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endless winter

I love weekends. I don’t have to leave the house at all if I don’t want to. All this snow and bitter cold makes me dread each morning when I have to get up and take the kids to school. But I do it because I have to.

Last Sunday, my mom invited us over for lunch then a little wood choppin’ for the guys while the kids played in the snow. I snapped a few pictures during our fifteen minutes of play in the winter wonderland. Then our noses became numb and we couldn’t feel our fingers and toes and we dragged the kids inside to warm up. It was stinkin’ cold. I don’t know how the guys stayed outside as long as they did.

Well, January has come and gone. What will February hold?


I love this song. Thought I’d share the video today. Michael Bublé makes me smile.

the winter blahs

I think this happens to me every year and I always forget about it until it’s upon me. The winter blahs. We’ve had some beautiful cloudless days lately, but even the sunshine hasn’t brightened my mood because of how cold it becomes when there are no clouds at night. I am stuck in the middle of many blah days that seem to blend from one to the next.

There are other factors that are contributing to this perpetual sadness I’m feeling, but I won’t bore you. I simply ask that you pray for us – most specifically that God would provide for us and show us what to do next. I’m struggling with our options lately, not sure what is the best course for us to take. I keep praying for clarity and guidance. Maybe knowing we’ve got some prayer warriors out there talking to God for us will help.

Watched the inauguration. Praying for Obama and for our country today.

christmas in january

We had our last Christmas gathering this past weekend at Jake’s sister’s in Canton. Drove through a nasty blizzard to get there. Took our time and added about an hour onto the normally two hour drive. But it was totally worth it. We had a nice time just hanging out, eating lots of good food, exchanging gifts and enjoying being together.

– Heather and Jeff’s Christmas decorations looked so nice. We barely got our tree up this year and never actually managed to put ornaments on it. Just lights and garland and a bunch of candy canes hanging from the branches. How pathetic are we?

– The food was all delicious. Ham, potatoes, mac ‘n cheese (the homemade kind with lots of melted cheese. so good!), corn pudding, green bean casserole, oh gosh … I can’t remember what else. But it was all good!

– Heather got the chocolate fountain going and had fruit and pretzels to dip in it. It was perhaps the globbiest chocolate fountain ever. haha! We made fun of it. It would flow OK for a while and then it would get all thick and stick to the fountain. There’s a picture of it in the collage above.

– The kids got lots of nice gifts. Zach loves his new Iron Man pajamas and his cool Lego set he got that he and Jake put together that night. Chloe got a little scrapbook kit, which she quickly dug into and started cutting paper with her scissors that make the fancy edges. She also got a couple cute outfits that she immediately changed into. Jake got the book Paper Towns by John Green. He’s been wanting it for a while. And Jeff got me the musical score to Twilight along with an iTunes gift card, which I used to download the score for the movie Nanny McPhee. I love the music to that. Also downloaded Flightless Bird by Iron and Wine – the only song I really like from the Twilight soundtrack (the one Bella and Edward dance to at the prom).

– Finally got to meet my brother-in-law Nick’s girlfriend Sharon. She’s really nice and it was great that she could spend Christmas with us.

– The weather was extremely nasty. See picture above of Jeff shoveling. It just kept snowing and snowing and snowing and covering up all the shoveling he had already done. ugh! Our drive home was a little better, but we ran into snow again so our travel time was longer. I hate winter!

Chloe was very excited when Heather lit up the fireplace. She was mesmerized by the flames and just sat there for a while staring. It was nice to have a fire burning – makes you feel all cozy and warm.

welcome to 2009

the latest happenings:
– New Year’s Eve at Jake’s dad’s
– New Years day at Jake’s dad’s again for Mom’s birthday lunch
– Rock Band at Brenda’s (Jake’s sis)
– “bucket brigade” at my parents farm (a wagon of corn tipped over when the wheel fell into a hole and we had to scoop all the remaining corn out to get the wagon light enough to lift up again. that was fun. haha!)
– chloe woke up sick yesterday morning (throwing up) and is still ill. She’s barely eaten anything in two days. I feel helpless.
– i am starting to feel a bit queasy. please pray this sickness passes me by. too much to do to get sick.
– one more Christmas with Jake’s mom’s side of the family this weekend. looking forward to that.
– mom gave me a gift card to Barnes and Noble for Christmas, which I used to purchase all four Twilight books. they should be arriving tomorrow. of course, I will be reading through them again soon.
– watched The Bachelor last night. I never watch those shows, but I saw the very last episode of the Bachelorette when she turned him down last season so I watched it. It’s such a crazy show, but I think I’m hooked.
– on a bit of a camera break. :( can’t seem to pick it up since Christmas. I think I really burned myself out in October/November. plus, I hate winter and it puts me in a blah mood.
– still working on my book. almost to the point where I will let Jake read it again. then another edit and I think I’ll be ready to get the opinions of a few friends/family.

Need to check on my girl now! Have a wonderful first week of 2009.

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