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a day in frankenmuth

On Friday, we decided to have a girl day and go to Frankenmuth shopping. The day pretty much became a Chloe day. She got toys and candy and lots of attention, which is good, but she got royally spoiled and acted like the little princess she thinks she is. ;) Despite her attitude, it was a good day. The weather was gorgeous and we got to spend time together. And we hit the outlet mall and I got a bunch of fall/winter clothes for Chloe. She’s been growing so much lately that she had no pants that really fit her anymore. I picked up lots of cute outfits. Grandma even bought her a new winter coat and snowpants. So she’s all set now and I’m really happy about that.

Here are some pictures from our day:

had lunch at Applebee’s and Chloe got a mini burger or as she was calling it “a crabby patty”

family pictures @ grand haven

A couple weeks ago, we went to Grand Haven with Heidi & Kyle to take each others family pictures again. This is turning into a little tradition, which I really love. We always have fun together and, while it’s a little bit of a challenge to get the kids to smile, it’s cool that we can take these pictures for each other. :)

I’m not sure which picture I’ll be using for our Christmas card this year so I thought I’d just share a few outtakes for now.

and here are some of Heidi and Kyle (and Gus).

I love this one!

I love this one of Heidi! Reminds me of an old Guess ad. :)

We rarely get our picture taken together. Thanks, Kyle! :)

zach’s birthday

I just realized that I hadn’t posted any pictures from Zach’s birthday. I’m such a bad mama! I posted the ones from his first day of school and then skipped right to Petoskey. We actually took Zach up to the Build-A-Bear workshop per his request and let him pick out an animal. He chose the cheetah! Then we went to my parents house and my mom had the table all decorated up for him in a Transformers theme. We had cake and ice cream and celebrated our boy!!! Here are a few shots from the night!

how you live

I am in love with this song right now. The lyrics are so wonderful and true. Thought I’d share the video today.
How You Live by Point of Grace

the weekend

chloe playing dolls with her new best friend at Aunt Heather’s bridal shower

I’m more sick today than I was last week. How can that be? I thought the worst of this had passed. I felt better and Jake & I went out to dinner with Erinn & Kevin on Friday night. We had such a great time and ate in East GR at Rose’s on Reed’s Lake. Great place, great history, great food. It was fun and I was feeling more myself, just a little sinus-y.

Yesterday, Chloe and I drove to Westland for Heather’s Bridal Shower. It was fun. Chloe gets to be a flower girl in the wedding and she got to meet Emily, the other girl who will be in the wedding, too. She had fun and met another little girl just about the same age and they became best friends right away (see picture above). I took lots of pictures and was on my feet pretty much the whole time and I think that might have worn me out a little more than I thought.

So, I woke up feeling miserable, took some medicine, had some chicken noodle soup. I am over this whole sickness thing. I don’t have time for this!


the flowers at the farm look so pretty

Yes, I said I’d post some of these a couple weeks ago, but work and sickness got in my way. Just grabbed a few that caught my eye today to share with you finally.

My little cookie monster

Not sure if Mom is saying “Wait a minute” or “I’m #1″. :D

What’s a family reunion without the bubbles!

Chloe immediately loved my cousin Brian’s girlfriend, Lisa. She dragged her around all day …

… and was so sad when we had to leave. I love this sweet picture of Chloe hugging Lisa goodbye.

The night before the reunion, Grandpa fogged the yard to keep the bugs away. The fumes were nasty, but it made for some cool pictures.

our trip

this was the view from our hotel room when we arrived in Petoskey on Friday

this was the view on Sunday morning just before we checked out

What a difference a couple days makes. :) I was so worried that it was going to rain on Saturday for the wedding, but it was glorious and in the 70’s, so they were able to have their outdoor wedding at the lighthouse after all.

Jake and I took a little time on Sunday morning to walk around Petoskey and check out the downtown area.

This is the general store, where we bought these delicious little chocolates that were dark chocolate and coffee. Oh my word, they tasted so good with the mocha I was drinking. yum! I also picked up some sour gummy worms from their old fashioned candy display. Had to have something for the ride home, right?

I love how they used the coffee cups around the entry.

Next time I will take more time to visit the shops. We only hit a few ’cause we were too tired from working the day before and just too out of shape to walk around much more. Must do something about that!

I’m so glad we were able to have this little getaway. The best thing was arriving on Friday. We had dinner downtown at the City Park Grill then found a little bookstore that was open late and got some coffee and a couple books. We chilled out in our room, rented a movie, slept in and had no pressure while getting ready for the wedding. I usually feel that rush to get ready and get going to get there on time, all the while praying that there won’t be construction or an accident or anything like that. It was nice that we were only 20 min. from the wedding location. And after the wedding, we got to relax in the room, take full advantage of the whirlpool bath (perfect for the aches and pains of being on your feet for hours), and catch another movie. It was sort of a belated anniversary trip. A perfect weekend! :)

Petoskey/Harbor Springs

I’m writing from our hotel in Petoskey.  I think this is my very first post not from home. Jake and I are up in beautiful Petoskey this weekend.  We shot a wedding in Harbor Springs today in the private community of Harbor Point.  It was really nice.  Gorgeous "cottages" all along the bay.  I put quotes around cottages because they were not the tiny little places that I picture when people say cottage.  They were beautiful huge homes.  The cottage the girls got ready in was really nice and probably the size of two of our house put together.  Can’t wait to share pictures from the wedding on my photo blog this week and some pictures here from tomorrow when we explore Petoskey in the morning before we head home to get our kiddos.  :)  I miss them.  It’s been a nice weekend, though.  Very quiet.  I needed that.  And I think I’ve found a nice place we could go for one of our annual girls days in July.  :)  Lots of cute shops downtown Petoskey.  This is a really beautiful area.  I love Michigan!

More from home!  :)

7 and 2nd

Today we celebrate Zach’s 7th birthday! Can’t believe he’s 7 already!

Yesterday, we packed up the backpack and headed out to Zach’s new school for second grade. It was the strangest feeling walking those halls because he is now attending the same school I spent first through fifth grade in. The building has changed a bit. New gymnasium. Renovations and additions. But it’s still the same school I spent my early childhood in. The minute we stepped foot inside, it was like a flood of memories. I don’t think I’ve been inside that building since I was 10 years old. I’m so happy that Zach will walk the same halls that I did when I was his age. :)

Chloe’s favorite part of the morning was seeing the fish in the school lobby. :)

Hope everyone had a nice Labor Day weekend. We spent ours in Ohio at the annual trap shoot/family reunion. Very fun! I have lots of pictures to share from that, but I need to get some work done first.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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