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a sunny summer sunday

A couple weeks ago, we took the kids to the park on a beautiful sunny evening and let them run around like crazies. I loved these fun pics of Chloe swinging.

Trying to get some work done today, but I wanted to start sharing some of the pictures that have accumulated over the past few weeks.

Can you believe tomorrow is July? What?

a haircut

Chloe has been bugging me for a while now to cut her hair. But since she was in Sarah and Joel’s wedding, I told her she should wait and keep her long hair until after the big day. You never know how the bride will want their flower girl’s hair to be. They ended up just straightening it (which made it look really thin, btw) and pulling up the top with a little sunflower in her hair (pic below on the left). cute. I told her when we got home from the wedding, I would cut it. So this morning, just about the first thing she wanted to do was have me cut her hair. It was sad to hack that much of her hair off. Probably a good 5 or 6 inches came off. It’s now a little below her shoulders and she loves it.

my cutie pie with her new haircut and that sweet little missing tooth. hehe!

home from indiana

Just got home this afternoon from a weekend in Indiana, where my cousin Joel married his sweetie Sarah. I was the photographer (of course) and I took lots of pictures of the rehearsal and wedding. I’m exhausted now, but I wanted to put a few pictures up.

More wedding pictures to come. I also still have camping pictures to share, too. It was a little busy around here last week.

Happy Sunday!

the tooth fairy

the tooth fairy made her very first visit to Chloe’s pillow on Sunday night.

had a very fun weekend camping with my friend Julie and her daughter. just us girls. lots of pictures to come.

one summer night

Jake’s parents live in the country and their neighbors have cows. Cows that love to come up to the fence. The kids love it. The sun had already gone down and it was pretty dark when I took these. So dark that I could no longer use the auto focus on my camera. I had to put it on manual and try my best to focus in the dark. Most of what I got were blurry kids running around and climbing the gate, but there were a few that I liked. It’s fun to play with the camera in different lighting situations.

We had a nice night out there. Hung out, had some yummy sloppy joes, watched “Marley and Me”. What a good movie. I knew it was going to be a tear jerker. Very sad, but such a sweet story. I loved it.

Here are a couple pics of the kids I took earlier in the night when it wasn’t so dark. ;)

What a cutie! My shaggy haired boy.

And look at this girl! My goodness, she’s such a little beauty.


the dentist
Got up early to take Z to the dentist. This kid is such a trooper. So brave. I decided it would be best not to spring it on him until the morning so he wouldn’t worry about it all night. That’s how I always was about going to the dentist when I was young. My stomach would be all tied in knots. I hated the dentist with a passion, so I’m trying to be as upbeat and positive about Zach’s dental experience as possible. It helps that he has a GREAT kid-friendly dentist. He cried a little when I told him and was very quiet for the half hour drive to the dentist’s office, but then he sucked it up and went in and the dentist told me it was his best day ever. She said he was much more relaxed this time and did great! I’m so proud of him.

Went from the dentist over to my parents’ house, where Chloe was already happily coloring and watching “Hotel for Dogs” for the tenth time. She LOVES that movie.

About once a month, I drive up to GR and meet Jake for lunch. I figured today was a good day for that. Picked him up and we went to Jimmy John’s for some yummy sandwiches. It’s nice to have a mini date with my hubby every once in a while. It’s about all we get these days.

– Things are picking up a bit for my business. A meeting this week with my August 29th wedding couple and shooting a 50th anniversary party this weekend. Lots of brides contacting me about 2010 weddings – the planning has begun for all the spring and summer weddings next year.
– Jake loves his job so much he wants to marry it (and I can photograph the wedding. hehe!). He hopes to be hired in there and work there forever and ever. That’s how happy he is about it. We’re just waiting on God’s perfect timing and the perfect job for Jake within the company.
– getting ready for a girls camping weekend w/my college roomie Julie and her daughter, then my cousin Joel’s wedding, the annual “girls days” trip with Aunt Pat, Tonya and Mom, my annual camping trip with Jen, some outings with the kids. looking forward to lots of fun this summer!

PRAYER request! – I twittered about this yesterday. One of my favorite GR photographers, Amy Wenzel, posted on her blog yesterday that the doctors found a tumor in her husband David’s brain. It was all because he hit his head while goofing around with friends causing him to have some bleeding in his brain that resulted in a seizure. Completely a God thing because if he hadn’t hit his head then they might not have found the tumor this early. They are at the Mayo clinic now and are asking for lots of prayer warriors to lift them up. David also has a blog, sharing the story from his perspective. Their strong faith is shining through everything and it’s so encouraging to read both their thoughts during this hard time. Please pray for them!

storm chasers

I love the weather! Back in the day, I even considered going to school to study it. That never happened, but I still love a good storm. A nice storm just blew through about an hour ago. (Chloe was not so happy about it. She is terrified even during light rain showers.)

I’m following along this year with the Vortex 2 scientists, who are chasing after tornadoes with all their high tech equipment to study them and learn everything they can. It’s fascinating and I’m actually a little jealous that it’s not me out there driving all over “tornado alley”. Man, the pictures I could take out there! The Vortex 2 website has lots of great info and pictures:

©Jim Reed and
You can also follow Vortex2 on the NSSL’s site (National Severe Storms Laboratory), Facebook and Twitter.

a busy week

posing for the camera … as usual

Lots going on around here this past week. I took tons of pictures. More than I’ve taken over the past six months combined. Starting with Memorial Day, we went over to Jake’s parents’ to hang out. A couple of their cats had kittens – one just a day or two before – so the kids were all over them.

We helped outside to get the garden and around the house ready to plant veggies and flowers, washed the van, rode around in their golf cart, took pictures, and had a yummy dinner together. It was a beautiful and relaxing day.

This week was also Field Day at both of the kids’ schools. Chloe on Thursday and Zach on Friday. It totally drizzled rain the whole time at Chloe’s.

We went inside at about 2:30 and I ended up hanging out in the classroom and playing with the kids until the end of the day. The little girls wanted to do “art” with me, so we got out the paper, crayons, scissors and glue and they made their masterpieces. So cute.

The weather was better on Friday for Zach’s. A little cloudy and cool, but no rain. Yay! Jake was able to get out of work early that day to come watch the activities, too.

The kids thought it was hilarious that Chloe was wearing green and had an orange popsicle while Zach was wearing orange and had a green popsicle. The things that amuse children. :)

This weekend was pretty laid back. Friday, my friend Jen came to visit. We went to eat and then started planning our annual camping trip. Saturday, Jake went to Indiana to work on a movie, while the kids and I hung out around here. I was completely exhausted from our busy week and pretty much just vegged. Our entire Sunday was spent planting our vegetable garden. This is the first time we’ve ever attempted it, though we’ve been talking about doing one for a couple years now. We had no idea what we were doing, so we’ll have to see how things go.

Another busy week ahead. It’s the last week of school and then the summer will officially begin. Can’t believe another school year has come and gone. Crazy time … stop speeding by so quickly.

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