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a quick post

snagged this (and the pics below) from my SIL’s myspace page. a pic of me at Tunnel Park in Holland the night I took her and Jeff’s engagement pics. :) A couple cute ones of Jake and I at the bottom of this post, too.

worked on the house this weekend. Jake kept the kids occupied all weekend while I moved pretty much my entire downstairs office to a room upstairs. We decided to move some of our rooms around. If we have to live here another few years, we figured we should mix it up a bit. I overdid it a bit, though. Kicked up a lot of dust while cleaning, started sneezing a bunch, got scratchy throat and woke up feeling just miserable today. So I’m taking it easy, working on pictures, resting and hopefully it will be gone in a couple days because I’m off to Texas for a wedding this weekend. (Hi Kelley!)

Watching Phantom of the Opera today while working on pictures!

more pentwater

looked up during dinner our first night and this is what I saw. the moon so nicely framed by the trees above.

this is it. the “micro” campsite. the edge of the camper peeking into the left of the shot is our neighbor. and immediately to the right of our picnic table was our other neighbor. barely enough room for our tent as you can see. don’t choose site #27 at Charles Mears State Park campground. :)

the creepy tree right above our campsite. I said it was going to reach down and grab us in the night.



Camping in Pentwater this weekend was a lot of fun.

Things we liked:
the quaint village of Pentwater
lots of cute shops and the people were really friendly
beautiful beach
close to Silver Lake and all the activities available there

Things we didn’t like:
our campsite – it was the smallest site known to man and we barely fit our tent on it since there was hardly any ground at all. we know which camp sites to avoid if we ever go back in the future, though.

That was it for things we didn’t like. We had a really nice time. Cooked lots of good food over the campfire. I pretty much ate an entire bag of marshmallows in two days. Love them nice and burned. :) Went to Silver Lake on Saturday after browsing the shops in Pentwater. Took the Mac Woods dune ride, which was a lot of fun, then visited the Little Sable lighthouse and climbed to the top. Jen is afraid of heights, but she did it!! Here are a few pictures of the fun! I took a ton, but I have to work today so I will try to go through them and post a few more later.

This is what I got for my birthday — a beautiful sunset.

and then this the next night!

july 20th

a little self portrait of me
on my 34th birthday!

thanks for all the
happy birthdays
I’ve received this
morning! Love you guys!

camping again

long long week around here. playing catch up on work. kids are being really difficult. trying to keep them occupied today with some art projects, but their attention span is pretty much nonexistent. they seem to be fighting so much lately. trying to keep the peace is exhausting.

anyway … jen and i are off to the campground tomorrow afternoon. we’re both looking forward to some quiet relaxing time by the lake. bringing the camera along so I’ll share pics when I get back.

and just because no post is complete without a picture, here’s another one from last weekend at Jamestown.

Happy weekend everyone!!!

jamestown settlement

OK … I went ahead and edited a few of my Jamestown pictures tonight. It was really interesting there and I think I might go back sometime with Jake and the kids and explore a little more there and also visit Colonial Williamsburg. I think the kids would really like it.


Arrived home from Virginia yesterday afternoon and slept for hours since I drove through the night. I had a terrible time on my drive there on Thursday. The traffic on the toll road in Pennsylvania was horrific. There is just so much construction through there and lots of traffic jams. It added an hour to my trip. :( So I decided it would be best to just leave at night and drive and it was the best decision. I was totally tired, but there was almost no traffic and I breezed right through PA.

My trip was good and it was totally something I knew I needed to do. I felt that little push from God telling me that she needed a friend and I’m so glad I went. She needed me to let her talk and cry and just be company for her and keep her busy so she wouldn’t think about her broken heart. :( Say a little prayer for Beth for peace and direction in her life. And for that special someone to finally come along and be “the one” this time. :)

Though it wasn’t really a vacation trip, I did get to visit Virginia Beach and on Saturday while she worked I visited the Jamestown Settlement and went through the exhibits there, the replicas of the Powhatan Indian village, Fort James and the ships that the settlers arrived on. Took some pictures, which I’ll share later.

It was a good trip, but it’s so good to be home.


Taking a spur of the moment trip to Virginia this weekend. I leave in the morning to visit my best friend Beth, who is going through a rough time right now. I’ve been wanting to visit her since she moved to the Virginia Beach area last year, so now just seemed like the right time. Hopefully, I will be able to cheer her up a bit and I’m sure I’ll come home with some fun pictures to share.

Pray for me for safe travels and that I would be an encouragement to my heartbroken friend. :(

PS – I have Saturday on my own since Beth has to work, so if anyone has any ideas of fun places to go in the Virginia Beach area, please leave a comment and let me know. Thanks!!!

a good weekend

a little self portrait in my mom’s flower garden

Boy, did I need this weekend. I killed myself for three days finishing up a wedding and then received a message saying “I love the pictures, but …” Ah well. There’s no way I’m ever going to please everyone, I guess. I did my best and gave them a beautiful collection of images. That’s all I can do.

Went to see the new Die Hard yesterday. Pretty good. Definitely entertaining. LOVED Justin Long. We’ve been big fans of his since he was on “Ed” a few years back. It’s fun to see him on the Mac commercials as well. After the movie, we had dinner in Holland at an Irish pub and then went to the beach to take pictures of Heather and Jeff for their engagement. It was a lot of fun. Such a gorgeous night. We stood around talking and watching the sun completely disappear from sight until the park employees came around with their little carts shining the headlights at us. We took that as our cue that it was time to go. It was a good night.

Today is a scorcher! Went swimming this afternoon for a while. Lots of fun! The kids are getting to be such little fishies! Especially Chloe. She’s not afraid to go under at all.

Jake took Zach to see the Transformers movie tonight and Chloe and I snuck out to DQ for some tasty cold treats! Now I’m working while she plays Charlie and Lola games online.

Finally loaded my memory card from the 4th of July when the kids played with “sprinklers” as Chloe was calling them. :) Here are a few from the night as well as a picture of last night’s sunset.

settings for this one:
Av mode, ISO 100, F22 – set it on the railing since I didn’t have a tripod, the camera automatically set the shutter speed to stay open for 4 seconds. I like the grass in the foreground. It was blowing softly in the breeze and leaving the shutter open longer made it look all soft. It’s fun to play with different camera settings. :) Oh, and I tweaked the color a little in Photoshop, too.

annual girls days

Shipshewana, Indiana

Every year around this time, mom and I get together with Aunt Pat and Tonya and go somewhere – Birch Run/Frankenmuth, Dresden, a trip to NC one spring. This year, it was Shipshewana, Indiana for the Flea Market. We arrived on Monday and checked into our home away from home, Country Inn and Suites, then headed out to some of the local shops. Tonya was especially fond of the one with all the Vera Bradley items. It’s her favorite! A few pics from our fun, laughter-filled days:

�Ģ gotta have some burnt peanuts! yum!

�Ģ tonya and mom

�Ģ dinner at The Blue Gate. this is Aunt Pat and Tonya checking out one side of the dessert menu while Mom and I look at the other. :)

�Ģ we had some pie …. too much pie.

�Ģ crazy cowgirls. you’d think I was all geared up for my trip to Texas or something. really we were just having fun and thought these would be good to wear to the flea market on Tuesday to keep the sun off our faces. had lots of fun with our hats! :) yeeeeehaaaaaaww!

�Ģ drove all the way to Goshen to the WalMart to get our hats (not specifically for those, but you can’t leave WalMart without buying a few unnecessary items) since pretty much everything in Shipshewana closes at 5. Picked up a few decks of cards, too, for even more fun. Nutsy!!!! We ended up playing from about 10 until 1 in the morning. Aunt Pat kicked butt with Mom close behind. Tonya and I … well, our scores were pathetic, but we kept each other company at the bottom of the pack. :)

Today was Flea Market Day! Didn’t take many pictures. Here’s one Tonya took of me in the booth with all the hair extensions. :)
�Ģ so this is what I would look like with lots of nice thick hair!

It was a really great time! I feel really blessed to have such special people in my family. And I love that we set a little time aside for each other every year aside from family holidays! :)

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