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last wedding of the summer

That sounds really weird, but it’s true. This year all my summer weddings were in May and June. The rest will come in the fall. Very strange to be done for a while (except for editing), but I’m so excited to have the next couple months off (except for photo sessions) to spend with family and take a few trips with friends. I’m so in need of a break.

This weekend’s wedding was so beautiful. I met Janna through Lindsey, a past bride and one of my wonderful assistants. Janna did the flowers for Lindsey’s wedding and I was so excited when she wanted me to be her wedding photographer. Janna and her florist friends put together some beautiful details for this wedding. (Kelley, you will LOVE the details — lots of bright pink and orange, your favorite!!)

This was also my last wedding working with Heidi for a while since she will be having a sweet little baby in the fall when my wedding season kicks in again. I’m so excited to meet her little one and take lots of pictures, of course. :)

We had a fun time. Janna and Dan’s families are both so nice and they had a huge bridal party – 9 people on each side along with two flower girls and a ring bearer. They were a very fun group! A great wedding to end my summer wedding season.

Check the photo blog in a few days for some sneak peek pics.

new Heather Ann kit

Heather just released a fun new kit called Watch Me Grow – introductory sale through Thursday 6.26 – so go pick it up now! Here’s the layout I put together using the kit:


jake’s first day of work in a really long time

It’s a strange day around here. Jake got up bright and early and rode to the office with a guy from our church, who we found out also works there. So convenient that they can carpool together. And Dave (the guy) will also be helping to train Jake, so it’s such a blessing all around. :) But it feels a little weird here without Jake. It’s been two years since he lost his job so we’ve gotten used to him being around all the time. It’s time for a change, though. I’m anxious for him to get home so I can hear how his first day went.

We’ve kept busy today. Got up early, went to the park with my mom and walked. That was nice. I actually ran with the kids. We raced to the end of the sidewalk a couple times. They were so excited to see mommy running because I never do that. Definitely need to invest in a sports bra if I’m going to give running a try. haha! :D After our walk/run, we stopped at State Grounds and mom and the kids got smoothies while I had a Diet Coke.

After lunch, I let the kids play on the porch. I’ve been sorting all their toys (so many toys!) and put a bunch in these great little plastic storage tubs with handles (pictured above). I love these things. Everything is sorted into its own tub (for the time being) and we have a rule that you have to put everything back in one before you get out another tub. We’ll see if that rule sticks.

I made myself get out the camera today and take a few shots of the kids on the porch. I felt so bad that I hadn’t taken a single picture of them all month. So now I don’t have to say that any more. Here are a few from this afternoon:

Zach loves creating with Legos. We are totally taking him to Chicago to the Lego store sometime. Take note of the little tubs of Legos on the table – sorted by color. I actually sat down for several hours at a time sorting through these giant buckets of Legos all jumbled together and organized them. We’ll see how long this lasts, too.


Here I am. Working hard. Staying up way too late every night to get as much done as I can. Looking forward to taking time off in July. Is it July yet?

reformed salad eater

I am a boring salad person. Well, I used to be anyway. I’ve always been an iceberg lettuce, shredded cheese, croutons and french dressing salad eater. Obviously there is no value health-wise in eating that. Now I’m a romaine lettuce, cabbage, carrots, broccoli, almond slivers, raisins (yum!), tiniest bit of creamy caesar dressing salad eater. I am so craving salads all the time now!! Adding the almonds and especially the raisins makes it so tasty and sweet. I’m trying to slowly phase out the caesar dressing. It’s got so much fat in it. ugh. I probably used a Tbsp. today. Still too much. Eventually I hope to just toss all my ingredients in the bowl without the dressing and munch away. Or maybe find a more healthy alternative to put on top to give it a little extra flavor. Suggestions anyone?

he did it!

Jake passed his state insurance exam today so he can officially get to work now! Yay! (This picture was taken at his graduation in May but I couldn’t post without a picture again.) ;) He had to learn so much in the last few weeks. I’m sure his brain hurts at this point. But he did it and we are so proud of him!

no pictures today

I really hate posting without a picture, but sadly the only ones I’ve taken lately have been for other people. I do tend to get a little burned out on picture taking in June especially when I’m working every weekend taking hundreds and hundreds of pictures. The in-between times I’m editing and my poor camera sits so lonely on the corner of my desk. There really hasn’t been much to photograph in my little family the last couple weeks, though. :(

our week
Went to see a couple movies this week. My mom and I saw “Made of Honor”. Very cute. Loving Patrick Dempsey. ;) Then Jake, my brothers and I went to see “The Happening” on Friday. We are huge M. Night Shyamalan fans and will see any movie he makes. We liked it. I could have done without some of the gore, but it was pretty good. Afterwards, my brothers started walking out into the parking lot and they suddenly stopped in their tracks and then Jake started repeating what he was saying over and over. If you saw the movie you will understand that. We were cracking ourselves up. We like getting together and making fun of movies. Doesn’t take much to amuse us. :)

father’s day
We took Jake to Bob Evans for “breakfast for lunch” today and then on our way home we stopped for some miniature golf, which I wish I’d had my camera along for. It was the first time doing anything like this as a family. We had good and bad moments. It was very hot and muggy and we were all a little cranky and the kids (especially the girly) weren’t listening to us worth a crap. But the other moments like Chloe and Jake both getting a hole-in-one on the same hole made up for the rest of it.

the job
Jake has his state insurance testing this week so please say a little prayer for him on Tuesday. Once he is licensed, he can get to work and then hopefully I won’t have to freak out over how we’ll pay the bills ever again. It’s been a loooong two years. Praise God for getting us this far.

healthy living
Still doing well with my healthy eating. I’m down 11 pounds, but I feel like I need to kick it into high gear and really get out and exercise. At least start out with some more walking. Once I get into wedding season, I tend to spend most of my time in my chair sitting in front of my computer, which only leads to a larger back side. Plus, as I’m starting to lose inches, I really need to tone things up. So I gotta get on it!

healthy kids
I have really been trying to incorporate more healthy foods into the kids mealtimes. I’m so tired of them eating fast food all the time and being so picky about food. I’m at least starting out by giving them cut up fruit to munch on and telling them to have an apple when they are begging me for a snack. And I’ve had a large bowl of fruit on our counter for about a month now – ever since I started eating better. :)

the week ahead
work. work. more work. that pretty much sums it up. and looking forward to next weekend off. yay!!!

crazy weekend

What a weekend. On Friday, I had a wedding in Saint Joseph with bad weather looming over us all day. Luckily, it cleared just in time for the wedding. This wedding was very simple and beautiful. My favorite kind.

While we were gone, we heard of the terrible weather they were having back in Hastings. Tornado warnings, high winds, flooding, power outages. We were lucky that the storms swept by St. Joe and left us with a perfect evening.

Saturday, I spent the day resting, backing up pictures and getting my camera ready for Sunday’s engagement session in Chicago.

Jake and I headed out early in the morning. We were supposed to take the kids out to my parents house, but they were without power and ours was still on so Mom came in here to sit with the kids until their power was back on. We arrived in Chicago around 11 am (chicago time) and met up with Lindsay and Jim at their apartment on the north side of town. They were awesome! We had such a nice time walking around the city talking with them. And we ended up riding every form of public transportation – the El, a bus, a taxi. About an hour or so into our walk, the skies opened up and dumped on the city. Literally. It was like one second it was sprinkling and the next it was a downpour with wicked fast winds. We took cover in a nearby building to wait it out and chatted about their upcoming October wedding in Saugatuck. I’m so excited for that! :) When the rains let up, we actually headed toward the water and went to the beach to get some fun pictures of them with the skyline as the backdrop. So wonderful! It was a really fun day!

When we arrived in Hastings that night, the town was pitch black. It was the most eerie feeling. The only sounds were passing cars and generators running to get some power to people’s homes. Our power was off for about 18 hours so on Monday we headed over to my parents house, who ironically had power when we didn’t, and had lunch there until our power was finally restored. It felt so weird not being able to work. I had so many things I wanted and needed to do on my little iMac and I couldn’t do anything. As Jake said, it was a mandatory day off, which we enjoyed.

But now we’re back up and running and all is well. Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

june is here

Know how I can tell? Because my list of things to do is growing and growing as each day passes. Slideshows, proof sites, backing up files, album design. It gets overwhelming pretty quickly and I’ve only done one wedding so far.

the weekend
Had so much fun this weekend in Kentucky for the wedding. My cousin Sarah (the groom’s sister) also had her graduation open house on Sunday afternoon, so it was nice to be able to hang out with the family and have a nice lunch before heading home.

the weather
Strange weather in Indiana and Kentucky this weekend. Our entire drive down, the radio stations kept breaking in with Emergency Broadcast System messages that there were tornado warnings in certain counties. We had no idea what county we were driving through, but we could see that the storms were off to the west of us so we kept driving. I think we were about a 1/2 hour ahead of them. While in KY, there was a chance of storms, but the weather held off and gave us a beautiful weekend. A little muggy, but nice. On our drive home, we drove back the same way we had come down and one of the roads was state route 9 through Indiana. Oh my word, there were tons of huge trees just ripped out of the ground, one on top of a house. We were so thankful that we got through there on Friday before the bad storms hit. Not sure if it was a tornado, but they sure must have had some high winds.

jake’s job
Thanks so much to all who have written regarding Jake’s job. We so appreciate the thoughts and prayers and encouraging words. He is in the process of getting licensed to sell insurance now and once that happens he will be able to get trained and get to work. Yay! We feel this is the right move and we’re waiting to see what God has in store for us.

healthy living
Eating right doesn’t have to be hard. This is what I’ve been eating lately: a green smoothie in the morning (usually strawberries, bananas, blueberries or oranges, an apple, kale, spinach and water all blended up), something light for lunch like a caesar salad with a little bit of dressing (sometimes with grilled chicken on top), a banana or an apple for a snack, chicken for dinner with some kind of veggies, Kashi TLC chewy cookie for an evening snack with some chocolate almond milk. Of course, this varies from day to day depending on what I feel like eating. Sometimes I have a veggie burger (which I thought I would hate but are really pretty good) for lunch instead and a salad for dinner. I am never hungry eating this way and I’ve lost 9 lbs. in the last 3 weeks. Yay me!!!

coming up
A wedding on Friday and engagement session in Chicago on Sunday. Very excited for both! Then two more weddings this month before I get a break. In the midst of weddings, I have to keep cleaning and sorting and find more things to get rid of because mom and I are having another yard sale in July to try to clear more stuff out. Zach is done with school this week, too, which means we’ll be coming up with stuff for the kids to do around here. Hopefully getting the new blue pool all set up soon so they can swim a lot this summer.

Guess I should get off my butt and do something instead of staring at this screen all day. :)

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