thing using Mac’s wonderful Time Machine program, which is the greatest creation ever, in my opinion. If you have a Mac with Time Machine, go buy an external hard drive big enough to hold a backup of your entire computer and run this program ASAP. Now. Go do it! I’m not kidding! ;) You won’t be sorry, especially if one day your hard drive decides it doesn’t feel like working anymore.

OK, that’s my advice for the day: BACK UP your important files! :)

the death of a hard drive

Well … the hard drive in my computer finally died. I knew it was coming. I had trouble starting it a month or so ago, so when I got it up and running, I backed everything up using the Time Machine program on my Mac. I’ve been so concerned with it not starting that I actually have left the darn thing on continuously and backed it up daily. Finally, I couldn’t get it to respond and when I tried to restart it … well, it decided it didn’t want to do that any more. I absolutely hate that I don’t have my files or Photoshop or anything. And because I hate blogging without a picture, I looked one up from February 2008. I figured this picture was appropriate since we’re supposed to get 6-10″ here today. ugh!

So, what’s next for my computer? I ordered a new hard drive. A nice big 1Tb hard drive. Mine’s been so full for so long that I’ve had less than 10Gb left for some time now. It will be nice to have the extra room. Jake and I are going to attempt to install it ourselves with a little help from some tutorials and videos I found on the internet. I love that about the internet. So many people willing to share their knowledge. So hopefully we’ll be able to figure it out without completely rendering my computer useless. My brother’s an electronics repair technician, too, so if we need help hopefully he’ll be able to assist us. I’ll be relieved when the new drive is in and formatted and restored using my handy dandy Time Machine.

Until then, I’ll be on facebook and twitter on Jake’s laptop or my iPod touch.

Had a pretty nice weekend. Jake rented The Time Traveler’s Wife for me. Pretty good movie. I almost wish I hadn’t read the book, because I knew what was coming and, toward the end of the movie, I started anticipating when it was going to happen. Having not read the book, Jake said there were certain scenes that left him with questions. I told him they left lots of things out that were in the book, which probably would have helped him understand a little better, but it was understandable why they cut things for the timing of the film.

Last week, with the help of some YouTube videos, I taught myself how to knit. I took a few pictures of my first test projects, but they are on my dead hard drive for now, so I’ll share some things later. I picked up a few more knitting needles today. So far, I’ve only made a couple washcloths and some random sections where I practiced different stitches. Jake said it looks like a section of highway where they’ve tried out different types of cement. :) I’d like to make a scarf and maybe try my hand at some socks. Yikes!

Crossing my fingers for a snow day tomorrow. Snow is supposed to fall at .5-1″ per hour. It’s already snowing out there right now. We shall see.

Have a wonderful week! Hopefully next time I blog, it will be from a newly replaced hard drive.

valentines weekend

I think this is the best Valentines Day we’ve had in a long time. It’s such a blessing to be able to spend a quiet evening with the man I love. I surprised him by asking my mom to watch the kids for the evening and I picked him up from work. We went to dinner at Olive Garden (had a Christmas gift card to use! yay!). Then I told him that he could choose between seeing any movie he wanted (even a “guy movie”) or renting some movies and hanging out at home. He opted for renting. We got The Invention of Lying and Julie & Julia and vegged out at home. The kids spent the night at my parents’ house, so we had a quiet house, which was wonderful.

Saturday was a lazy day around here. We watched movies, played video games and were just … lazy. It was great!

On Sunday, Valentines Day, we went over to Mom & Dad O’s for the day. Took along a sled and attempted to go down the hill beside their house. The snow was very wet and thick and not ideal for sledding. At one point, Jake rolled himself down the hill thinking it would crush the snow down and make a sledding path for the kids. Didn’t work quite how he wanted, but it was funny to see. Took a few pictures outside and met their new dog, Honey, before we went inside to warm up.

Mom prepared a delicious meal of spaghetti and meatballs and garlic toast. So delicious. Then Chloe opened her birthday present – a warm pink hoodie and a cozy nightgown made by MiMaw. She loved it and wore it around for a while. So cute. Then she helped MiMaw frost the cute (yummy!) heart-shaped cake, which we had later for dessert. A wonderful Valentines Day!

chuck e.

Growing up, my mom always took us kids to Showbiz Pizza Place, which eventually became Chuck E. Cheese’s. We went there for all our birthdays and had parties there with our friends. It was a fun tradition that we continued even into our twenties, much to my brothers’ embarrassment. But then Zach and Chloe were born and we had an excuse to go without looking like a bunch of crazy adults there with no kids. ha!

We took Chloe on Thursday for her birthday. She had such a blast running around playing the games and making friends. And even though the place isn’t as nice as it used to be, the pizza’s not as tasty, and it’s all around sticky and germy, it’s worth it to see how much fun it is for the kids. :)

someone turns 7 today

Can it really be? Has it been 7 years since I went into the hospital early one morning to induce my labor? Have seven years gone by since we welcomed our little girl into the world the night of a huge snowstorm? I look at her now and am overwhelmed with how much I love her. She’s so beautiful with such a strong (loud!) personality, a lot like her dad in many ways with a little of me thrown in there. She loves her brother so much and misses him when they are apart. I love that. She likes to play video games with him, but also enjoys her alone time to play with her dolls or draw or write. It’s wonderful watching her grow and learn, always asking questions. I pray that she will continue to learn about God and become the person He wants her to be. Happy Birthday, Chlo. We love you so. ;)

One of my favorite pictures I’ve ever taken of her. I think she was a little more than a year old in this one.

bright star

I recently watched the movie “Bright Star” about the poet, John Keats, and the love of his life, Fanny, and I adored it. It is a gorgeous movie, beautifully shot, and such a sweet, romantic, heartbreaking love story.

This may sound strange, but one of my favorite things about this movie visually is the wind. Maybe it’s because we’re in the midst of a cold winter and I’m longing for warm breezes, but I love the way the wind blows in so many of the scenes – the trees and grass blowing, the curtains in the house and in Fanny’s room, Fanny’s hair as she sits sewing by the window. Love it!

“A thing of beauty is a joy for ever:
Its lovliness increases; it will never
Pass into nothingness”

I thought this movie was definitely a “thing of beauty”.

spring break 2008

I have been wanting to make a photobook from our ’08 trip to Florida for a long time and I finally finished it last week. Here are a few of my favorite layouts from the book:

To view a slideshow of the entire book, CLICK HERE then choose the full screen option to see it best.

I used several of Heather Ann Designs quick fill templates and papers for the design.

family christmas 4 + 5

I don’t have any pictures from our Noorman family Christmas (Jake’s dad’s side) because I didn’t bring along the camera that night, but we had a lot of fun over at Brenda’s. We had a yummy dinner, exchanged gifts and played a little Rock Band. It was pretty hilarious hearing Jake try to sing some of the songs. He was not blessed with the gift of song, but he sure does have fun trying. :)

Last Friday (Jan 22nd), we headed across the state to Heather (Jake’s sis) and Jeff’s house for family Christmas (Jake’s mom’s side). We spent the whole weekend there, which was so very nice. I feel really blessed to be a part of Jake’s family. We have a such a great time hanging out together.

On Saturday, we slept in a bit then watched this show about Blackbeard the pirate while we waited for Nick to arrive. I think it was on the History channel, but I’m not sure. It was pretty interesting.

After opening gifts, everyone made their own pizzas. Yum! Jake, Chloe and I shared one. Jake put just about every topping known to man on his side of the pizza and us girls had just cheese … lots of cheese. Zach doesn’t like pizza (Can you believe that?), so it was chicken nuggets and fries for him instead. We try to tell him that he’s missing out, but he just won’t try it. Such a silly kid. Someday he’ll change his ways, especially when he gets older and his friends are hanging out eating pizza all the time.

We played some games after dinner. Apples to Apples, Yahtzee, and one other one that was really fun, but I can’t remember its name.

Then we put the kids to bed and headed down to Jeff’s “man cave” to watch movies. We watched “Mamma Mia” and then the guys put in “District 9″ because they needed something manly to balance out all the singing. LOL!

Heather made us a delicious pancake breakfast on Sunday before we headed home. The weekend went by far too quickly in my opinion. But it was a good time, a very merry belated Christmas. :)

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