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i love spring

We had a lovely day last weekend at Jake’s mom’s and enjoyed the beautiful 70+ degree day. It was glorious. And I am SO excited for this upcoming weekend. Temps in the 80’s. Woohoooo!

We dropped Chloe off and Jake, Zach and I drove to Battle Creek so they could trade in some old video games and get something new at Gamestop. I got a frappuccino and hung out in the car while they were in the store. It was too nice to be in the stuffy mall. I sipped my delicious Starbucks goodness and took a few self portraits.

The rest of the afternoon was so nice. I sat outside and soaked up some sun while the kids played with the cats, rode the tricycle that they’ve both pretty much outgrown, ran around, and took rides on the golf cart.

Poor Emmie …

… she wants a ride, too.

Jake practiced his swing. :)

Here’s hoping for more blue skies and frappuccinos this weekend!

our hope endures

Everyone goes through hard times in their life. I’ve shared before that it’s been a long road since Jake’s job loss a couple years ago. It’s hurt us more than just financially. This kind of situation is stressful and painful. My spirit has felt very broken at times. But one thing that has endured is my faith and my hope that things would get better. I know there are so many others out there going through the same situation in this terrible economic crisis and others going through worse. I first heard this song a few weeks ago and it brought tears to my eyes. I thought it might touch someone today who just might need to hear it and be reminded that God is faithful. If we keep trusting and hoping, He will help us endure!
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The lyrics:


last weekend

I’m a little behind posting pictures from Easter weekend. I ended up getting sick with a nasty bronchial infection so I’ve been hacking for over a week now, but I am getting better now! Praise God!

Last Saturday, we took the kids over to my parents house to color eggs and frost cookies. It’s been our tradition since Zach was tiny. They look forward to going over every year. It’s usually Mom, Jake and the kids doing the actual coloring and frosting while I take pictures. And I think Zach drops an egg each year on purpose so he can crack it open and eat it. He loves hard boiled eggs.

When we finished up, we headed over to Jake’s parents’ house to meet them and his sis Heather. We all piled in their van and drove to Kalamazoo to a Chinese buffet and had a delicious dinner to celebrate Jake’s birthday. :)

On Sunday, we went to my parents’ house again for Easter dinner/Jake’s birthday/Easter egg hunt. Dinner was delicious, as usual. Then my mom brought out the cake for Jake. She still makes us kids take a bite out of our cakes so Jake had to do it, too.

After dessert, mom snuck outside and hid eggs for the kids. Zach found just about all of them, he was so quick. All he wanted was to open them up and eat the candy. I barely got him to stand still for a picture with his sister. He was a bit of grump, but it was still a fun day! I think it’s been a few years since it was warm enough to have the egg hunt outside, so we were thankful for the beautiful weather that day!

The kids scored with tons of candy and some little gifts in their baskets from Grandma. Aside from all the “Easter bunny” fun, we were sure to remind the kids of the true meaning of Easter, Jesus’ resurrection. Or as Chloe said, “Jesus rose from the cross.” hehehe! We knew what she meant. ;)

forgotten toys

Chloe has been going through a bunch of her old toys this Spring Break week, trying to find things to do to keep her busy. I can tell she misses school. She has suddenly become enamored with her Baby Alive doll again. She’s carrying it around the house, feeding it, cuddling it, playing with it more now than she did when she got it. She got out the little crib and decided that she’d try to fit in it and, like a good mom, I had to take a picture of my “baby”. Silly girl.


me + kelle • fall 2008 in Naperville, IL.

Reminiscing today about simpler times, about my youth group days, about my friends and family scattered around in Michigan and in different states, who I love and miss.

me + beth • taken during my visit to Virginia Beach a couple summers ago.

me + jen • one of our many camping weekends. this one was in Pentwater.

me + tonya • our annual “girls days” this past summer in Petoskey.

my bechler girls • in Traverse City several years ago for a baby shower for Cherish.

me + cherish + our girls • look how little Chloe is in this one. hehe!

me + heidi • driving home from dinner + shopping with Lynn. playing with my camera. I think this was the summer of ’05.

julie + her sweet baby girl • march 2004

I miss being a kid, those carefree times, hanging out with friends, watching movies, just living life and having fun! Don’t get me wrong, I love my family and I wouldn’t trade my kids for anything in the world. I’m just nostalgic today, thinking on all the fun times and longing for that feeling again. Jake’s been scanning a bunch of his old Army pictures and sharing them on Facebook. I think I might drag out my hundreds and hundreds of high school/youth group/college pics and share them soon. Maybe it’s because it’s spring (well, supposed to be anyway … today we actually have snow). I always feel a little nostalgic this time of year. Makes me remember our youth group jr/sr banquets, graduation, summer camp. Such fun. Such special times in my life.

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