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climbing trees

Spent a nice evening at Jake’s parents yesterday. Chloe and I took a walk and she kept posing all over the place for me. She went over by one of the trees and told me to take her picture there. I helped her up into the tree for a couple pictures and then she wanted to climb every tree in the yard. It was actually her first time ever climbing trees and she said she was going to live there from now on. She spent most of her time in one particular tree, which she says is “her tree” now. I persuaded Zach to abandon his video game for a few minutes and come out for a few pictures, too. He wasn’t as enthusiastic about the climbing as Chloe was. Heights are clearly not his thing. But he humored me for a few shots anyway. :)

random september ramblings

Is it the middle of September already?

I just glanced at my calendar today and realized it’s the 16th. The days are flying by and, as usual, I’m not getting as much accomplished as I would like. Plus, Zach contracted a bad cold at school last week and he has passed it to the rest of us. Jake came home from work yesterday completely miserable and they sent him home again today because he was still not up to par. Poor guy! It really hit him hard. I’ve been fighting it. I go walking with my mom every morning and, even though I’ve woken the past couple days feeling terrible, I haven’t skipped a day’s walk. I will not let this thing get me. Too much to do. I did take a nap this evening because I could no longer sit at my computer working without my eyes drooping shut. That seemed to help a little, but my head is throbbing and all the muscles in my body are screaming. I’m pushing through. Somebody has to take care of the kids and get them to and from school daily. That would be me. No matter how sick I am.

The kids are liking their new classes this year. I can already tell that Zach likes having a little more responsibility this year in class and in his new school. And Chloe likes her new class, but she’s all about boys all of the sudden. She comes home daily talking about a certain boy and I try not to make too big a deal out of it and ask her about some of her other friends or what she learned in school to change the subject. My mom informed me that when I was in first grade, my teacher told her the same thing about me. “Krista is so boy-crazy!” So, I guess she’s following in my footsteps. I do remember liking a few boys in first grade, but I think I stopped being so “boy-crazy” after that year, so hopefully it’s just a phase she’s going through.

I’m really liking the drive to and from school every day. I can see little sections of leaves here and there on the trees beginning to change colors and it makes me happy. Fall is my very favorite season and it makes me feel cozy just thinking about it. :)

Jake is still LOVING his job. We’re praying hard that he gets hired in soon as a full-time employee with benefits (and a little more money would be great, too). It’s so hard to be patient. After all this time, he’s in a job he really loves and can excel at and his boss wants to be able to give him more responsibility in their department, but that can’t really happen until he’s an official employee. So we’re just waiting, trusting, believing that God’s timing is perfect on this and that it will happen soon.

Still working on my novel. I will probably not be participating in NaNoWriMo again this year. Not sure. Last year, I had the idea for my book a month or so before the “contest” started and I was so excited to write it. I’ve got a couple ideas in my head for books I’d like to write in the future, but finishing the book I’ve already written seems like a better use of my time than starting a brand new story. It sure sound like fun, though. I’m pretty sure Jake will be doing it. This will be his third year, I think.

I’m so excited! My cousin Brian recently got engaged to his girlfriend Lisa! They are getting married in Traverse City in March and I get to photograph the wedding for them! We all love Lisa and everyone is so happy that she will be an official part of the family now. It seems like one of my cousins gets married every year (Paul + Kaeli in 2008 then Joel + Sarah this year.) I wonder who will be next. hehe!

Congratulations to my dear friend Amanda and her hubby Brad, who welcomed a baby boy, Landon, into their family on 9.9.09. What a fun birthdate, right? If I wasn’t afraid of passing along my sicky germs to baby, I’d go visit this week. Can’t wait to meet him.

So, this week I tried scheduling out my days to try to be more productive. I had several work projects to finish up this week and I was able to get a couple of them done early in the week. It was great to check them off the list. I hoped to finish up a slideshow for my August 29th wedding couple today, but because I was sick, I was dragging and didn’t get as much of it done as planned. So that will be for tomorrow. It’s nice to have my week scheduled, but loose enough that I can shift things around as needed. I used to work off of a “to do” list on my desk (it’s still there, too, in case I need to see other things that have to be done that aren’t on the schedule), but I wasn’t always using my time wisely. I would work on whatever I felt like and there was no structure to it. I got things done, but not efficiently. Scheduling it out is working much better!

I’m still keeping my kitchen clean, by the way! It makes me happy to walk into a clean, clutter free room.

Mom and I are walking about 2.5 miles a day. My legs were killing me the first couple days, but it feels great now! I’m not “dieting” per se, just eating healthier again. I’ve been eating oatmeal or a green smoothie for breakfast, salads for lunch and whatever we have for dinner (usually chicken of some kind). Not going to weigh myself yet, but am hoping the scale will be kind to me when I finally step up.

Listening to Pride and Prejudice soundtrack on a loop right now. My head has been pounding all night and this music is completely soothing me.

A few blogs I’m reading this week:
*happy place* – Mindi posts daily pictures and other things that inspire her. Love it!
Confessions of a Wishful Slacker – Lindsey’s blog is so much fun to read, with stories of their explorations of Chicago, restaurants, websites she likes to visit, yummy recipes, great savings tips, and their cat, of course. She is one of my past brides and she lives in downtown Chicago with her husband Jim.
Karen Russell – I love Karen’s photographs, but it’s the fun, candid stories that go along with them that always make me smile.

Must get some rest now so I can stay well. If you made it to the end of this post, thanks for reading through all my ramblings tonight. ;)

birds on the wires

My friend Mindi shared this on her blog today and I just had to pass it on. It made me smile big. :)

Birds on the Wires from Jarbas Agnelli on Vimeo.

When Jarbas Agnelli saw a picture of some birds on electric wires in the newspaper, he was curious what melody they would make if the wires were a musical staff and the birds the notes. Check out what he says about it HERE


listening to

The new Bethany Dillon – Stop and Listen!
I’m a huge Bethany Dillon fan. I can listen to her music over and over and over. I like all the new songs, but my favorites so far on this CD are Everyone To Know, Stop and Listen and Say Your Name.

Give it a listen!

things that make me happy

• a clean kitchen – my mom and I worked on my kitchen this week and got all the dishes done and put away, cupboards and appliances cleaned, sink super cleaned. seriously, I feel like I have brand new stuff because everything’s so white again. And the sink! Wow! My mom used one of those magic erasers on it and it’s all shiny and pretty again. And for those of you who know me and have been to our house, you know how our dishes tend to stack up. It’s not pretty and, even though we have a dishwasher, we never seem to get them done. Well, they’re all done! The only thing next to my sink is my cute little light that melts yummy scented wax. So, I have committed myself to a new routine of hand washing the small amount of dishes that accumulated from the evening before when I get home from dropping the kids at school. So far so good!

• great customer service – that sounds strange, but I had to call with a question about one of our bills today and both of the people I spoke with were SO nice. I also think it helps if you are pleasant when explaining your problem to them. If they don’t have to deal with another grumpy customer complaining then I’m sure it makes their day, too.

• pumpkin pie spice creamer – found this at the store the other day. yummy! puts me in such a fall mood.

• creative inspiration – I am so inspired lately by my Heather Ann Design Team friends: Heather, Raven and Brandi. They are making such cute stuff and it really makes me want to try my hand at a little sewing, too. I’d love to make some stuff for Chloe.

• books – I’m like a crazy reading fool lately. Here’s what I’ve read (or am currently reading):
Avalon High by Meg Cabot
Chapter After Chapter by Heather Sellers
The Time Traveler’s Wife
New Moon- gotta get ready for the next Twilight movie, right? :)
and Have a New Kid by Friday

• quiet afternoons – it’s so much nicer working during the day instead of until 3 in the morning.

• dreaming – It’s been a long time since I let myself think about any big plans for the future because of the job situation around here. It’s kind of hard to plan when things are so uncertain in the here and now. You live week to week and are just focused on getting by. But God is so good and He has gotten us through this far, to this point where there is so much hope, and it has put the dreamer back in me. Jeremiah 29:11 – For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future!

what to do

Our morning went pretty smoothly. Got up and out the door on time, got everyone to their classrooms. Zach didn’t even hug me goodbye. I was a little sad about that. Chloe did, of course, and gave me a great big kiss, too. At least she still loves her mother. haha!

Met my mom at the park and we went walking today. It’s been a long, lazy summer and we’re both ready to get moving again and get in shape.

Ready to get this house in shape, too. It’s been in a shambles for far too long and I’m determined to take these quiet days I have around here and start working my way through the house to get it in order. Mom came over after our walk and helped me do all my dishes and put them away. When I get in work mode, I tend to let housework slide. Especially in the summer when the kids are around and there are other things to do. So, it’s time to have a nice clean house again.

It’s a little weird in the house right now. I fixed a salad for lunch and sat down to check my emails and the house is so silent. I just don’t know what to do with myself. I rarely have a really quiet house like this. It’s kind of nice.

I must admit, though, that I do miss the kids already. They can get on my nerves sometimes, but I keep wondering what they’re doing right now and how they’re first day is going. I can’t wait to go pick them up so I can hear all about it. :)

ready for the first day

Chloe made me take pictures of her the other day trying on all her school clothing. We’re going to be in such trouble when she is a teenager. She loves clothes and shoes so much already. Such a girly girl.

Well, tomorrow is day one of the new school year. It’s going to be so weird having both of the kids in school all day every day. It will be an adjustment, that’s for sure. Summer seemed to come and go so quickly this year.

We had a good holiday weekend around here, celebrating our boy’s birthday. Took him out to lunch and to the store to spend his birthday money, rented a couple movies (kids choices – Coraline and the Tale of Despereaux), then dessert (Zach’s choice – Superman ice cream, whipped cream with chocolate syrup). I think we made it a fun day for him. :)

Need to pack lunches and hit the hay early. Time to get back into the early morning routine again. First day pictures coming!

zach’s 9th

Well, today is the day that my baby boy turns 9 years old. Jake took him to the store weeks ago and just casually took him to the bike section and asked which one he might like when it’s time to get a new bike. He liked the one that said WIPEOUT on the front because they love watching that show every week. ha! So when Zach woke up this morning, he discovered the bike sitting in the doorway of his bedroom. He came in our room to wake us with hugs and said when he saw the bike he had to walk around it and then pinch himself to make sure it was real. hehe! What a funny kid. He loves it!

I really can’t believe it’s been nine years already since I went into labor on Labor Day. :) We are so blessed to have such a sweet, bright, creative, funny kid in our family. Happy Birthday, Zach!

girls days photo book volume 1

This year, before our girls days trip, I put together a little photo book with pictures from our trips from 2004-2008 and gave everyone an 8×8 book from Shutterfly. I did a very simple layout in photoshop using white backgrounds and text only. They turned out cute. Here is a slideshow of the design from my Shutterfly gallery.

Click here to view this photo book.

girls days 09

OK, yes, it’s been two months since my mom and I went to Port Clinton w/Aunt Pat + Tonya, but I finally took some time to go through hundreds of pictures I took and I have lots to share. :)

We met in Port Clinton at our hotel and headed out for a little sight seeing to Marblehead Lighthouse, shopping at some cute little shops in the area and dinner at Crabby Joe’s on the water.

This shop had the cutest stuff. Lots of things that would look great if you had a cottage by the water. I took advantage of the many mirrors.

Crabby Joe’s was fun for dinner. There was live music outdoors right by the docks, where we watched the boats come in, be lifted from the water by big forklift looking things and taken inside the big warehouse to be docked. Had to get a picture of this cute little dog with its very own lifevest (bottom right pic).

After dinner, we went down the street from our hotel to a small beach area. The sunset was so pretty and it was the magic hour, that beautiful golden light an hour before the sun goes down. Beauty.

We spent our late nights in our hotel room playing Phase 10. Tonya introduced it to me and mom and we had so much fun with it. I think I got skipped the most. We snacked on candy bars and yummy Pepperidge Farms Pirouettes.

The next day, we headed out to the dock to take the boat from Port Clinton to Put-in-bay for the day. The best decision we made was renting a golf cart for the day. We drove all over the island and saw just about every part of it.

I had such a hard time saying “Put-In-Bay” without it sounding like “Puddin’ Bay”. Tonya picked on me the whole time about it and then, while driving around in our little golf cart, we saw a sign by someone’s house that said “Puddin’ Cove” (picture above) and I had to take a picture of it. We drove all over and ended up at Perry’s Cave, where there are all kinds of activities for families – the cave (which we didn’t go in), a butterfly house, antique car museum, putt-putt golf.

Our last stop of the day was Perry’s Victory, this huge monument that greets you when you get to the island. We decided to take the elevator to the top to see the view of the island. The park ranger, who took us up, was a funny guy (lower left pic). The view was amazing. I took a ton of pictures. We also learned that starting in August, the monument would be closed for a couple years while it goes through some renovations. Good thing we went when we did, I guess.

At the end of the day, we boarded the boat and headed back to Port Clinton. It was the magic hour again and I loved the gorgeous glow of the sunset on the buildings. For dinner, we decided to get Japanese. My mom was not too excited about this. She’s not one to try different kinds of foods, but we assured her that they had chicken and that she would like it. Plus, it’s fun to watch them cook the food for you on the hibachi right in front of you. It was delicious. And I think Mom liked it OK. The funniest was our chef tossing hunks of chicken at us to see if we could catch it in our mouths. My word, I think it took him six pieces before I got one in my mouth. There are pictures of that, but they are blurry and unattractive, so I won’t be sharing those. :)

On our last morning, we went to Sandusky and did a little shopping at the mall before we parted ways. It was a wonderful time together and I can’t wait for our next trip!

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