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the weekend after – ohio

One great thing about Christmas is that I get to see my family in Ohio. It’s usually the only time everyone gets together and we look forward to it each year. For some reason, I didn’t get my camera out at all over at my grandparents house (my dad’s side). We were too busy hanging out, eating, opening gifts and watching Wall-e. So all these pictures are from Christmas at my Aunt Pat + Uncle Tom’s house (mom’s side of the family).

All of us cousins are right around the same age, most are married, some with kids. It’s so fun to let the kids run around and play like we did when we were young. For the last 7+ years, Zach has been the lone boy among all the girls, but my cousin Traci just had twin boys earlier this year. So now he’ll have someone to hang out with when they get a little older. :) They are so adorable. We stayed with my cousin Josh (Traci’s brother) and his wife Karen on Saturday night. They were keeping the babies all weekend for Traci and Bill, so we got to play with them lots. Took a bunch of cute pictures of them rolling around. I’ll have to share a few of those later.

It was a very nice day. Lots of good company, great food, fun gift exchange, and lots of laughter. I love my family.

a happy christmas day

This is what makes everything worthwhile. The looks on their faces.

We had a nice Christmas yesterday. Got up around 8:30 and the kids opened their gifts from Santa and ate way too much candy all morning before heading over to my parents for lunch.

Mom had the place all decorated up, as usual. Lunch was delicious. Ham, potatoes, corn, biscuits. My mouth is watering again just thinking about it.

The kids could barely sit still during lunch with the tree surrounded by gifts so close by. They rushed through their food and Grandma let them open up stockings first. Chloe was cracking us up with her funny faces.

Santa Jake passed out the presents. The kids got lots of new clothes and some fun toys from Grandma. Zach’s favorite was the Castle Lego set. Chloe got a Fancy Nancy doll and an outfit to dress her in. That was a big hit! And it went along with what Santa gave her that morning – Frenchy, Fancy Nancy’s poodle. Hmmm … I wonder how Santa knew.

Rick got mom a cool digital picture frame. He came over on Christmas Eve and we took some funny pictures to load onto the frame. Everyone enjoyed looking at all the craziness. And mom loved her special gift.

The rest of the day was spent on Legos and a gift for the whole family – Indiana Jones Monopoly. Zach got quickly bored with the slow pace of the game, so Jake absorbed all of his properties (cheater!) and he ended up quickly monopolizing just about everything. At one point, I was down to $1. LOL! We had a fun time together.

Then mom and I watched The Holiday before we packed everything up and headed home. It was a happy little Christmas.

merry christmas + the drawing

Thank you everyone for commenting on the giveaway post! It was so fun to read what you all love about Christmas. I put all the names in a hat (see the pictures in my header above of Jake wearing the hat?) and had him draw three. For some reason he developed an accent as he was picking.

“Und zee first vinner is …”

Anya, Byron Center MI
“I am pretty faithful at checking up on my Favorite photographer. ;) So, my favorite things include the birth of our Lord, CHRISTMAS CARDS, Family and Friends, the smell of cookies in the oven and yummy candles. Merry Christmas Kris, You rock!!”

“Zee second vinner is …”

Josette (Josette forgot to put where she was from, but I’ll forgive her!) ;)
“I love being with my family for the holidays and all of the yummy food!
Hope your family has a great Holiday!”

“and zee third vinner is …”

Liz McCoy, Atlanta GA
“OOOH fun! I’m from Atlanta, GA and one of the things i love about the holidays is that my birthday is 2 days before christmas. Which means my celebrating and opening of presents starts early :) I also really love the time spent with family it’s such a treasure to be able to see them and spend time with them and enjoy their company.”

Josette and Liz, email me with your mailing addresses and I’ll get those sent out to you after the holidays. (Anya, I’ve got your address!)

Congratulations, girls! And Happy Birthday to Liz!

And I’ll leave you with the words of another of my commenters, Erin …


merry christmas, my blog friends

Scrooge has left the building. With less than a week until Christmas, I think I’m finally feeling a tiny spark of Christmas spirit. Been listening to some of my favorite Christmas songs (O Holy Night always makes me cry) and all this snow (at least 12 inches fell yesterday) certainly makes it a white Christmas.

So, in the spirit of giving …

Scrapbook Trends was nice enough to send me a little box this week with some extra copies of their new Digital Scrapbooking Idea Book with my layout on the cover. Zach and Chloe were so excited to see their faces on a book. :)

I have a few that I’d like to give away to you, my faithful blog readers. Please leave a comment with your name, the city/state where you live, and something you LOVE about the holidays. Please comment no later than Tuesday, December 23rd by midnight. I will do a drawing on Christmas Eve and the winners will get a nice little belated Christmas gift.

Thank you guys so much for following along on here. It’s been so fun connecting with so many of you and I’d like to get to know you all, so comment away!!!

Merry Christmas!


Saw this on Cathy’s blog this morning! Laughed so hard I cried.

The Twilight Before Christmas view

what’s happening around here

chloe helping decorate my parents Christmas tree – taken at Thanksgiving

weddings – I am just coming out of about 6 weeks of editing pretty much non-stop seven days a week. My last wedding from October is finally all edited and I can take the rest of the month off and enjoy some down time.

downtime – Yesterday, I took the entire day to read books 2 and 3 of the twilight series. I finished Twilight on Monday night. I went to bed around 11 or so and couldn’t stop reading until 3 in the morning. After taking Chloe to school (Zach was home sick with me), I sat down from 9 – 2 and finished New Moon. Then when I got home, I fed the kids and read from about 5:30 – midnight and finished up Eclipse. Now I have to wait to borrow the fourth book from Jake’s mom. I’m hoping I can talk Jake into running over there tonight to get it for me. hehe! Must see what happens next.

jake – is LOVING his new job. It’s in the publishing industry and he is finally working in an office with his own little “office” (cubicle). He’s very excited about it and loving everything about the job so far! Thanks again for all the prayers and thoughts and emails of encouragement and congratulations! It’s the happiest thing that’s happened for us in a long time.

my book – I’m very excited to work some more on my book. It needs a lot of editing to fill out the story more, but it’s so cute and sweet. I love it. Jake has been reading it a few chapters at a time and giving me his feedback. He’s much better at seeing what’s missing in the story and what readers will want to know more about. I’m just too close to the story. He sat down the other day to read and was going to stop after two chapters, but when he came to end of the chapter he said he had to keep going because he wanted to know what was going to happen next. That’s a good sign if Jake, who is SO not a chick lit reader, was into it. He said it’s not exactly his type of book, but “chicks will dig it”. ;) Such a funny guy! Some of you have volunteered to be my guinea pigs and read it for me for feedback. It may take some time to get to that point and, honestly, that is terrifying to me. To put it out there and see if people like it or if they think it’s a piece of crap! haha!

snow – have I mentioned that I hate winter and it’s not even technically winter yet. It’s so stinkin’ frigid here. Highs in the 20’s. Whatever!

the kids – Zach has been sick all weekend. Couldn’t keep any food down for a couple days. Poor guy. Kept him home Monday and Tuesday to get his strength back up. He’s back to school today and seems to be doing much better. Chloe is driving me nuts lately. She is very defiant and such a little troublemaker. Her latest thing is to poke holes in her pants with a pencil and to pull the threads out of her socks. What is up with that? She starts picking at the pencil holes until they become a great big hole in the knee of her jeans. She’s ruined three pair of pants and we really aren’t floating in the money to be able to buy her new clothes right now. Tried explaining that to her, but I’m not sure she really gets it. So I’m at a loss about that. Kids!

the holidays – I am still Scrooge! I did play the “all Christmas, all the time” channel on the radio this morning, which had me singing along to a few. But we have no tree up yet and it’s only two weeks until Christmas. Hoping to do something about that this weekend!

merry christmas to us!

Thank you SO much for all the comments, emails, crossed fingers and prayers. You don’t even know how special you all are to me. Jake got the call this morning.


He starts on Monday. I bawled my eyes out when he told me.

Everything we have gone through this year. No job. Bad job. Temp job. No job again. All of it led up to him getting this job in a publishing company, something that is exactly what he needed. A creative job in his chosen career field. A job where he can really use his talents and excel.

This has been a hard year for us. I’ve had some pretty low moments and have felt very numb about the whole situation lately. It just seemed things went from bad to worse at every turn. Today was the first time that I really let myself feel something. This is a great job and a wonderful company. We can look back and very clearly see the path that was taken to get to this point and God’s hand in it all.

an interview

Jake has a job interview today at 10 am for a job that is actually related to his writing degree!!! Please say some prayers that it will go well and lead to a good creative job for him. Thanks!!!!!!

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