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– Went to Indiana on Friday for the premiere of “Homeless for the Holidays”. It was a really good family-friendly, inspirational movie about a guy who loses his corporate job and has to figure out a way to provide for his family. He takes a job at a burger joint, but it’s just not enough. Little by little, they start to lose everything – electric, phones, cable, car, home. It’s totally sad and something many many people will relate to right now. I know we did. But it’s the way they reacted to the situation, what they learned from it, how they looked at it with a positive attitude as they approached Christmas with no presents under the tree, giving even when they had nothing left to give, that are the most important messages of this movie. It’s not the things of this life that matter, it’s our family and our faith and serving others. Right now, they are trying to get the movie shown in as many theaters as possible, so if you’d like to see it, contact your local theater and request it. Here’s the trailer for the movie:

– Took family pictures for Heidi on Saturday. Above is one of the pictures. Today is Grady’s first birthday, so I thought sharing this sweet picture of him with his mama was fitting. :)

– Had a bad day Sunday. Our stupid drain started backing up into our basement. Luckily, Jake caught it before anyone flushed the toilet. Nasty. It took us until almost midnight last night to get the problem fixed. We first determined that the blockage was outside of our house, we just weren’t sure how far outside. According to the city, we are responsible for the drain from our house to the middle of the street in front of our house. They sent a crew and determined that the blockage wasn’t in their lines, so it was up to us. The Fire Dept. here in town has a great big 100′ snake that you can borrow for free for just this purpose. Jake used that and we think it helped a little, but the water was still backing up. We were so frustrated. We just stood there for a while, not quite knowing what to do. We didn’t want to call a plumber because we can’t afford that right now. I suddenly had the idea to run some really hot water through the drain and see if it would help break up whatever was blocking it. So we did that a few times, then Jake plugged up the drain vent and we let the water fill up into the pipes and Jake suggested I take a plunger to our shower drain. After only a few plunges, there was a gurgling sound and a little water came up into the shower, so I did it some more and suddenly something big let loose and the water quickly drained through the pipes like it was supposed to. It was the most wonderful sound and we both felt so relieved and so happy that our teamwork and problem solving had saved the day! haha! So happy and thankful that we can flush our toilets again.

– The weather is a bit warmer this week. Into the 60’s. This is what fall is supposed to be, but so far the kids have been in winter coats every day for the past few weeks. Crazy. Trying to enjoy the temps while I can because the forecast calls for highs in the 40’s again at the end of the week. ugh!

– Teacher conferences are coming up for the kids. That should be interesting. We’ve had some issues with both kids this year already, so I’m looking forward to talking to their teachers to see how things are going in the classroom.

– Engagement pictures this weekend and family pictures next weekend and then I’m done for the year. I’m actually starting to look forward to the holidays. I won’t mention how many days are left until Christmas so I don’t freak you all out. ;)

Have a blessed day!

freezing fall

It’s been a little quiet around this blog lately. I’ve been sick off and on for a couple weeks now and haven’t felt like doing much at all. But here I am, pushing through, trying to ignore this scratchy throat and feeling of fatigue. There’s just too much to do to let this get me!

Had a fun weekend. Baby shower for my friend Amanda and her sweet baby boy Landon. They waited until after the baby was born for the shower so everyone could meet the baby. I thought that was a good idea. He’s so cute. I didn’t hold him, though, so I wouldn’t spread the lovely sick germs. FIVE of my past brides were there – Erinn, Amanda, Lindsey, Janna and Kelli. It was SO fun seeing them all. I’ll have pictures to share soon.

Also went to my parents house yesterday for my baby brother’s birthday. :) Had a wonderful roast for dinner and the most DELICIOUS dessert in the world – pumpkin cake! I have GOT to get that recipe from my mom. It’s so good. SO fattening … but SO good.

After dinner, we took a walk to Mt. Baldy, which is just up the road from my parents’ house. It’s supposed to be a scenic lookout and it used to be when we were little. We used to be able to see Gun Lake from the top off the hill, but the trees are so grown up now that you can’t see past them anymore. I think it’s supposed to be like the highest point in Barry County, too. Anyway, it was the kids’ first time up there and we took a bunch of pictures at the top, then hiked through one of the trails and walked back along the road. It was fun. The photo above was when we reached the road. The kids both jumped up on the rocks and struck a pose. Chloe is such the little model. It was a nice family walk. My mom came along, but my brothers wouldn’t join us.

This morning, it is bitter cold outside (high in the 40’s today), but my mom and I walked 2.8 miles. Yay! It feels good to start the day that way, get out and get moving.

Lots of work on the horizon for me this week. I’m still working on the wedding I shot at the end of August and hoping to finish that up for them this week. Some family pictures and an engagement session coming up and then I’m done for the year.

Jake and I are very excited for Friday. We’re going to the premiere of “Homeless for the Holidays”. Jake was in the director, George Johnson’s, first movie a few years ago called “Dreamer: The Movie” and he has a small part in this one as well. I think it’s going to be a really good story and one that will touch a lot of people, especially those who have gone through job loss. We can definitely relate.

I’ll share some pictures from the weekend when I get a chance to go through them.

Have a happy week!

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