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our christmas

Last weekend, we traveled to Ohio to attend Christmas with both my mom and dad’s sides of the family. I’m really happy that we do this every year. Jake’s family doesn’t really celebrate with aunts and uncles anymore, just his immediate families. But for my side, we’ve always done this since we were kids and I’m glad it’s continuing on. I am the oldest on both sides of the family so I have young cousins on my dad’s side who are still in grade school and my cousins on my mom’s side are all very close in age to me and my brothers, some have kids around the same age as Zach and Chloe. So it’s really wonderful to get together at least once a year and catch up a little. We’re all really excited because next year we’ll have two new additions to the family. My cousin Traci is having twins! :)

On Christmas Eve, I got to have lunch with one of my best friends in the whole world, Kelle. We don’t get to see each other often since she lives in Louisville, but I’m so happy that we had a chance to get together this time. I miss her.

When I got home, we went over to my parents house and had Christmas with them. The kids got lots of fun stuff and we had a nice time just hanging out. I was so exhausted from the three days of Christmas that I fell asleep sitting up on the couch. On our way home, we drove around town looking at lights. Not many to look at around here this year. It was kind of sad. I’m one to talk, though … we just weren’t on the ball so our house wasn’t decorated either. I like to put up garland on the front of the house with lights in it at least and some lights on the bushes. Didn’t happen. Ah well … Jake has a grand plan for next year. :) Here are some pictures from our Christmas celebrations:

A rare moment where all the kids were playing quietly together. They were actually good pretty much all night. It was a miracle.

Nutsy, anyone!

Christmas at my grandparents house (dad’s side of the family)

My grandpa was a pastor for many years, so each year he does a little Christmas message for us along with reading the Christmas story from the Bible. :)

Trying to take a picture of the four sister-in-laws. Mom, Aunt Deb, “Aunt” Suzanne, and Aunt Rosie. I say “Aunt” Suzanne because she’s only a year older than me and it’s still funny to call her aunt. haha!

Paul and his girls – his mom and his fiancee, Kaeli. Paul and Kaeli were recently engaged and I’m SO excited to be taking their wedding pictures in May. :)

Tyler and Zach — you sunk my battleship!

My mom always sets a pretty table.

On Christmas day, the kids opened gifts and we hung out all day and did nothing. It was nice. Is it wrong that I didn’t get my camera out once all day? I think I was all pictured out.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, too.

merry christmas

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas with family and friends.

“For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord” Luke 2:11

skating fun

This week has been filled with lots of Christmas activities. Christmas concert, rollerskating field trip, class Christmas party, slumber party by the tree (we watched Stardust — love that movie!). These pictures are obviously from our skating fun. Zach did so good. He fell a lot, but he had fun. Chloe even tried. She spent most of the time by the railing. Jake brought the video camera and I brought my camera. I bravely wore it around my neck as I navigated the floor filled with little kids tripping and falling all around me. I can proudly say that I never fell once. I forgot how much fun roller skating was. ;)

advent boxes – day 16 – the Santa Train

I am SO good. The kids opened up box #16 and found a note that said “Let’s go see Santa today!” They totally assumed that we were going to the mall like we have the past few years. When we pulled into the depot in Coopersville, I showed Zach our tickets and he got a huge grin on his face. They were so excited to go on the Santa Train. I found out about it on They list all the happenings around Grand Rapids. I’ve been on the Coopersville Marne train before. Our high school graduating class rode the train as part of our senior party. We had so much fun that night! So as soon as I saw that they had a special Santa theme train, I got tickets right away. :)

this one felt like an old fashioned picture, so I did a few filters and added the old fashioned edge to it. :)


The conductor peeking around the seat at Chloe trying to get her to smile. She was all excited about the trip, but got really shy whenever anyone talked to her.

A golden ticket to the Polar Express

resting against Daddy during the ride. waiting for Santa to visit our car.

Zach told Santa he wanted Moon Sand and Santa said, “When I fly by the moon, I’ll be sure to scoop some up in a cup for you.” :)

the kids got to choose inflatable reindeer antlers or this foam reindeer mask from Santa’s bag

my little family

The kids played in the snow for a while when we got home. We got about 6-8 inches I think. I was afraid we weren’t going to be able to make it to the train, but we just took it slow and once we got to the north side of GR it was fine the rest of the way. Gotta love Michigan roads in the winter.

love this cute one of Chloe playing in the snow

Only like a week until Christmas now and I still have shopping to do. ugh! Gotta get on that, huh? ;)

what a cute little elf family we are

2007 album

Made a really easy year-in-review album last week. Took me a few hours each night for about 3 days, mostly to sort through the highlight pictures I wanted to use. Then I used a couple of Heather’s Quick Fill templates and THESE paper templates. I’m having it printed at Shutterfly as an 8×8 storybook.

Click HERE to see larger version of the slideshow.

Song used for the show is Point of Grace – Not That Far from Bethlehem.

Advent Boxes – Day 4

Took the kids to Meijer Gardens last night to see the Christmas around the world display. They had a fun time. I posted a bunch of pictures over on my photo blog from our night. :) See them HERE.

mom’s birthday

Got the pictures in the computer from Mom’s birthday pizza party last week. :) We got together and did a family picture while we were at it, too. Here are some out takes from our photo session.


After pizza and picture, the kids played some games with Grandma.

Too bad that’s not real money. I could use even just one of those $100K bills right now. :)

silly uncle

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