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what’s in the box?

Boxes are loaded and ready for tomorrow morning for Zach to be the first to open box #1. I filled them up with little things like suckers, M&M’s, mints, other little candies I found. Then I got a few toys like mini cars for Zach and lip gloss for Chloe, little ornaments for the tree (Transformers and Hello Kitty), some holiday socks, these mini card games (like Old Maid) I found in the party favor aisle at Target. Then I mixed in activities – go see the lights at Meijer Gardens, dinner at McDonald’s Playland, have a slumber party by the tree, do Christmas crafts together, go see Christmas lights around town on Christmas eve. The kids are all excited to start opening the boxes. :)

My mom and I went shopping today. My first Christmas shopping outing of the year. I got a bunch of stuff crossed off the list. A successful day!

Now, I must CONGRATULATE my husband, who met his goal for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) of 50,000 words in 30 days. He go to 50,000 earlier today and we popped open a bottle of sparkling white grape juice with the kids and toasted to Daddy’s success. It was cute. :) So proud of you, Jake! I knew you could do it!

I have pictures to share from my Mom’s birthday the other night, but I haven’t even loaded them into the computer yet. So that will have to wait for now.

I’m exhausted. Must get sleep soon. Have a wonderful weekend!!!

thanksgiving weekend

The rest of our Thanksgiving weekend has been really nice so far and we still have Sunday to relax and work on getting the tree put up.

Friday, I actually wasn’t feeling very well so I stayed home and slept while Jake took the kids to his Dad’s to play with some of their cousins. They had a fun time.

Today, we slept in. So glorious. The kids didn’t even get up until after 10:30. Miracle of miracles. That’s the latest we’ve slept in quite a while. I got ready and drove up to Hobby Lobby to get some stuff to make the button trees I saw on Ali’s blog a while ago. Got some little trees for the kids to do with me, too. It was fun. We worked on these over at Jake’s mom’s. In the picture, Zach’s is on the left, mine is the big middle one, and Chloe’s is on the right. Zach is very particular about things he makes. He has to have things all lined up and matching. On the opposite side of the tree is the exact same row of buttons. Same colors, sizes, styles, everything. Chloe just picked the ones she thought were pretty and MiMaw helped her find good ones, too. :) I just started sticking all the big buttons on first and then filled in with all the little ones. There is really no order to mine, but it’s fun. I actually might go get some more buttons and do a couple more trees. I had a lot of fun working on that. I’ve been feeling very crafty this year. :) It’s quite relaxing actually.

After the button trees, Mom made “breakfast for dinner”. Something we all love. French toast, bacon, sausage, whipped cream and cherry topping for the toast. It was delicious. And, no surprise, Jake brought along the Wii and we played some of the games throughout the day. It was a lot of fun! :)

Tomorrow is cleaning day to make room for the Christmas tree. Can’t wait to get things tidy around here and start decorating. :) Loving Christmas this year.

happy snowy thanksgiving

Woke up today to a blanket of the white stuff. Looked really pretty all stuck to the trees as we drove out to my parents house for Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, corn, all the traditional foods. Including pumpkin pie. Yummy!

After dinner, it was Boggle and Wii bowling tournaments! Then Chloe decided she wanted me to do a photo shoot with her on Grandma’s bed. Gotta love it when I don’t have to beg her to pose for me. :)

Hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving with the people you love!! :)

craft day

lotsa boxes

Heidi and I headed out to the scrapbook store this morning to pick up paint for our box project and then to Hobby Lobby to look for some stickers and stuff. We had a terrible time finding anything other than letter stickers. Seems scrapbookers don’t need numbers for their projects. Yeah right! I did find a variety of different ones I liked and Heidi and Stacia opted to die cut their #’s out of patterned paper instead. We had a good time painting and painting and painting some more. And eating the yummy lunch Stacia made us.

This is my finished set of boxes. Jake had this bulletin board he wasn’t using so I tacked the boxes to this for now. It’s a little crowded on there. Not enough room to spread them out how I wanted, but I may do it differently next year. For this year, we’ll go with the board.

Now I just have to figure out what little treats to put in all the boxes for the kids to open as they count down to Christmas. :)


The kids had a good time. They stayed up late watching Meet The Robinsons and munched on popcorn. On Saturday morning, Jake’s sis came and picked all the kids up and took them to her house and we went to lunch at Olive Garden, picked up a couple things at Best Buy (last season of Gilmore Girls!!!), browsed the Apple Store and played with the new iPhone (love it!). Then, I dragged Jake around with me for a couple hours looking for some stuff for a project Heidi and I are doing this week. Stopped at Starbucks for a Gingerbread Latte. Oh my word! It was so good. I usually stick with the Mocha, but I felt like trying something new. Yum! Stayed up watching a few episodes of Gilmore Girls, ate some Olive Garden leftovers that didn’t quite sit right in my tummy, slept in a bit this morning and woke up feeling sickly from the leftovers. Just a little upset stomach. The kids just arrived home with tales of their fun time at Aunt Brenda’s. And they were pleasantly surprised to find the new Super Mario Galaxy in the Wii waiting for them. :)

A good weekend!

house full o’ kids

this post has absolutely nothing to do with the picture of leaves blowing out of our tree a few weeks ago, but I can’t post without a picture, right?

We have a couple of the kids cousins visiting tonight. They went to McD’s for dinner and playland then played video games for a couple hours and now they are watching a movie. At 10 pm. Jake is crazy, but I guess he wants them to be really really tired. He’s been in charge of the kiddos while I’ve been working all day long. I am so tired of staring at this computer, but I accomplished a bunch and got my last October wedding finished up. The kids are spending the night and then in the morning our kids will go over to their house for the night. It’s a nice little swap. And Jake and I can have some quiet time and go out to dinner and possibly a movie together.

I’ll take a few pictures of the kids movie time and post them later. :)

A little more work to do tonight before I crash.

our getaway …

… was perfect!

We stayed at Lakeside Inn in tiny little Lakeside, Michigan near Union Pier and New Buffalo. Last fall, we were there for a wedding and Jake had commented on how it would be a perfect place to come to do some writing. That’s been kind of lingering in my mind ever since so a few weeks ago I asked Jake if we could plan a mid-week getaway. It was just what we needed. And we got a great deal – since it’s the off-season, they have a 2 nights for the price of 1 deal. So that was a bonus!

We arrived on Wednesday night and went to dinner at Four Winds in New Buffalo. The buffet there was delicious. I was so full afterwards, but it was definitely worth the $20 just for the cheesecake I had for dessert. Oh my word … so good.

Thursday was our relaxing day. We got up and went to breakfast at a place called Rosie’s. A little local place in New Buffalo. Yummy food, but smoking was allowed in the restaurant and we were seated next to some ladies who were smoking and it was blowing our way. It makes my eyes all dry and itchy.

After that, we drove across the bridge to the city beach and took a walk. Jake was cracking me up running toward the sea gulls and making them scatter around the beach. There were hundreds of them everywhere. It was a cool sight to see them all fly up at the same time.

We spent a few hours after that just sitting in the common room of the Inn, cozy by the fireplace, listening to music and writing – him on his laptop, working on his novel for NaNoWriMo, and me scribbling in my journal. I actually did a “brain dump”, which I read about on Millie Holloman’s blog a couple weeks ago. She said you just take some time and write down everything that you can think of, getting everything down on paper that’s been cluttering your brain, and then you can go back and organize your thoughts. I liked it. I did feel like I got a lot out of there. :) And what was on my iPod while I wrote? I like to listen to movie scores when I’m writing and I’m in love with the music from Pride and Prejudice, Becoming Jane, and Stardust right now. (click on the titles to take you to the iTunes store)

Another great thing about our stay was the big jacuzzi tub in our room. My back has been giving me troubles the past couple months, probably from carrying all my gear at weddings, and it was so awesome to be able to soak in a hot bath every night. Loved that. Our room was nice. Here are some pictures:

this is the fireplace we cozied up by while writing

around the inn

We took a walk down to the inn’s private beach in the afternoon.

jake drew a little cartoon of us in the sand

We stayed until Friday morning, checked out and ate lunch at Popeye’s on our way home. When we lived in Germany, we would always go out on Thursdays to the Popeye’s there on the military post. We haven’t been to one since so we figured this was a good time to go since there were several Popeye’s along our drive home. It was pretty much the same as I remembered it. Fattening, breaded chicken. :) But a nice ending to our getaway. We definitely need to do things like this more often.

The next trip we take (besides for the holidays) will be a little waterpark getaway in January like we took the kids on last year. They are already talking about it and I haven’t even finalized any plans yet. :)

the wedding and our getaway

Just finished posting a slideshow from Heather and Jeff’s wedding over on my photo blog. Check it out.

Jake and I took a few days last week and went away together to the lakeshore. I will post pictures from our trip later. I’m too tired right now. Nighty night.

ring bearer and flower girl

Here are a few pics of the kids from the wedding this weekend.

My kids make such funny faces sometimes. This is the reaction I got when Zach saw me pointing the camera at him at dinner. Realization, reaction and the cheese. :)

And here’s some of what Chloe gave me at the salon while getting her hair done.

Chloe was the poutiest little flower girl ever. Just about every time I saw her, she was pouting that one of the other girls wouldn’t dance or play with her.

I’m sure Mi-Maw was talking her down from one of her little moments. :)

I took lots more, but this is all you get for now. Jake and I are off to a secluded Inn on the lake for a few days. A MUCH NEEDED break! :)


The wedding was beautiful.
Everything was gorgeous.
Heather was radiant. :)
She looked really beautiful.
And Jeff didn’t look bad either.
The ceremony, officiated by my husband (just like Joey from Friends, he was ordained online so he could marry them), was short and sweet and touching.
The reception was a lot of fun.
Reception decorations were so beautiful.
I think I’ve used “beautiful” too many times.
I’m better with pictures.
Coming soon to a photo blog near you.

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