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I am thankful for:
– mom’s thanksgiving table decor
– the kids putting frosting on the sugar cookies shaped like turkeys that grandma made
– the kids putting ornaments on the Christmas tree she already has up
– sitting down to watch Cheaper By the Dozen 2 with my husband while the kids run wild in the other room and drive Grandma and the uncles crazy
– turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing … a free meal
– the annual family picture in front of the Christmas tree
– writer nerds sitting around thinking up character names for fantasy novels
– taking a nap on the couch once the turkey coma set in
– waking up to the kids watching the 80’s movie Prancer (man, such cheesy acting back then)
– stopping by Jake’s parents to visit with the family for a couple hours (a house full of kids = chaos and a lot of noise)
– Jake’s sister taking the kids tomorrow so we can take Jake to his meeting with the job placement agency and then go on a date to asee AUSTRALIA (or as Jake says, “I’m going to see a great movie directed by Baz Luhrmann and Kris is going to see Hugh Jackman.” hehe!)
– feeling happy and peaceful and thankful to God for everything He has given us and for how He provides for us.
– Happy Thanksgiving indeed!

Here are a couple from our family photos:
I laughed so hard when I saw this and saw Tim standing backwards. My brothers crack me up.

Tried to get Jake to dip me back, but we weren’t standing at the right angle and if I had leaned back any further I think I would have fallen backwards and taken him down with me.

Hope everyone had a wonderful day!

i win … officially!

Submitted my novel to NaNoWriMo tonight. At 51,489 words, I am officially a winner! In a little less than three weeks, I cranked out this sweet little tale of love. Whether or not it’s any good, it makes me very happy and that’s what really matters. :) When I finish up all my wedding editing, I will start work on editing this sucker. Then, I may be asking a few of you to give it a read and throw some constructive criticism my way. I can take it! I think. ;)

Happy Thanksgiving all!

a bit of bad news

Well, Jake sat me down last night and told me that he’s being laid off from his job. They have been very slow there and have let several people go and he was the very last temp that they were holding onto. They have said that as soon as it picks back up they will be calling him, but in the meantime we are without income again starting tomorrow. :(

Instead of getting depressed about it, I feel like everything is going to be OK. I don’t know why this time feels different, it just does.

I will leave you with some happy musical goodness. Hugh Jackman singing in the musical Oklahoma back in the 90’s. How can you not be happy after hearing him sing?

Nice perm, Hugh! ;)

ten photos and the holidays

So this is one of only ten photos I’ve taken around here in November. Yes, that’s right. 10. I’ve been strapped to this computer for weeks trying to get all my weddings and photo sessions edited. So that doesn’t leave much time to pull the camera out for pics of the kids. This one is from the ten I took the day I curled Chloe’s hair with the curling iron. And they only got taken because she asked me to. The camera will be coming out again for Thanksgiving and the Christmas holidays. Hopefully.

Looking for a little holiday inspiration.
Heather Ann Designs has a new Shutterfly site.
All of us design team girls are taking turns posting a daily project. Click HERE to check it out.

shutterfly homepage

Lindsey sent me this screen capture this morning when she saw my pics of Jake and the kids on the Shutterfly homepage. :)

So fun! Thanks, Linds!

I win!

Haven’t posted in days, but at least you had Hugh to keep you company. ;)

So, I finished my novel this week! Sort of. It’s my very rough first draft. But I made it past the NaNoWriMo goal, which is 50,000 words. I’m at 50,299 and I actually have a little more I might add to the ending. Not sure on that yet. It’s at a good spot, but I feel like there’s a little more to tell. We shall see!

P.S. In response to Kelley’s comment the other day on who would play the female lead. I have no idea, but if Hugh Jackman’s the male lead then I wanna play opposite him! LOL!


Don’t tell my hubby, but I’m at 37,225 words in my novel. ;) He’s mad at me ’cause he’s behind his goal. It’s not my fault. I am a woman on a mission to get these characters together in the end!

By the way, I decided the other day that if my book was ever made into a movie, Hugh Jackman would most definitely need to play the love interest.

(not sure who the photographers were on these or I would give proper photo credit)

pictures and novels and pj’s, oh yeah!

Mornin’ all!

Took these pics the last week of October when I was working on documenting my week, but this is exactly what my morning looks like today.

My weekend was very quiet and pretty productive. Still sick, I spent the entire time in pajamas recuperating (almost back to normal, still fighting the nasty cough), got lots of pictures edited and passed the 25,000 word mark on my NaNo novel. I’m way ahead on that, but I can’t stop writing because I have to see what my characters are going to do next. Like I said, it’s taken on a life of its own. Even made me cry the other night as something someone said revealed something unexpected and unplanned. Way cool! It’s so funny how the brain works and just keeps tying stuff together when really it just seems like a whole lot of gibberish in the beginning.

So, it snowed this weekend. There’s a light dusting of snow over everything today. You all know how much I love snow. :P Not! Show up for Christmas, snow, then go away!

want a smile?

That’s what Jake said to me when he came in my office and told me to look up “Star Wars A Capella” on YouTube. Here’s what we watched.

I LOVE a capella music and this guy put a lot of time into putting this together. It’s hilarious. Watch his facial expressions and how he appears to be looking at his other selves every once in a while. I laughed out loud. It’s done with a bunch of John Williams popular movie scores, but the song is all about the Star Wars movies. Hope it makes you smile. :)


National Novel Writing Month is something Jake has done for a couple years. Last year, while we were away on our fall getaway at the lake, he spent lots of time working on his novel. The goal is to write 50,000 words, a complete novel, in 30 days beginning on November 1st (midnight October 31st). This year, I signed up, too. So on top of editing weddings and photo sessions and trying to fight off this nasty cold, I have to write 1,667 words a day in order to stay on track. So far, no problem. I’ve got a fun idea for a little chick lit novel and I’m running with it. It’s fun creating a new little world and the characters that move through it. And it’s interesting how you start out writing one thing and the story kind of takes on a life of its own with new characters popping up throughout your tale that you hadn’t planned on. I love that. So, wish me and Jake luck finishing our novels by November 30th.

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