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easter weekend

I thought this sign was hilarious as we drove by the fair grounds on our way to pick Zach up from school. Happy Easter in the middle of a blizzard. :D

We also came across snowplows …

… and squirrels. RUN, LITTLE SQUIRREL, RUUUUUUUUN! (Mr. Squirrel made it out alive, although it was a close shave since Jake wasn’t about to slam on the brakes and run us off the road just to avoid hitting a squirrel.)

“Over the river and through the woods to grandmothers house we go” :)

As I already mentioned, Chloe and Zach helped grandma color eggs and frost cookies while I grumped around the house the whole time. I tell ya, I was in a really fowl mood.

On Saturday, we took it easy and relaxed around here. Didn’t go anywhere all day, which I needed. I have had a nasty sinus headache for a few days (probably part of why I’ve been so grumpy, eh?). The kids let us sleep in, which was nice.

Sunday, we went to my parents house again for Easter dinner. Yummy ham and potatoes. Mom always gets the kids baskets full of goodies so they were excited to see what was waiting for them after dinner.

Since there was so much snow outside, we hid the eggs around the house so the kids could still have an egg hunt. This is my cute mom holding the basket full of treat-filled eggs. :)

I love this shot of Chloe finding an egg hidden in the plant.

My sweet kiddos.

Chloe loves her big brother. Even when he gives her bunny ears.

Hope everyone had a very happy Easter.

PS — I am aware Zach’s hair was so long he couldn’t see. It was trimmed last night. ;)

more chicago

We took a lot of pictures in Chicago last weekend. I picked out 25 of them but I didn’t want to post and have you scroll down and down and down to see them all. So I put them in a slideshow. Just click the arrow below the picture to navigate through them. :)

We started out at Millennium Park. We took pictures of “The Bean”, of course, and I even took a few pictures of a couple that got married there in the park in the middle of the beautiful falling snow. So pretty. Then we walked up Michigan Avenue taking pictures. We planned to get some deep dish pizza at Giordano’s but it was crazy busy there so we kept walking until we reached the John Hancock Observatory. We ate there at the Cheesecake Factory and then went up in the observatory. Very cool to see the city from up so high. After that, we walked back down Michigan, stopped for some coffee along the way, went back to the park and watched people ice skating. Jake caught some funny pictures of this guy doing his very best figure skating moves. Jake called him Brian Boitano. haha! Then we headed home. It was a great day!

a day in chicago

Jake and I had such a great day Saturday. My first trip to Chicago!!!

We arrived around 10 am (chicago time) and I took the baby pictures for Christina & Alex. Their little girl is so tiny and precious. Spent about an hour there chatting and snapping photos. :) Then, we drove down Lakeshore Drive and parked at Millennium Park. I knew I wanted to check out “the bean” and we decided to just walk around from there. We went crazy with our cameras, taking pictures of everything we saw. As you can see by these, it was snowing pretty hard. And it was like this for most of the day with a few breaks off and on. We didn’t mind, though. We were too busy taking everything in. Here are just a few from our day.

I look like a complete dork in Jake’s hat, but I didn’t have a hood on my coat so it was my only option.

a view from the John Hancock Observatory

I will share more tomorrow. I’m still so tired. I’m so out of shape and we walked all the way up Michigan Avenue and back. But it was totally worth it!

YAY! I love comments!

You guys, I was so happy to see all the comments today. Thanks for participating!!!!

I used the’s integer generator to pick a number out of the 13 comments and it chose #12, which was Lynn, whose comment was:

My name is Lynn and I am from WI. I have no idea how I found your blog anymore. I like to take pictures but I am just a beginner. I love looking at your photos to see what you captured and how I can use that in my photos someday!
Posted by: Henna | March 03, 2008 at 01:18 PM

Lynn, it was so nice “meeting” you! Email me your mailing address and I’ll send you a Starbucks gift card.

This was so fun!!! I think I’ll do more giveaways in the future. I know there are more of you out there. ;)

say hello

I love looking at the stats for this blog. I get visitors from all over the place. In the last week, I’ve seen visitors from Michigan (duh!), California, North Carolina, Alaska, Florida, Minnesota, Ohio, Idaho, Georgia, Arizona, Texas, Canada, the UK, Australia and the Philippines. It’s amazing to me how the internet connects us all.

But I want to know you … I want to know who you are. So I’m doing my first giveaway to help encourage you to comment. :)

What: a drawing for a $10 Starbucks gift card
How: Leave your name and how you found my blog in the comments section of this post
When: by Monday, March 3rd, at midnight EST. At that time I will close the comments on this post and do the drawing! :)

Can’t wait to “meet” you all! Hope you had a great weekend!

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