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the twins and the holiday

We’re having a wonderful Memorial weekend. Enjoying the beautiful weather, spending some time outside, getting things done around the house that we’ve been putting off. Yesterday, we even tilled up a small section of our lawn to get ready to plant our very first vegetable garden. Excited to see how that goes. This afternoon, we’re headed over to Jake’s parents to hang out, wash cars and have dinner together. A relaxing end to the long holiday weekend.

Went through a few of the pictures from last weekend in Ohio for the twins’ first birthday. There are a bunch over on my photo blog. Click HERE to see MORE.

Chloe had a lot of fun playing with the other kids, swinging and lots of sidewalk chalk. Zach was glad there was another boy there near his age to hang out with. He also seems to like baby Graham a lot, too. He’ll talk to him all cute and call him Grammy. And Graham just looks at him like “Why are you calling me that?” hehe! It will be fun to see how they get along as the twins grow. Zach has been the only boy on that side of the family for so long.

The twins are such a big blessing to all of us. :)

another week

Time is moving too quickly for me lately. I always have good intentions to blog about the weekend, but then the week just gets away from me. Or I twitter quick updates now and then. You may have noticed above next to my picture where it says “What am I doing right now?” I’ve added my twitter feed up there so if you stop by my blog and I haven’t posted anything then at least you can see what I’ve been up to each week.

We had a wonderful time in Ohio on Saturday for the twins’ 1st birthday celebration. The kids had a great time and I took a ton of pictures. The one above is a little sneak peek. I love baby feet. I’ll share some more pictures along with the ones I took at Zach’s Spring Concert, too. Work comes first right now, but I will share some soon.

On the topic of work, Jake is still loving his job. He just applied for another job within the company that is right in line with what he’s doing right now and he would be awesome at it. We’re crossing our fingers and toes and praying that he gets the position. It would mean he is hired in as a full time employee with a pay increase and benefits. That would be the most wonderful miracle right now. We’ve had to make some big and painful decisions around here lately. I may share about that at some point, but I’m not ready right now. It’s hard being a grown up. If he doesn’t get this position, then he would just continue on in the job he has right now and hopefully another position would open up soon. But we’re really hoping this works out. We would appreciate your prayers about this. Thanks so much!

Had a wonderful thing happen to me today. Mom and I walked a couple miles this morning and I was in need of a beverage, so I stopped at McD’s on my way home and ordered a large orange juice. When I pulled around to the window to pay, the girl told me that the woman in the vehicle ahead of mine had paid for my order along with her own and said to have a great day. How sweet is that? I think I’ll have to be watching for a way to pay it forward because that just totally made my day and I’d love to bring some joy like that to someone else. Love one another, right? :)

Looking forward to the long holiday weekend. We don’t have any major plans. I’m sure we’ll grill a few dinners and spend lots of time outdoors. It’s supposed to be in the 70’s all weekend with a small chance for a shower one day, I think. Sounds pretty good to me. What are your Memorial Day plans?

mama’s day

Had a lovely Mothers Day weekend. I meant to post earlier, but this week got away from me.

On Friday, I got to be Zach’s special person at school. My mom went with Chloe to her school. It was a fun time. I didn’t take my camera along to this one because I went last year, too, and I knew there wouldn’t be anything to take pictures of. Or so I thought. Last year, we did some fun worksheets, played games and got a tour of the school by our student. Same thing this year, only they started out doing several fun skits and Zach was the narrator for one. Wish I had my camera for that. Ah well … I enjoyed it in real life rather than looking through a lens.

Saturday, we went over to Jake’s mom’s and made a delicious meal on the grill. Jake and I made Mom stay out of the kitchen (well, we tried to keep her out … haha!) and we made steak, veggies and shrimp on the grill. It was very tasty. We watched Bride Wars during dinner and then the latest episode of Harper’s Island, which I had never even heard of. It was a fun night.

Sunday, we went to my parents house and had a yummy lunch and then the kids blew bubbles and played badminton with Grandma. They had a good time and they are really improving. Both of them can actually hit the birdie when it comes their way. I was impressed.

Someone was pouting because nobody would serve to her.

After the game, Zach and I went for a little walk through the woods. I put some pictures from our walk over on my photo blog. Check ‘em out!

This week was Zach’s Spring Concert at school. It was so cute! I took pictures there, too, so I’ll try to post a few of those next week.

Tomorrow, we’re headed to a 1st birthday party for my cousin Traci’s twins, Graham and Cooper. They are the cutest little guys ever! You know I’ll have my camera with me for that. :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

my mother’s day gift

Woke up to a special Mother’s Day gift from Zach.

A Lego camera! How clever is he? :)

good character award

Yesterday afternoon, Jake cut out of work early and met me and Chloe at Zach’s school for a character assembly. Z’s teacher sent home an invitation last week telling us he would be receiving an award and that it was a surprise. He didn’t even know we were there until about a minute before they called his name for the award. :) hehe! We’re sneaky!

Even when he noticed we were there, that still didn’t tip him off to the fact that he was receiving an award. He was surprised and jumped right up and practically skipped across the room to shake the hands of the teachers.

His teacher looks so proud giving him his award for outstanding character in citizenship.

We love his teacher so much. He adores her and she’s so great with him and his funny personality. Our son can be a real character at times. We love that about him. :) Case in point … when all the awards were given out and the audience applauded … Zach bowed in dramatic fashion.

It was hilarious. He can be so shy at times, but he’s so not afraid to talk in class and get up in front of his classmates. I’m so glad he’s like that because I was extremely shy at his age and terrified of being in the spotlight. So proud of the special kid he is.

Shaking daddy’s hand …

… and giving him a great big hug!

Today is another event at school – Special Persons Day. My mom went to Chloe’s class this morning as her special person and I am going to Zach’s class this afternoon. :) A couple more events coming up – spring concert and field day – and then the school year wraps up. Can’t believe another year’s almost over. I really need to slow down time because these kids of mine are growing way too fast!!!

year in review

Spent Saturday evening, National Scrapbooking Day, in a quiet house sipping a mocha from State Grounds while I finished up the design on my Year In Review for 2008. Finally! It turned out cute. Can’t wait to see it in print. I posted the book over on Shutterfly’s Gallery. You can view the little slideshow here or click on the album and it will take you to a larger version over on Shutterfly’s site. Enjoy!

Click here to view this photo book.

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