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drama queen

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I told Chloe I wanted to take her picture yesterday and this is what I got. She’s all drama. Everything she does is over the top. I think she gets that from her Daddy. :)

• little blue flip flops to go with little blue toenails •

• and a little quieter moment •

She’s just so cute at this age. I want to hug her all the time. :) (except when she turns into Chlozilla)

p.s. don’t mind the mess in the background. my house needs cleaned. ;) and that “cowboy” in the background is Jake dressed and ready to play his role as “Sheriff Jake” for VBS at our church. The kids are loving that!

the ultimate guide to digital scrapbooking

So excited. This was waiting on my doorstep when we arrived home from Brian and Heather’s wedding late Saturday (early Sunday). :)

So excited that I got to be a part of this special issue. I haven’t had a chance to read through it yet, but what I saw is awesome. So many great tips for getting started with digital. A great resource! Proud to have my page in there with all of these wonderfully talented girls! :)

Here’s my layout. Click to see it a little bigger! :)

wonderful weekend

My cousin Brian finally got hitched! :)

From the moment we arrived at the rehearsal, I knew Brian and Heather’s wedding was going to be a special one. Our moms’ side of the family has always been so special. There is this awesome bond that we all have, even though we don’t see each more than a few times a year and live 4 hours away. So, to be at the wedding and talk and laugh and catch up was so great. There were a few moments throughout the weekend when I teared up – reading the card Heather and Brian gave to us at the rehearsal dinner, seeing Heather come down the aisle and catching a glimpse of Brian fighting back the tears, my Aunt crying during the ceremony. It’s hard to take pictures when tears are stinging your eyes, but I managed.

The ceremony was absolutely beautiful. It was held at these gorgeous gardens a man created in memory of his wife. Flowers flowers everywhere! And little cute ponds and benches and paths and foot bridges. Totally amazing! I loved shooting there. It was a perfect setting for a wedding. And I loved that it was surrounded by farmland. That’s Ohio! That’s what they do. I glanced through my pictures on the ride home late last night and saw one of them dancing with the big farm buildings in the background. I loved that! It’s so much a part of who Brian is. My Uncle has farmed his whole life and Brian has grown up farming as well.

Can you tell I loved being their photographer? :D

Something else that I thought was really cool was Brian’s choice of groomsmen. His best man was his brother, Brad, and he also chose our cousin Josh and my brother Tim. That just struck me as something really special. Out of all his family and friends, the three most important guys to him are all from our moms’ side of the family. Just another sign of the bond we all have.

As we were leaving, I hugged Brian goodbye and we told each other “Love you”. That made me smile when I thought about it later. I love my cousins.

I know Grandma and Grandpa were watching over us from Heaven and just bursting with pride and joy and love!

a week ago

so the last time I posted on here was a week ago. What’s up with that? :) A busy weekend has prevented me from updating.

These pictures were taken last week. Jake hooked up the sprinkler and, as you can see, they were lovin’ it!!!

“Wet hug, mom!” she said as she walked toward me. She shouldn’t have announced what she was going to do ’cause it gave me time to escape. :)

WedpicThis weekend was my friend Erinn’s wedding. It was fun because Jake was involved also, so we got to be without kids for the weekend and go to the rehearsal together on Friday and then the wedding on Saturday. We had such a great time seeing all our friends. It was the most relaxed wedding ever. They had to have their rehearsal in the morning on Saturday due to scheduling with their pastor and once that was over, we all just chilled out, had lunch fixed right there at the church for us, snacks and drinks all afternoon, lots of talking and laughing with friends. It was really fun! The wedding was beautiful and we had so much fun at the reception with all the stories people shared and their rendition of “The Newlywed Game”. Then we sent them off with sparklers at the end of the night! I’ll have some more pictures up from the wedding later this week. I love shooting friends’ weddings! Some people don’t like doing it because they feel extra pressure, but I think it’s one of the best things about my job. They know me, they are comfortable with me and I get to take pictures of lots of people I love.

This week, I will be working hard to finish up some wedding stuff before my next wedding this weekend, which is my cousin Brian’s. :) I’m very excited for this one, too. Then I’m taking a few weeks off to spend time with my family and catch up on work before the next few weddings!

2peas feature

Wow! This is a fun day! My Chloe got her little page featured over on the 2Peas Peanut Gallery. :)

click on image to see screen capture of the 2Peas Peanut Gallery

I really love how this page turned out and I appreciate all the nice comments I’ve gotten on it. 2Peas ROCKS!!!

the mouse layout

click the image to see a screen capture of the CK site today

Every once in a while, I post some layouts at the CK gallery. I put my two latest in there yesterday and just saw this today. My little layout about Zach’s dead mouse drawing is “featured”. haha!

a couple layouts

made these two pages using a fun new kit Heather Ann created for her Disc Talk Radio feature this month.

What do ya’ think of Zach’s strange dead mouse drawing? Weird, huh? :)

the pout

found this while going through some family reunion pictures from the past few years for a project I’m working on. I seriously need to make a layout with all Chloe’s pouty faces. She looks so little. She was only 2-1/2 when this was taken. How the time flies!

feeling sicky today. think I’m getting what the kids had this week. yuck!

field day

Headed out to Zach’s field day today! We only went in the afternoon because Chloe wasn’t feeling well in the morning. But Zach’s class had fun activities all day long. We got there an hour before it ended and I still took a couple hundred pictures. Imagine if I had been there all day. :)

Field day brings back lots of memories! I can remember field day when I was in elementary school. Doing the three legged race, wheelbarrow race, 100 yd dash, etc. They still do that stuff and it was a blast to watch.

Here are some pictures of the day:

Zach’s little friends telling him “Your mom’s here!” She had to grab his head and turn it so he would see us. So funny!

A little “paper, rock, scissors” in between games.

water balloon toss

yummy popsicles to cool down

chloe wanted me to take this picture of her being a scarecrow. silly girl! she was feeling much better at this point in the day. plus, she got a popsicle like all the other kids, which was nice. :)

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