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tuesday already

Loaded all my pictures from this weekend and went through a few of Heather’s family today because I know she’s been sitting at her computer all day hitting refresh on my blog. haha! ;) Click here to see the post on my biz blog.

Aren’t they so fun? The trees haven’t really changed yet, but the girls managed to find these little leaves to throw around. My Shootsac was full of leaves after this one. haha!

So far this week all I’ve done is check email, load pictures, a little editing, feed the kids, clean up around here, get stuff ready for this month’s weddings. Where did Monday go? I lost it somewhere. And Tuesday’s disappearing fast. yikes! Slow down, week!

naperville weekend

Just had the best weekend! Mom and I traveled to Naperville, where we met Kelle at her mom’s house for the weekend. The Young family has been like a second family to me for the last twenty or so years. We had such a great time – reminiscing, looking at lots of pictures, playing games (Train is fun!), eating delicious meals (prepared by Kelle! yummy food on the grill and delicious paninis!), walking around downtown Naperville and around Marsha’s neighborhood, chatting, laughing, having fun! We definitely need to do that more often.

On Sunday morning, before we had lunch and headed home, mom and I met up with Heather and her family at the Riverwalk. It was a breezy morning, a little cool and a little cloudy, but we had lots of fun walking around taking pictures.

I’ll share some more later this week when I have a chance to go through them. Lots of cute ones. Even a few with my mom in them since the girls kept asking me to take their pictures with her. hehe! Katie even dragged her into one of their family pictures. I’m sure they will want to put that one in a big frame on their wall. hah! She was like grandma for the day. I was cracking up every time I took these. :)

It was a great weekend!

shutterfly feature

Look what popped up on my Google Alerts today!

One of the editors from Shutterfly contacted me a few months ago. They had seen my Year In Review album that I made for mom last year in their gallery and wanted to feature it on their site. I thought it would just be a picture of my album on the front page of the gallery section with a link or something, but they actually did an interview with me and everything. Click on the image above to go to the Shutterfly webpage and there is a whole article there. So fun! I was actually surprised to see it on there today because I didn’t think it was going to be up there for another couple months, but it was a happy surprise! I’ve been dying to share this and now that it’s online I can. :)


Someone mentioned on their blog yesterday (can’t remember where I read it) that there are only 100 days left of 2008. Wow! I can’t believe September is almost over. The kids have been in school for nearly a month already.

I’ve been thinking this morning about the last 265 days. This year has definitely not been how I thought it would be. I had visions of this perfect, wonderful year, where Jake would finish school and get a great job in his writing field and we would catch up on all the bills and be all set. Did that happen? nope.

But all I can do is be so extremely thankful to God for how He has provided for us the past two years and continues to get us through. And we are so happy that Jake has found a job he really likes. As we are really getting into the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace program and starting on the budget section this week, we are making a plan for our financial situation and it feels good to take a little control over things instead of feeling like the money (or lack of) has been controlling us. I’m really starting to believe that 2009 is going to be a much better year for us!

Since no post is complete without a picture …

Click on over to my photo blog to see more of Heidi’s maternity pictures.

a fun weekend

So here I am, a week later. I spent the second half of last week feeling totally sick and miserable. I was really happy that it passed before my weekend plans. Saturday was Heidi’s baby shower. I helped host it along with her mom, aunt and sister. I designed the invitations (above), made a little diaper cake (also above), came up with songs for one of the games (kind of a “name that tune” of songs with baby, child or mama in the title), helped set up and decorate. The theme was ducks and frogs since Heidi and Kyle don’t know what they’re having yet, so we couldn’t do pink or blue. We all agreed that the baby will probably grow up to hate ducks, frogs and the colors yellow and green. :D

We had a lot of fun and I took a bunch of pictures. Here are a few of the games and gifts and a collage of all the details.

And Heidi with her shower hostesses. :)

I can’t wait to meet her little one when he or she arrives in a few weeks. :)

I feel like I’ve been shooting pictures for days and I guess I pretty much have. On Sunday, I took senior pictures for my nephew Alex here in Hastings. We found some good spots and I’ll be sharing some of those over on my photo blog this week as well as some more pictures from Heidi’s maternity shoot. And today my mom and I visited our friend Amanda and met her sweet little baby, Grayer, for the first time. I took a bunch of pictures of him while we were there, too. So I’ve got lots of stuff to share this week. And this coming weekend, my mom and I are off to Chicago to visit friends and have a fun girl weekend. Then it’s weddings every weekend in October and a few photo shoots before my 2008 season officially ends. phew! I’m tired already. ;)

have a terrific tuesday!

That’s what I wrote in a note to each of my kids in their lunches today.

Woke up early this morning and met Heidi and Kyle to take some maternity pics. They turned out so nice. I can’t wait to go through them all. The morning light was just so pretty and we made the most of it. :) Here’s just one that caught my eye as I was loading them.

So excited for Heidi’s baby shower this weekend, too. Pictures to come, of course.

Gotta go pick up the kids now! Hope your Tuesday’s been terrific. ;)

the beckoning of lovely

Jake made me watch this last week. He heard about it on his beloved Nerdfighters site and wanted me to see it. Very cool so I thought I’d share the lovely.

a day with Julie

Had so much fun with my friend and college roomie Julie yesterday. We rarely get to see each other anymore since she lives on the east side of the state. We met in GR and spent the day walking the mall, having a nice lunch and dinner, and watching Get Smart at the theater. hilarious!

Here’s a picture of me and Julie in ’97 on a gondola ride in Venice. (we’re all the way in the back by the driver. the two ladies on the left and boy on the right were fellow travelers in our tour group.)

When Jake and I lived in Germany, she saved her pennies and came to visit me for a couple weeks in the summer. We drove around Germany, took a trip to Paris and a tour of all the major sites in Italy. It was the best trip of our lives and yesterday we talked about how we want to go back in like 12 years when our girls are teens (they’re only 8 months apart in age). How fun would that be!

It is pouring rain here today as it did all day yesterday. The effects of Hurricane Ike, I guess. Was supposed to have two photo sessions today. Darn rain!

I will leave you with the trailer for Get Smart. If you like Steve Carell, you will laugh so hard at this movie. :)

this new routine is hard

This new school year schedule is kicking my butt. Jake is on second shift now so he takes the kids to school in the morning since it’s the only time during the week that he even gets to see Zach now and I crawl out of bed, make coffee, get cleaned up, check email and get to work. Jake leaves for work and I go pick up the kids from school. Then it’s dinner, homework, reading, TV, baths and bed. This isn’t bad, right? But I’m so used to working in the afternoon/evening/early morning. Now I struggle to get one or two things crossed off my to do list because by the time I get started on my work in the morning I’ve only got a few hours left until I have to pick the kids up. And on the days that Chloe’s home, I get to work a little because Jake is here for most of the day, but it’s not the same as a quiet house with no distractions. During the day, I’ve got all these responsibilities and I am just not getting done what I want to for the business. I’m sure I’ll get used to it, but right now … I’m exhausted. I can no longer work in the evenings after I put the kids to bed because once they’re snoozing and I get their lunches all packed for the next day and pick up the living room and answer emails from the afternoon, all I want to do is collapse on my bed. I’m so tired by 10pm. It’s a crazy adjustment.

One positive thing that’s come out of this. I tend not to eat in the evenings like I did before. We have dinner and that’s it. I don’t even drink coffee in the evenings anymore. And I’m beginning to see how true it is that to lose weight you shouldn’t eat after like 6 or 7 o’clock. I’ve lost 21 lbs. as of this morning. I was so excited to see the numbers on the scale. I’m the weight I was a couple years ago before Jake lost his job and all the craziness started. And the numbers continue to go down, which feels so great. I’ve been sticking to my usual diet each day – coffee for breakfast with a little sugar (I haven’t cut out all the sugar and it hasn’t made a difference as long as I don’t use a lot.), a banana or a granola bar usually with my coffee, lunch is a salad of romaine lettuce, raisins, almond slices and a little bit of caesar dressing sometimes with some broccoli tossed in, dinner varies – lately I haven’t felt that hungry at dinnertime and I’ve had little things like crackers, cheese, grapes, toast, milk or a green smoothie. Last night, I actually ate chicken nuggets from McD’s and a Coke (gasp!), but this isn’t something we do a lot anymore. (We are getting strict about our budget and about eating things prepared at home.)

Excited for this weekend. Going to hang out with my college roomie Julie tomorrow – lunch, movie, a little shopping (window shopping for me). ;) A couple photo shoots this weekend, too.

Thanks so much for the sweet emails about that cover layout. It’s so flattering that they even asked me to submit it for consideration so to see it on the cover was awesome! :)

And I can’t possibly post without a picture. My mom gave me a disk of pictures she took over the past few months. I like this one of me and Chloe walking at the zoo a few weeks ago. Not my best angle, but I like how we’re walking in sync. Me and mini me. hehe! ;)

Have a happy weekend everyone!

the cover

Brandi just sent me this email with a picture of the new Digital Scrapbooking book from Scrapbook Trends with my kiddos on the cover. I was so excited to see this! Aren’t they cute? And the cover looks awesome! I love it!

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