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a very cool concept

This new Project Life kit from Becky Higgins looks so awesome. It’s such a great way to document your everyday life for a whole year in a simple way without stressing about scrapbooking every single picture you take. Just print your photos, slip them in the album, write a little description on the journaling cards. Done. There is even a new digital version that you can make online and then have printed and bound into a Photobook at year’s end. I’m still trying to decide which one would work best for me. I love digital, but the kit looks so nice, too. Decisions, decisions. Click the above image for more details.

Here’s a video that Becky Higgins put on her blog introducing and explaining what’s included in the kit as well as the concept of Project Life. Enjoy!

You can order the kit HERE on Amazon.

i need a little bit of this

Sitting by Lake Michigan with a warm summer breeze coming off the water would be GREAT right now.

I’ve got an upset stomach/achy body/scratchy throat/headache kind of thing going on here. This cold weather doesn’t help matters. Bring on the warmer Spring weather! Please.

Lots of Christmas fun to share here. Hope to get some pictures up here before it actually is Spring. ;)

this cold and snowy week

Took this out the window last week when it was snowing hard. Played around with focusing on the snow as it fell. Looking at this too long makes me a little dizzy actually.

Here I go again. Another winter and once again it’s time to complain about how much I hate it. We’ve actually been blessed with some beautiful sunshine the past couple days, but it’s making the temps bitterly cold. Mom and I are still out there walking in it, though. Determined to keep it up. The inches are coming off little by little as the weeks pass. Lost another inch on both my hips and waist. Feels good when the jeans become loose fitting. Maybe by summer I’ll actually be down to the size I want to be.

LOVING that I joined this Bible in 90 Days group. Getting into Leviticus right now. So many rules/laws about clean/unclean things and sacrifices. God was very specific about everything and He wasn’t joking around. If you didn’t follow His rules, you were dead. Literally. Two of Aaron’s (Moses’s brother) sons found that out the hard way.

One more family Christmas next weekend. We had to postpone it until late January because of work schedules, but it’s kind of nice to have the holidays drawn out a bit. :)

The movie Jake helped with last year and had a couple small roles in, “Homeless for the Holidays”, will be playing in Grand Rapids at the Woodland Mall Celebration Cinema starting January 29th. If you’re in the area, check it out.

Enjoyed watching Chuck this week. That show is so much fun. Glad it’s back for another season.

Not loving this whole craziness over The Tonight Show. It’s sucks what they’ve done to Conan O’Brien. I’d rather watch him than Jay any day. Not that I actually watch late night TV anymore anyway. But whatever Conan does, he’s got a huge fan base, so he’ll be just fine!

If you’re local, did you hear the news the other night about some idiots stealing the baby Jesus from the nativity downtown? That nativity has been in the courthouse lawn every year for as long as I can remember. It sucks that someone did this. Hope they find it or the person gets a conscience and returns it.

Posted this sweet little slideshow over on my photo blog of Janna + Dan’s sweet baby Jackson. She requested the song “You Are My Sunshine” and, while searching for it, I came across this wonderful artist, Elizabeth Mitchell, who has a way of singing children’s songs so even parents can enjoy them. I love her music. Here’s the slideshow, click the image to begin show.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

the bible in 90 days

A woman Jake works with started a group over on Facebook to read through the Bible in 90 Days starting this past Tuesday with Genesis 1 and working our way through. I’ve always thought about doing this, but I’ve never actually followed through. Seeing as I’ve had a Bible in my possession since I was pretty young, I should have read the whole thing by now, right? There is so much in there and I’m really excited to do this. I hope this will be the first of many times I will read through God’s Word.

If you’d like to join along with us, CLICK HERE. You can catch up! Each week she will post an Event on the Facebook group, which details the readings for the week. This week so far has been Genesis Chapters 1 – 39.

the holidays 2009

a few pics from Christmas morning. Chloe has been wanting black shoes like this for forever. she had no idea Santa was bringing her some. she was also begging for Webkinz lately and she got a little pug just like MiMaw’s dogs. Zach doesn’t look too thrilled with his new watch in this picture, but he loves that thing. he also got some Lego Power Miner sets and he was most excited to get a new Nintendo DS game, Zelda Spirit Tracks. he’s been playing it constantly.

CHRISTMAS 2009! There is far too much to cover from the past two weeks, so I thought I’d put it in a list.

Our Christmas break:
– Our tradition on Christmas Eve – drove around town looking at the Christmas lights.
– Made a new tradition – got the kids each a Christmas Eve gift (a new ornament for the tree) and one for all of us (Blokus board game).
– Tracked Santa at the NORAD Santa Tracker website pretty much all evening.
– Longest night EVER trying to get the kids to go to sleep.
– Presents on Christmas morning!
– Lunch and gifts at my parents that afternoon.
– To Ohio for Christmas at my grandparents farm (my Dad’s side of the fam).
– Spent the night with my cousin Josh and his wife Karen. We all love hanging out with them!
– Christmas at my Aunt’s (my Mom’s side of the fam).
– Drove home in a blizzard. No more than 45 mph all the way. Normally 4 hour trip. Took us 6 hrs.
– The kids took turns going to a movie and spending the night with MiMaw and PawPaw. They had a blast! Zach saw Avatar on IMAX and Chloe saw the new Chipmunks movie.
– New Years Eve party at Andy + Michelle’s (Jake’s sis). Fun night!
– New Years Day Birthday party for Mom Noorman then spent the evening at Mom O’s playing video games and hanging out.
– Jake took me on a date on Saturday. We saw The Blind Side. Loved it. Great story!
– Yesterday was spent getting laundry done and preparing for the kids to head back to school today.

It was a wonderful winter break. Such a different vibe than last year at this time. So happy 2009 is past and it’s time to start an amazing 2010!

EDITED to add: By the way, mom and I did our weigh-in on Christmas day after 6 weeks of healthy eating – no sugar, no bread or flour. Mom lost 12 lbs. Woohoo! I did not have a working scale when we started, so I have a rough estimate of how much I weighed, which means I lost right around the same as my mom. I’m saying 10 lbs. I don’t really care so much about the number of pounds I lose, so much as the fact that my pants are getting loose and I can now fit into jeans that are one size smaller than I’ve been wearing for a few years now. Yay! And these numbers may not seem like much, but I’ve lost 4″ off my hips and 2″ off my waist, thighs, chest + arms. That to me is victory! I had some chocolate and a few cookies over the holidays, but I didn’t go crazy. And now it’s back to normal good eating again!

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