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14 years

14 things I love about my husband on our 14th anniversary:
– he is my best friend
– he is a wonderful father
– he’s got a creative and imaginative mind
– he listens
– he puts up with me and my selfish ways
– he works hard to take care of us
– he cooks delicious meals on the grill
– he helps with dishes and laundry and grocery runs
– he loves Olive Garden as much as I do
– he lets me drive
– he is understanding and supportive of my photography business
– he is a dreamer just like me
– he holds me when I need to be held
– he loves Jesus as much as I do

Happy Anniversary, babe! I love you! <3

500 days of summer

This has been the movie weekend around here. The kids were away on Friday so Jake and I got to have a rare date night. We went to Olive Garden (yay!) and then to a special sneak peek of the new James Cameron coming out in December called Avatar. It’s in 3D and it’s unlike anything that’s out there. Should be pretty cool. Then we went to see 500 Days of Summer. What a great story. Sweet, funny, heartbreaking and real. Loved it. Jake and I laughed so hard at this part:

They left out the funniest part when he checks out his reflection in a nearby car window, but I won’t spoil it for you.

I also went to see Post Grad on Saturday afternoon by myself. Haven’t gone to a movie alone in a long time. It was nice.

And watched Confessions of a Shopaholic, The Duchess, and High School Musical 3 here at home. Like I said … movie weekend! It’s been nice to turn off my brain for a couple days and escape into all these different stories. Also looking forward to this one:

I have to say that, with the kids being gone, this has seemed like the loooongest weekend ever. It’s great to have some quiet around here, but the place just isn’t the same without them.

the end is drawing near

girls days 09 • port clinton OH – we were just walking back to the car after taking some pictures at a little stretch of beach close to the hotel. for some reason, the way the light is hitting the bumps of sand makes it look more like we are walking across a hot, dry, cracked desert or something.


I’m realizing as I stare at my calendar each day and watch the numbers get bigger and bigger that we are nearing the end of the last month of summer vacation. Looking back, this has probably been the most relaxed summer I’ve had in years. I spent more time with the kids, hanging out in the pool most afternoons, then worked on editing in the evenings. It worked out really well and kept me calm and stress-free.

I’ll be a little sad when September 8th arrives and I send the kids off to school, but I’m also looking forward to getting back into a routine and spending some quiet days around here getting projects done I’ve been wanting to work on for years.

So, the end isn’t always a bad thing. :)

soggy camping

I always enjoy camping and, for the past few years, I have had it really good because every time I’ve camped it’s been dry. Nice, mild, dry weekends. This year, when camping with Julie and the girls in June, we got stuck in the tent in a thunderstorm, and the same thing happened for me and Jen up north this weekend. We had a nice fairly dry Friday evening, where we were able to swim and take pictures and have a nice big campfire. But on Saturday, we woke to rain and decided it would be best if we ventured up to the U.P. for the day since the radar looked a little clearer up there. We eventually found out that our campsite had been drier during the day than up north, but we were happy with our decision anyway because we went to a place that neither of us had ever been. Sault (pronounced soo) Ste. Marie. It was a spur of the moment decision. We had planned to head to Tahquamenon Falls, which we’ve been to several times, but love. Instead, while looking at the map, Jen made a comment about never having been to the Soo Locks and I exclaimed that neither had I. Decision made. It was a great day of touring an old ship and watching boats come through the Soo Locks. I’ll share more about the Locks when I post more pictures. Our campsite was pretty much dry when we got back, which was the complete opposite of us. We were damp from rain all day long. But we dried off next to a nice big fire. Early Sunday morning, I was awakened by high winds pushing the side of the tent into my head. LOL! It was a great big storm and I thought for sure the tent stakes were going to come up and we were going to be blown away. We survived, though. It just ended up being a muddy mess trying to clean up camp that morning. Despite the rain, we made the most of our weekend and had a wonderful time.

a weekend away

saw this on elsie’s blog today. she linked to a fun little tutorial on making fake TTV (thru-the-viewfinder) shots HERE

I’m heading out tomorrow for my annual camping trip with my dear friend Jen. I look forward to this every year and I’m REALLY looking forward to it right now. I’ve had a really long couple weeks with the kids. They are getting on my last nerve and, while I’ve tried to stay busy with them and spend quality time together this summer, I am in need of a relaxing, quiet weekend away. So I’m doing laundry and packing up my stuff this afternoon. I’ve got my journal and my guitar and I’m ready to go chill out by the fire and roast lots and lots of marshmallows until my tummy hurts from all the sugar. yum!

august so far

– garage sale went well. thankful for that.
– total exhaustion. too many late nights working and getting ready for the garage sale.
– went to bed at 10 pm Saturday. that’s so unlike me.
– planned meals and grocery list on sunday. stocked up for the week. proud of us for doing this.
– chicken on the grill. yum!
– jake prepared salad fixin’s for his lunches while I pureed some veggies to mix into some meals this week. Lovin’ THIS BOOK.
– getting control of our budget feels great!
– swimming with the kids.
– worked late sunday.
– rainy Monday.
– my brother stayed with the kids so I could run a few errands. so much easier (quieter) without kids along.
– got embroidery floss at the craft store to teach kids how to make friendship bracelets. chloe is awesome at it. zach could care less.
– hot dogs and french fries for dinner. peanut butter banana muffins (recipe from book above) for dessert.
– drank two cups of coffee in the late evening and worked on wedding pictures until the wee hours of the morn.
– played Mamma Mia and Fool’s Gold in the background while I worked.
– woke at 9:30. sat down to check email and ended up sitting here for two hours.
– made lunch for the kids.
– spent a couple hours in the pool.
– started reading “Chapter After Chapter” and “Have A New Kid by Friday“.
– fixed “brinner” (breakfast for dinner) using recipes from the above book.
– It’s Amanda Bynes night – watched Sydney White and What a Girl Wants while editing wedding pics.
– The time is now 2:17 am and I’m hitting the hay. Nighty night.

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