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Well, even though we had to endure Chloe’s whining for 4 hours, it was worth it to be able to be at the shower for Heather. It was a lot of fun. I took a ton of pictures, of course. Posted a few over on my photo blog. Click the picture to go there!

Aunt Pat (my mom’s sis) and Tonya organized all the details and Heather’s sister handled the games. It was pretty fun. I didn’t actually participate in the games … Chloe was distracting me and I was also running around taking pictures – surprise, surprise. :) Lots of laughter and fun, though. Especially when everyone split into 4 groups and decorated one person with a toilet paper wedding gown. Very entertaining! Got some fun pictures of that! :) Even Chloe joined in – my mom had her all wrapped up. It was pretty cute.

I’m so glad we were able to be there for Heather. She’s such a sweetie and a wonderful addition to our family. Brian’s a really blessed guy to have her in his life! :)

Despite the very trying drive down and back, I’m really glad we went. I had a really long, stressful week and I just needed to get away. The burden of our bills hovers over me constantly and with only a small amount of help from the government during Jake’s re-education (after losing his job last year when the plant closed down), well, we are barely making it right now. I try to be patient and have faith that God will get us through the next year. It’s hard not to worry, though, when the bills come and the money just isn’t there. So … getting away for the day was a nice distraction.

In other news … my mom and I are cracking down on our “Biggest Loser” competition the next couple months. I haven’t lost much more and haven’t been trying as I should be. So, we are continuing our exercising 3 mornings a week as we have been for a while and we’re adding in some walking at the park. And eating right! That’s the biggie. I eat granola bars and mocha lattes. That’s not going to lose me any weight, huh? I have to change those habits. I don’t eat a ton, but it’s the wrong kinds of things that are filled with sugar that are keeping me hovering at the same weight. Only a couple months left of our family competition. July 1st is the date. I’m gonna kick some serious butt! ;)

road trip

So … this is pretty much what we dealt with all day on Saturday. Monster Chloe! She decided the 4 hour drive down to Ohio for my cousin’s fiancee Heather’s bridal shower would be the perfect time to whine and cry about every little tiny thing. It was the worst. Then, once there, she proceeded to run all around the room, cause lots of trouble, help Heather open all her gifts and give a commentary to all the guests of exactly what Heather was doing, what each gift looked like (even though they could see it with their own eyes), what was in it, which one she should open next, etc. etc.

On the drive home, she did eventually drift off for about an hour or so, which was nice. I thought it would never end. I love her so very much, but she tries my patience sometimes.

I’ll post some bridal shower pictures in a day or two.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

the past week

sunday afternoon at grand haven

It’s hard to believe that only 2 weeks ago it was like a blizzard here. This weekend was absolutely gorgeous. 70’s every day, sunny. A huge improvement!!!

The wedding Friday was beautiful, like I knew it would be, and the couple was a riot. We had a great time! I posted a few (ok … more than a few) pictures on my photo blog HERE.

On Saturday, we hung out at Jake’s mom’s and had a BBQ for Jake and his brother Nick for their birthdays last week. Steak and salmon on the grill. SO delicious. It was a nice relaxing day. I sat outside while the kids played and got a little sunburn. The sun felt so good!

Sunday afternoon, we headed to Grand Haven so the kids could play. It was really nice. We didn’t stay a long time because none of the restroom facilities were open yet and the cold water was making the kids have to go. ;) But we enjoyed the couple hours we were there and had a little Starbucks for the ride home.

It was a good weekend!

another hint

this was fun to get in the mail yesterday.

just another little hint relating to the personal goal I talked about a while ago. I’ll share it soon! :)

In the meantime, here is a scrapbook page I made for a recent call from CK for pages about Italy. It was so fun to dig out pictures from my trip around Europe with my college roomie, Julie. We had a blast and have mentioned going back someday together. That would be awesome! Just got a message the other day that they loved the page but it didn’t get picked up for publication … so I’m sharing it here! :)

I also have to mention that I love my Epson Perfection V100 scanner. These pictures were all scanned from old 4×6’s. I scanned them in at a higher resolution (I think I did 600 dpi for these), resized them to the dimensions I wanted at 300 dpi, touched them up in Photoshop, they look great! I could have dug out the negatives, but this was way easier.

I’m freezing

easter pics


zachy lost his other front tooth on Saturday night. he looks so cute. I keep calling him “little no teeth”. He doesn’t like that so much. :)

We had a nice Easter weekend, despite the cold weather and snow. yuck!

Friday •
The kids went to Jake’s dad’s on Friday to play with their cousins and then we took them over to my parents house so the kids could help Grandma color eggs and decorate cookies. Each of the pictures below can be clicked on and enlarged. Check out Jake’s egg — it’s a pretty good likeness, huh? :)

These make me laugh. A bunch of the shots of Chloe decorating the cookies is her with her hand in her mouth eating all the candy sprinkles. such a silly girl. If you click on the picture, it will open larger in another window and you can see that she’s got sprinkles all stuck to her lip. :D

Saturday •
I wasn’t feeling well all weekend, so on Saturday when Jake and the kids went to his Dad’s again to have yummy meatloaf dinner, I stayed home and rested. Upset stomach and headache. I think it’s this nasty weather. It went from really nice days where we were outside playing to freezing cold again. It’s a bit depressing. The warm weather needs to come and stay for a while. Teasing us with the 70’s isn’t nice. :(

Easter Sunday •
Got up and went to church. Didn’t make it for the sunrise breakfast, but we got there in time for the Easter program. Lots of good music, including a solo by my mom. She did great and Zach even said he liked her voice. So sweet of him to say that.

Here are my cutie babies all dressed up for Easter

Because it was so cold, we hid the eggs around the house and let the kids stay inside to hunt for them this year. Zach was really quick and Chloe was so excited each time she found an egg. They had the most fun going through the eggs to see what candy they got. Grandma also got them each a basket of goodies and a new toy. They had a blast.

Mom got some bunny balloons for the kids, too. Chloe was jumping all over the house trying to reach the string and then she would let go of the balloon and let it float up to the ceiling on purpose so she could jump again! We made sure to explain the real meaning of Easter to the kids, but I think the bunnies and eggs overshadowed that a bit. ;)

Monday was back to school for Zach. The end of Spring break. I think he had a good week. It was an adjustment having to get up early to take him to school again, though. But it gets me up and moving. Mom and I are back to exercising in the mornings 3 days a week. Gotta lose some more lbs. :)

Hope everyone’s having a good week so far!

crazy chloe + easter

thought I’d share a couple pictures of my crazy girl today. took these a couple weeks ago.

no more Chloe’s jumpin’ on the … couch

and the inverted french braid. she’s actually been letting me do her hair lately, which is really fun! this braid was big when I was in school. my friends and I would always try different braids on each others hair. another fun one was the fishtail. Don’t know if I can get Chloe to sit still long enough for that one, but it looks cool.

Happy Easter weekend, everyone! I hope you will take time to reflect on the real meaning of this holiday.

taken last summer on our way up north at the Cross in the Woods

And this is from a post in March of 2005 right after I started this blog. :)

lots of stuff today

As promised …

I think it still needs a few more layers here and there. I like it, though. :)

Jake took the kids over to his Mom’s today to play while he is in class, then they are going to hang out there for a few hours this evening. So I get some peace and quiet. My brain needs it. It feels so chaotic and cluttered in there this week. We are in the process of moving some of the rooms in our house around and it’s in transition, so there is stuff stacked everywhere. I hate that feeling of not being settled in. It’s making me feel off a little.

I didn’t feel well yesterday so I didn’t get a lot accomplished. While the kids played, I sat and read a book. That’s not like me. I don’t read books very often anymore. But a couple nights ago, I watched the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movie and so I cracked open the 3rd book in the series. I bought it quite some time ago and it’s been collecting dust on a shelf. I love those books, though. They remind me of a simpler time when there was so much possibility in life. A more carefree time. The 3rd book brought back memories of making decisions about college and what to do with my life. I really had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up. I chose Grand Rapids Baptist College (now called Cornerstone University). Only a 1/2 hour from home. Chose music education, which I really didn’t want to do. Then I switched to business/secretarial studies. Didn’t really want to do that either. At that point in my life, all I wanted was to get married and settle down. I was so naive. I had no idea what I was doing even though I thought I did. If I could go back, I would have pursued photography more, maybe attended a photography school instead. But, like I said, I was looking for my MRS degree. :) Whatevuh ….

I ended up reading that entire Sisterhood book in one day. Love where Bridget’s storyline went … kind of full circle for her from the first book. I still feel most connected to Lena, who really found herself and her passion (her art) in this book. I like that the author focused on that and the relationship with her family more than her broken relationship with Kostos, although that was there in her mind. And I like how Carmen came to accept her Mom having another baby and how she finally decided to go to school away from home instead of staying safe (like I did) and going to school in the same town. The part that got me most and actually made me laugh and cry at the same time was Tibby helping coach Carmen’s mom, Christina, during the birth of the baby. I love that part. I could totally envision Tibby on the bed, yelling at Christina to push, and after all she went through in the story with her little sister, it was a good journey for Tibby to go through. What lovable characters! Love them all!

So … our weather sucks right now. It’s cold cold cold out. And it was like a little blizzard yesterday. Seriously … it’s SPRING!!!!!! This is the view out my kitchen door this morning ..

There were all sorts of accidents in the area last night because the roads pretty much became a sheet of ice. People were all over the place.

And I have to ask for prayer for my friend, April, who was my neighbor growing up. She was in an accident yesterday morning. A man swerved across the center line and hit her head on. She and the other driver both ended up being trapped in their cars and they had to use the “jaws of life” to get them out. April was rushed to the hospital with lots of broken bones and the other driver died on the scene. Very sad. They say it wasn’t related to the weather, the man had a CD in his hand when they found him and they think maybe he was reaching down to pick it up off the floor or something. April had no life-threatening injuries. She has many broken ribs, a broken arm and hip. She had to have a metal plate put in her arm because the bone was just snapped right in half. So scary! We know that God was watching out for April because this could have been so much worse. She will have a lot of time recovering, though, so please pray that she is all better very soon!

Only a few more days of spring break for Zach. The kids are going to play with their cousins for a bit tomorrow and then over to help Grandma decorate eggs for Easter. Lots of fun!

flat stanley

Had to share this … it’s so fun. A month or so ago, Zach’s class at school started a little project called Flat Stanley, where they colored and cut out a little paper doll named … Flat Stanley. Since Stanley is flat, he can travel anywhere in the world in an envelope. So the kids had to choose someone to send Stanley to. I immediately thought of my friend and fellow Heather Ann Design Team member, Michele Schilling, who lives in the Cayman Islands, and she was SO GREAT to do this for us. She just sent me some pictures this week and I had to share. They crack me up and Zach was so thrilled to see them!

Stanley at the beach

and at the butterfly farm with Elle

Love it! Thanks again, Michele! He’ll be the hit of the whole class! :)

Erinn’s shower

fun little self portrait I took at Erinn’s bridal shower in a piece of her new silverware

My friend Erinn’s bridal shower was this weekend. So much fun! I took pictures, of course. :) Posted a few over on the photo blog.

Also, I chopped off my hair. It’s been a couple years since I had it shorter. Just got sick of it and hacked it off. I’m fairly good at cutting my own hair. We just can’t afford for me to go to a salon and get it done right now, so I do it myself. Not as nice as it would be if I had a stylist do it, but I don’t look like a freak. That’s what’s important. :) Need to take some pictures of the new hair. Until then, here’s a little self portrait of me and Erinn at the shower.


It’s getting cold here again. Snow is expected this week. What the?

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