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chalk art

It’s a quiet weekend around here. Just hanging out around the house with the kids, watching movies, dishes and laundry, etc. Yesterday afternoon, Jake and the kids took the bucket of chalk outside and spent some time decorating the sidewalk. I snapped a few photos of them creating their art.

When Chloe saw this one, she said “Hey! I have a mustache!” hehe!

This is Chloe’s drawing of me. Apparently, I am a princess. :)

march flashback

Looking through some old photos this morning and I saw some from around this time last year. One last blizzard to kick off spring. And from this weekend’s forecast, it looks like we may be in for four or five inches of the white stuff. My only comfort is knowing that it won’t stick around.

I’d rather not deal with any more snow, though. I’d MUCH rather be heading to Florida today with Heidi. It’s been almost a year since our fun family trip to Florida. This looks like fun right now!

I still have plans to put together a vacation photobook from that trip! Kind of itchin’ to work on that soon. Maybe during Spring Break, which is only a week away! Yay! No big plans this year. Looking forward to relaxing around here with the kids and not having to get up early every day for the drive to school.

Have a wonderful weekend!

you’re dancing … at the prom

This is what Jake and I were watching Sunday night. Twilight. It made me really anxious for New Moon. I hope it’s done even better than Twilight was. I liked the Twilight movie. There are things about it that could have been improved – their “fast” running for example. That effect could have been done SO much better. And Edward’s “sparkle” was dull compared to what we thought it should be – light refracting off him like a prism or something instead of the glitter. But the story stuck to the book and there are even some extended scenes on the DVD that followed the book more closely – a conversation where Bella asks Charlie about the Cullens is right out of the book where he talks about his respect for Dr. Cullen and how the “kids” are all well behaved and don’t cause any trouble. There are some deleted scenes on there that I’m glad they didn’t put in the movie, but they’re fun to watch. Still need to check out the “making of” on the extra disk. That will be interesting to see. Really looking forward to the next movie, though. Can’t wait to see Bella’s relationship with Jacob strengthen, her crazy stunts to make herself “hear” Edward, and can’t wait to see Italy and the Volturi. This one’s gonna be fun!

the end of march

OK, I’ve been on a long enough break from my blog. I miss it and I think it misses me, too. ;) I have nothing of great significance to write about today, but I thought I’d share this cutie pic of Chloe hanging out in my office last week (above). She’s got the easiest smile. Just tell her you want to take her picture and she’ll give you a relaxed smile every time. Well … almost every time …

these are from valentine’s day

happy tuesday!

happy st paddy’s day

My brother just stopped by and I made him let me take a pic of his t-shirt. Are you wearing green today? I’m not actually, but I’m home alone so nobody is here to pinch me. ;)

he gets me through it all

I won’t lie. The last few years have been rough. Surviving through job loss and the stress of trying to make ends meet has put a strain on our life and marriage. Things aren’t like they used to be and that’s a little hard to handle at times. But through it all, I have realized that what matters most is my family. No matter what happens, as long as we are together, trusting God all the way, we will make it through.

And this crazy husband of mine with all his hopes and dreams and visions of the future helps to get me through it all. Love you, babe!

By the way, Jake is LOVING his job. He is still considered a temp for now, but he’s doing a great job and really enjoying the work. We hope it leads to a permanent position soon … with a pay raise. ;)

My business … well, one of my weddings from last summer was recently featured in Brides Michigan magazine, which was really exciting. You can see the feature over on my business blog!

on hiatus

I think this is the longest period of time I’ve ever gone without posting on my blog. I won’t bore you with apologies or excuses. Winter blah’s and the realities of life knocked me down for a while. But the sun is shining, I’m alive and healthy, and God is good. After recently hearing of so many of our family friends who are struggling with health issues, cancer, etc., it makes me realize that the things we’re going through right now are trivial in comparison. So I’m thankful today. And THANK YOU for caring about me and sending me emails asking where I’ve been. I appreciate and love you all. :)

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