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Mario & Luigi

These are my kids in their video game inspired costumes. Mario and Luigi were a big hit on Green St. tonight. Lots of people recognized them and commented on how cute they looked. I think they liked the attention. Chloe even said “Trick-a-or-a-treat-a” (that’s supposed to be my version of her Italian accent). :) I think she did that once and then realized that all she really had to do was hold her bag open and people dropped candy in it. :) We had fun with my sis-in-law Brenda and her kids. It’s become a little tradition for us to go together the last couple years and it makes it more fun! :)

This was on the steps at one of our stops – the puking pumpkin!

Happy Halloween!

a rainy saturday

Spookalicious01it’s a dreary kind of day today. had to postpone a family picture shoot this morning. chance of rain and it was just too dark to do a morning shoot at 9 am with all the clouds. I always hate having to cancel, especially since it’s a family I’ve worked with for the past two years and I was looking forward to seeing them today, but we rescheduled for later this week on a day that’s supposed to be nice and clear. Something fun to look forward to. :)

Jake and the kids are playing video games today and I’m catching up on a little work. I don’t mind working on the weekend. My house is nice and clean for once so I don’t have to think about all the housework I need to do around here. It’s a perfect day to pop in a movie and work on pictures.

I got a new layout made this week. Used Heather’s new Halloween kit, Spookalicious!

Happy weekend everyone!

book fair and pumpkin faces

So here they are. Jake and the kids carved these (well, Jake did most of it) last week. I should have taken pictures right away because it got really warm out and the pumpkins have started to decay a bit. But that just makes them more scary, right?

the skeleton, Hello Kitty, and the pirate!

and one last shot of my cutie babies!

notice the little sign in the window that says “No Salesmen” on that last pic. Yeah, we had several people come to our door one day when I was not in the mood for it. Like 3 within 10 minutes of each other all trying to sell stuff for the house or help us become Jehovah’s Witnesses. So I kindly said “no thanks” grabbed a sheet of paper and stuck it in the window. The FedEx guy delivered something the next day and said jokingly, “That doesn’t mean me, right?” He said another stop on his route has a sign up that says something about not needing windows or siding or religion. I need one of those. :)

We took the kids to the book fair at school tonight and let them pick out a few books each. Chloe is getting so good at sounding out words. I am amazed by her. Zach’s teacher conference was tonight, too. Overall, he is doing pretty well and I’m happy about that. :)

a stormy night

Some big rounds of storms moved through our area tonight. We even had about a 1/2 hour where we were under a tornado warning, so we spent some time in our nasty basement. Luckily, we still had power so we were able to take the laptop downstairs and watch the radar (scroll down and see the pic below — the little pink area was moving over our town). We could hear the wind and rain coming down outside and I suddenly heard little taps against the windows and knew it was hail. So, like a crazy person, Jake ran upstairs, opened the door, grabbed a piece of hail and brought it down for the kids to see. It was about 1/2 an inch in diameter. Zach held it for a minute and then threw it across the room because it was freezing his hand. I didn’t get a picture of that since I had put my camera away just in case.

Took these out the upstairs window. Huge cumulonimbus clouds. I’m such a weather geek. :)

We made it through the night just fine, except for a crying little girl that wakes every time she hears the slightest sound of rain, wind or thunder. She slept on my lap for a while tonight, which was actually pretty nice. I can still remember when she was so very tiny and I would rock her to sleep. Thank God for stormy nights. :)


Family fun this morning. Took the kids to the farm market and picked out our pumpkins. We ended up bringing home more than we planned since Chloe saw the mini pumpkins and wanted some and I thought they would look cute sitting alongside the big ones. :)

zach’s reaction to the perfect pumpkin

our pumpkins

a birthday and more randomness

07rickbdayHappy Birthday to my baby brother, Rick, who turned 28 yesterday. We celebrated with dinner at my parents house – roast and veggies, cupcakes and ice cream. It was a fun night sitting around talking. We don’t do that nearly enough.

I just finished eating dinner (yummy chinese) and I’m in the office for the night. Jake and the kids are watching Deal or No Deal and will soon be playing Wii and I’m going to catch up on all the shows I’ve missed this week. Loving that you can watch most shows online the next day. I watched Grey’s Anatomy earlier tonight just after I finished posting a slideshow on my photo blog. So now I’m going to watch The Office and the last two episodes of Heroes. :)

Mom and I went shopping today to get stuff for the kids for Halloween costumes. They want to be Mario and Luigi so we got a bunch of stuff to put together their costumes. It will be cute. :)

OK, so I better get back to watching now.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!

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