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flashback and a snow day

Oh my gosh, I was going through old pictures yesterday and I came across this one of messy chocolate Chloe when she was about a year old. It makes me laugh out loud. She’s changed so much. Had to share this one today. :)

It’s a snow day. The weather went from rain and 40 degrees to snow, extreme winds and temps in the teens with wind chills much lower. Crazy Michigan weather. So pretty much all the schools here and in many of the surrounding counties have the day off today. Hate winter, but love snow days!

internet fun

Signed up with facebook a little while ago and it’s such a fun place for chatting with friends and networking. Click the link above and add me as your Facebook friend. :)

from chloe

I have the sweetest daughter in the whole world. She saw how sad I was today and and made me this with the beads she got for Christmas. And she gave me the biggest longest hug, which is just what I needed. She’s my sweet little angel.

let it out

Ever have one of those days where you just feel like you need a really good cry? That was my day yesterday. I went out to run a few errands and just felt like I needed to let it out. So when I got home, I holed up in my office and popped movie after movie into my DVD player that I knew would make me cry so I could let it all out. And I did. I cried so much that by the end of the night, my head was killing me and I went right to bed with barely a word to my husband. Life is hard. I’ve been working so hard the past year and a half to make ends meet since Jake lost his job. And I’m tired. I’m really really tired. Some days it feels like this huge heavy load is sitting on my shoulders and I hate that I feel this way. I grew up in a very traditional home where the husband works and the wife keeps the home. And I thought that’s how my life would be. My husband would take care of me and the kids and I would take care of my little family. I never thought I would be struggling like this and feeling like the responsibility is on me. When we got married, we put me in charge of the bills because Jake was never good with money. So, now … here I sit staring at the piles of bills and seeing the reality of the situation and I am the one who has to deal with it, which I guess is why I feel like I have to work harder to make the bills. It’s not Jake’s fault that his factory closed down. I know that. And I do believe that God has a reason for this. He hated that job and God got him out of there. So I know there’s a purpose. I’m just very weary of this whole situation and I want Jake to finish school so he can get a job so I won’t have to feel like it’s up to me to keep us afloat.

Sorry to be so serious this morning. I just needed to vent. If you got through that whole paragraph, thanks for sticking with me and thanks for visiting my blog. One of these days, I’ll be posting about how Jake got this great new job and how all our bills are paid on time and we have money in the savings and my stress is gone and I feel happy again. I’m really trying to find the joy. I’m praying for God to show me. He is good and I know He will provide for us. I believe.


So excited! Heather just came out with TWO new Christmas kits this week. I whipped up a couple pages to share.

a day out

Today was no school for Zach (teacher’s day or something) and Jake had some paperwork to take care of at school, so we all loaded up and headed to GR. While Jake and Zach went into GRCC to handle things, Chloe and I took pictures from the top of the parking garage to pass the time.

A stop at Starbucks, of course.

Jake wanted a great big burrito, so he and Chloe went into Qdoba to get one.

Zach played with his Slinky while we waited. Boy, does that kid need a haircut. Better get on that now that I’m alive and well again.

While Jake and Zach went into the hobby shop to look for something to spend Zach’s tooth fairy money on, Chloe drew lots of cool pictures. She’s so creative.

Did I mention that Zach lost 3 teeth over Christmas break. He would just fiddle around with them with his tongue until they fell out and then he’d tell us “I lost another tooth.” The last one he lost was so funny. He had a loose one we didn’t know about and when we were at Great Wolf, Jake fake punched Zach like in slow motion (as they do to each other all the time when wrestling and stuff) and as his hand connected with Zach’s cheek the tooth fell out on the floor. Zach started freaking out. “Dad! You knocked my tooth out!” We laughed so hard. Jake barely tapped his cheek and it fell right out. So that’s a funny story that Jake likes to tell now about how he punched his son’s tooth out. :)

Not feeling up for the joy of Toys R Us, Jake took both kids while I sat in the car. Zach didn’t find anything to buy with his tooth money at the hobby shop and Chloe had some money to spend from Christmas, too. They were so excited to go.

I took pictures of myself while I waited. Just playing around. :)

The kids got some fun toys with their money. Then they dropped me off at home so I could have a quiet night and went out to Jake’s mom’s to visit. So I am finally blogging a real post with pictures and everything and it feels great to be doing something normal and routine again.

I am well for the most part. It’s been a long January so far for me and to finally get out for the day with my family was awesome even if I didn’t do much more than drive them around from place to place. I missed driving and just getting out.

It feels like a Saturday because Zach had the day off today. I’m thankful for two more weekend days. Gotta whip this place into shape.

my new year

A little self portrait from our stay at Great Wolf. I was alone in our room not feeling well and this picture pretty much represents how I’ve felt since this year began. I am so ready to be well and get organized. I have lots of things to accomplish before wedding season kicks in again. This year is going to be a fun one, but right now I am hating my body. This year’s just not starting off how I had hoped. I am still a bit bummed that I wasn’t able to enjoy the waterpark very much with my family. It went by in a blur because I was sleeping most of the time. I’m happy that they had a good time, though. That’s the most important thing.

Big storms went through Michigan tonight due to this strange 60 degree weather we’re having in January. Chloe came into the office at the first clap of thunder. She gets scared during storms. It was nice to hold her on my lap for a while as she drifted back to sleep. I can’t believe my baby girl is almost 5. The time is going by too quickly. So …

… my word for this year is NOW. I am constantly looking ahead to what’s next and I’m missing so much each day by worrying about things that haven’t happened yet or are out of my control. So I am going to work on living in the NOW and cherishing the moments each day.

the ultimate gift

Looking for a tear jerker? Watch The Ultimate Gift. I rented this from Netflix after seeing the box in Blockbuster last month when my friend Jen and I rented Amazing Grace. We had read the box for The Ultimate Gift and thought it sounded really good and then the preview was on the disk for Amazing Grace. Coincidence? I think not. ;) It is an excellent film following the journey of Jason Stevens as he does tasks to earn an inheritance from his grandfather. Instead, he learns how to stop being a spoiled rich kid and is a changed man over the course of several months. I cried so many times during this movie that I lost count. Definitely one I want to own.

great wolf

We arrived home safe and sound today. The kids didn’t want to leave. Despite being sick, our getaway was a big success. Jake and the kids played most of the day at the water park yesterday and then we went to dinner at one of the lodge restaurants. I had a yummy BBQ salmon. So good! We had a little trouble getting the kids to eat their dinner. Zach is extremely picky and if something looks funny he won’t touch it. We got him a peanut butter sandwich and he refused to eat this one part of the sandwich that had peanut butter on the outside of the bread. Chloe got Sliders, which we thought would be mini burgers but ended up being about the size you’d get at McDonalds, so she could only eat one. She was really happy for the extra pickles on the side. She LOVES pickles. For Christmas, she got some sets of toy food and I found this little jar of plastic toy pickles in the Target dollar bins. Perfect for her!

Sat up and watched Message In A Bottle last night. I cried and cried even though I’ve seen it several times before. I forgot how much I love that movie. Such a sad movie. Jake called Nicholas Sparks a modern day Shakespeare in that he definitely knows how to write tragic love stories. Has there ever been a Nicholas Sparks book where someone didn’t die in the end?

Got up this morning and packed up and checked out. We still had access to the waterpark for the day so Jake and the kids went back while I sat in the cafe drinking a mocha and writing in my journal for a while. I wish this sickness would pass. My entire body just aches all over and I am feverish. It’s that feeling I usually get just before I get really sick, but it’s been a few days and it’s not getting worse, so I hope it just goes away. I have an engagement session to do next week, so I need to be well by then.

I took a few pictures while the kids played at the waterpark today.

It was a really good trip. Already planning the next family getaway. Spring Break here we come!

winter getaway

As is becoming a yearly tradition for us, we are at an indoor waterpark. Right now, we’re at Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City for a couple days. Last year, it was Frankenmuth, which we really liked, but we thought we’d try another one this year. Great Wolf is big and beautiful and has lots of fun stuff for the kids. Since I’ve been sick, I didn’t feel up to swimming last night. I rested in the room while Jake and the kids had a blast. Today, I did venture out and we spent several hours there this morning. They have three big waterslides that you ride with tubes and two smaller ones that are body slides. The big ones are fun. And then there’s always the huge bucket of 1,000 gallons of water that dumps every 5 minutes. We like to race for the bucket when the bell goes off. :)

We just finished a late lunch and Jake and the kids headed back down to the waterpark. I feel achy and tired and feverish again so I’m resting in the room, checking emails, etc.

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