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the wedding

The wedding today was absolutely perfect. My cousin Paul married his beautiful girlfriend Kaeli. Rain was in the forecast, but it never came, which was such an answer to prayer. Though it was pretty humid, there was a nice breeze and it kept everyone from melting. The ceremony was held in my aunt and uncle’s backyard under their big maple tree with the reception under a tent decorated with lots of sparkly lights and candles. It was such a wonderful day. More pictures coming later this week over on my brand new business blog.

field day

Today we went to Zach’s school for the annual Field Day. It was such a fun time! Chloe even got to participate in some of the games with him. He seemed so happy that we came. His face just lit up when Chloe snuck up behind him to greet him. It was so sweet. He gave her a great big pick up hug! :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

the job

Well, Jake was offered the position. It is sales for an insurance company. The catch is that he is considered independent and the job is 100% commission based. But we talked about it and we both agree that Jake has the perfect personality for sales. He loves talking to people and has no trouble striking up a conversation with anyone he meets. So, he’s going to accept and give it a go and see where it takes us.

Thanks so much for all your thoughts and prayers.

a busy week

Mom and I went to Ohio on Tuesday to visit my cousin Traci and meet her new baby boys, Graham and Cooper. They are so tiny and adorable. We had a really nice visit and I took lots of pictures, of course.

This week is a busy one around here. Went shopping for something nice for Jake to wear to his interview today. Today Zach goes on a class trip to the beach. He was really excited about that. Tomorrow is his Field Day at school and then Jake and I are headed to my cousin’s wedding on Saturday. I’m really excited I get to be their photographer, so I’ll have a bunch more photos to share on my business blog when I get home.

Resting today and getting my camera equipment ready for the wedding. I may not post again until next week so I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

memorial weekend (so far)

The holiday weekend started out with a lot of work. My mom and I had a yard sale on Friday and Saturday so this week was spent sorting through everything in our home and deciding what to sell. I was up so late sorting that I was totally exhausted for the yard sale itself. But it went really well and we sold a lot of things that were cluttering up our house! Yay!!!

Today, I slept in to recuperate from my recent lack of sleep. The kids got up and were so quiet and good and let us sleep. It was great. We hung around the house for most of the day and in the afternoon we went for a long walk around town. Well, Jake and I walked while the kids rode their bike and scooter.

After we crossed the above bridge, there were some great brick buildings right there and I couldn’t resist taking a few shots with them as the backdrop.

I am in love with this shot of Zach. He’s such a cutie pie in this picture. My big boy!

I have no idea what it says behind them but it looked kind of cool.

We walked about 2 miles to the north side of town to get to Tangle Town. The kids love it there.

Passed by the brick buildings again on our walk home.

Taking a little drink break. :)

One last stop, the grocery store, then we headed home with Jake carrying both of our heavy grocery bags. We purchased two grocery bags made from recycled materials a month or so ago for just this purpose. We knew we’d be walking a lot more this summer and the grocery store is about a 10-15 minute walk from our house. I have a feeling we’ll be walking everywhere in town this summer because of these high gas prices. I’ll be so happy when Zach finishes school in a couple weeks so we don’t have to drive him back and forth every day. That will save us a lot of money.

Tomorrow’s big plans are to walk (if it’s not raining) downtown to the Hastings 4 theater and watch the new Indiana Jones movie. Very excited about that! :)


Please say prayers for Jake today at 11. He has his first job interview. Woohooo! Praying it goes well and he snatches up the job! :)

EDITED to add:
Jake’s interview went really well. They have asked him to come back for a second interview.It will be a little more in-depth for the next interview with more information on the job and to see if he’s what they’re looking for and if it’s something he would be interested in doing. It’s a sales position. Not exactly in his writing field, but it falls under his degree in communications. So we’ll see. If it’s right, then it will work out. If not … there’s something better!


I don’t know if it’s the sunshine, the change of seasons, the fact that wedding season is upon me or what … all I know is I can feel things changing.

Going on week 2 of healthy eating. I’ve already lost 3 lbs, which I’m so excited about. I’ve been starting my mornings with a nice green smoothie, eating a salad for lunch and usually chicken with some veggies for dinner. We have a big bowl of fruit sitting in our kitchen now so I grab an apple or a pear for a snack. And today I was really craving something chocolate, so I made a smoothie.

Totally Easy Chocolate Smoothie

1 c skim milk
1/2 a banana
1 Tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
1 Tbsp Splenda (or other sugar free sweetener)

Pop it all in the blender and blend it up until it’s smooth and creamy. Yum!

Something else I noticed about this week of better eating. We have a ton less trash. Every week when the trash truck comes, ours is overflowing. This week … it was only half full. I believe it’s from the lack of fast food bags and cups we used to fill it with. We’ve been preparing all our meals here at home. I’m sure it’s saving us hundreds of dollars, too. Yay for us!

Going through the house to purge a bunch of stuff this week. Mom and I are having a yard sale on Friday and Saturday. Hoping to get rid of quite a lot of things we no longer need that others might get more use out of. This house is crammed full of so much that we don’t really need anymore. It will be good to get it out of here.

Been watching a ton of HGTV lately. I love the shows about staging a house for sale. Gives me lots of good ideas for when the time comes to sell ours. We need to do some serious work on this house before we sell it. Especially to the kitchen. It’s so old and outdated. It needs a ton of work. Hopefully that will help to raise the value as well.

Working on some new things for my business. Very excited about that! My wedding season will finally kick off on May 31st for my cousin Paul’s wedding. Praying for nice weather since it’s going to be a lovely outdoor wedding at my aunt and uncle’s home. I’m so excited to be their photographer. Family weddings are so special to me. :)

Gotta work on garage sale stuff now!

kids in the ocean

Made a little page from our vacation. Used Heather Ann’s new Easter Double Feature Kit, Quick Fill #62 and DDE Surfer Betty Kit (for the flower). Very fun!

our week

This picture is really not the focus of this post, but I haven’t shot anything new this week (gasp!) and I hate posting without a picture. So I picked this one of Jake with his new hat on Mother’s Day at my parents house. ;)

Our week was pretty good. Started off the week determined to eat right and then came across the green smoothie stuff, which has helped me to really get motivated. I’ve made it through this week making all of my meals here at home instead of getting fast food all the time. Cheaper and I feel better already. I’ve been drinking a big smoothie every morning, a salad for lunch and usually chicken and some veggies for dinner with an apple or banana in between for a snack. Feeling pretty good about my decisions this week. Through the long winter months of stress and depression, I gained quite a bit of weight basically from eating out too much and getting no physical activity at all. Plus the stress didn’t help. I weigh as much now as I did just after I had Chloe, which is totally unacceptable. So I’m making this change NOW.

Took the kids to the dentist on Wednesday. Chloe’s first time. She did excellent and was really excited about the whole experience. I’m so happy because I had terrible dental nightmares as a child and this dentist is very child friendly, which is great. Zach had a little cavity on one side and a bad tooth on the other that needs a crown. Poor kid. He had another bad tooth a year ago that had to be pulled. I just don’t think he’s cleaning well enough on those back teeth, which was always my problem when I was young, too. He’s a trooper, though, and does pretty well. They have TV’s on the ceiling for the kids to watch while their mouths get worked on. He can even bring along a favorite DVD to watch if he wants. :)

After the dentist, we took the kids to Burger King as a reward for doing so well. I took a big step toward my healthy lifestyle by ordering their grilled chicken salad and a Diet Coke. While I was filling up my drink, I met a girl who was also filling up with Diet. She saw my salad and commented that she wasn’t the only one that ate the salads there. We chatted briefly while we got our drinks and napkins and such. She has lost 60+ pounds and is almost to her goal weight. How exciting! That’s about how much weight I need to lose, too. I can totally do this!!!

My mom and I are getting ready to have a yard sale next weekend. We’ve got so much stuff around here. I’m so excited to get rid of a bunch of it! This weekend will be spent sorting and getting everything ready for the sale.

And I must end on some wonderful news we received this week! My cousin Traci, her hubby Bill and daughter Emerson welcomed two new additions to their family last weekend. Graham and Cooper, sweet little twin boys! Traci was on bed rest for the past couple months and she made it all the way to almost 36 weeks, which is awesome for twins! Mom and I are taking a drive down to Ohio soon to visit them and, of course, take some pictures while we’re there! Congratulations you guys!!!!!!!!!

yummy green smoothies

Last night, I came across Sara’s blog through Emily’s blog. It’s like a neverending circle, this crazy blog world. Anyway, her blog talked a ton about green smoothies and she posted this video made by Robyn of on how to make green smoothies. Our family is so unhealthy and the idea of making something like this that the kids might actually like and that will benefit all of us sounded very appealing to me.

It seems crazy that a smoothie would taste good with a bunch of blended up greens in it, but let me assure you … it does! I went out and bought a bunch of fruit and greens today and mixed up my first green smoothie. Jake and I both tried it and it’s really good. The kids took one look at it and said no way, but I will get them to try it. Oh yes, I will. The only thing we didn’t like in our first batch was the seeds from the frozen berries. We used frozen raspberries and blackberries along with blueberries and the seeds are annoying. I did manage to put it through a strainer and got most of the seeds out, which was great. I love how good this is for you and how many servings of greens you can get into your body by drinking a couple cups of this a day. And it really is sweet. The flavors of the fruits totally overpower the greens and I also added a little Stevia, which she mentioned in the video, to sweeten it up. I found it at Meijer. The one I got came in little packets you can add to coffee or tea or sprinkle on food. And it’s good for you. Unlike sugar.

Jake and I talked about eating healthier today. I shared with him some of the things I read about last night. I was fascinated by all the benefits of eating raw foods. There is no way we will ever give up meat altogether, but just adding in some more fruits and veggies to our diet and drinking a smoothie each day will help us a lot. I am so happy I clicked over to Sara’s blog last night. :) Another positive step toward a healthier life.

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