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A few shots of Zach’s game of chess with his daddy last week. :)

making his move. I’m clueless when it comes to chess, so to see him really thinking about each play is so cool. He’s such a smarty.

his pouty “no fair” face when Jake beat him

Good game! Jake always tries to teach Zach good sportsmanship and makes him shake after every game even if he’s mad that he lost. :)


Went to see Pirates of the Caribbean – At World’s End this morning. My mom was nice enough to watch the girl for us so we could go while Zach was at school. :) Thanks again, Mom! A great start to the long Memorial Day weekend! Thoroughly enjoyed it!

a couple new layouts

Haven’t had much time for scrapbooking lately, but Heather came out with some awesome new kits this week. Love them both! Here are a couple pages:

used Heather Ann Designs Art of Play kit for this one …

… and Heather Ann Designs Robin’s Egg for this.

my gardener

chloe helping spread some mulch around our flowers

I’m not into gardening. It’s just not my thing. If I had more time to do it and money to buy new plants then I might get into it. But so far, my mom likes to bring over some annuals every year and plant them for me. She has nice landscaping at her house and has always been very good at it. I think Chloe is taking after Grandma in that area. She helps plant flowers whenever she stays with grandma for the day and Grandma even got her some little gardening gloves. The other day they worked on the little flower garden I have next to our garage. I had to take some pictures of her hard at work.


She’s such a good little helper.


I’ve been hinting about it forever and now I can finally share!

This was something I have been wanting to do for a while now – to get off my butt and submit more pages and get one of them published. I’m happy that I was able to meet this little personal goal. It was so fun to get the magazine today and see my layout full page! I made this page shortly after Reem + Greg’s wedding that I shot last September. I loved their wedding so much. They are such great people and we had a wonderful time. It was awesome when the belly dancers came out. Reem had said they really wanted to share a little of her family’s culture and heritage with their wedding guests. So much fun! And I captured some great moments from the night. The larger focal point photo above is one of my favorites! Had to feature it on the page!

Back to work I go now! Just had to finally share with all of you patient blog readers of mine! :)

the sandlot

this boy loves baseball

Ever since seeing “The Sandlot” recently, Zach is loving baseball. Jake went out and got him his very first ball and glove. They played catch the other night. Zach was so excited when he caught the ball. And he’s got a great arm. With practice, he could be an excellent pitcher. :)

and the bush in our neighbor’s yard is blooming. it’s right in the back corner of their yard and ours. so pretty. spring is definitely here.

thankful for winter?

The air is warm and sticky here this morning. Yesterday, there was a bit of a chill when Chloe and I sat out on our back porch and soaked in the sunshine of the early day, me sipping my coffee and she playing with the My Little Pony tea set daddy gave her. It was nice to just be outside and listen to the sounds of spring. I’m so thankful that it’s finally here.

This quote was in my morning devotions today and I wanted to share it. I thought the whole “without winter” thing applied to me. I hate winter, but it does make me appreciate it more when spring arrives. And I hate going through tough times, as everyone does, but it makes me more thankful when things turn around and life is good.

We’re in such a strange transition in our lives right now with Jake going back to school. In a year, he will have a 2 yr. degree … the light at the end of the tunnel is a tiny little dot right now. I can almost see it … but not quite. I know in a few years, we will look back and see how God worked all of this out and got us through. It’s hard to see clearly when you’re in the middle of something. Someday we’ll be able to step back and see it from a different perspective.

random thoughts

Going through some pictures from my trip up north last summer with Jen. My word, Lake Superior water is so gorgeous! Can’t wait to go again this summer. Jen and I had lunch this weekend and talked about what we want to do for our trip this year. This will be the 3rd year we’ve taken a trip together and we are loving this tradition. I hope we can keep it up for many more years. I love the chance to get away for a weekend and have a girls trip. So far we’ve explored little bits of the Upper Peninsula each year and seen the beauty of God’s creation. Our plan is to go back and explore, find more waterfalls, visit Marquette, where Jen went to school. This will depend a lot on gas prices and both of our financial situations this summer. Marquette is quite a drive and at the current price of gas, well, it can get expensive. We like to keep our trips simple – camping, hiking, enjoying the wilderness, the peace and quiet of nature. Looking forward to it!

Since I was gone all day yesterday, I didn’t get to participate in all the fun National Scrapbook Day events that were happening online. Hope everyone had fun and got lots of pages done. I haven’t scrapbooked in weeks. Getting into the wedding season and other responsbilities … I’ve had no motivation to do it. I’ve got all these ideas of books I want to work on … ah well … eventually I’ll squeeze in some time. We are in the process of moving rooms around in our house right now, so I feel a bit of chaos from that. But once it’s done, everything will be neat and tidy and I really really hope to keep it that way as best I can with two messy kids ripping the place up! :)

Zach has been loving gym class at school this past week. They are having swim lessons at the high school pool. He was so cute talking about it. He said all the girls keep teasing the boys ’cause they don’t have any shirts on. Silly kids! :) But he’s having fun learning how to float on his back and paddle and play games. Only about a month left of school before summer vacation. Can’t believe he’s almost done with first grade. Seems crazy. The time is going by so fast. Soon, Chloe will be in school. yikes!!!!!

I just have to say how much I love the internet, by the way! I lost track of a good friend of mine this year when my Christmas card was returned without a forwarding address. I was so sad. She moved away from Michigan many years ago, but we’ve written letters off and on since then. So, I went browsing around online and googled and had no luck. :( Well, about a month ago, I tried searching again and I found her older sister, who was also in my group of friends in church youth group. I wrote her an email and I think she was pretty shocked to hear from me. It’s so nice to connect with long lost friends. And she’s going to get me the email of her sister so I can get in touch with her again, too. I’m so excited that I found them both. :) The internet is such a great resource!

Going to enjoy the nice weather with Jake and the kids now! happy Sunday evening! :)

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