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springtime fun

The nice weather arrived this week and the kids were able to actually wear shorts and spend some time outside swinging and running around. It was great! We soaked it all in because a couple days later the temps were in the 30’s again with wind chills. brrrr! Can’t wait until Spring arrives and actually sticks around.

• such attitude •

Zach has spring break this next week and today was his first official day of vacation, so we went up to Frederik Meijer Gardens to see the butterfly exhibit. It was fun.

My mom kept the kids for a few hours after the gardens and Jake & I were able to go and have dinner together. It was nice to have some quiet time together. The Pizza Hut here in town has just recently been rebuilt and they’ve expanded their menu to offer things other than pizza. We had to check it out. Jake got some wings and we each got a sandwich. It was pretty good, not the best thing I’ve ever eaten, but OK. Just getting away together was enough for me.

Got the new Simple Scrapbooks in the mail when we got home. Snuggled up on the couch, sipped my coffee, and gave it the once through. Great stuff in there, as usual. Love my magazines.

Some fun news …

I’m off to Texas in August to shoot Kelley and Chris’s wedding.

I’m so excited. Gosh, I think it was a couple years ago, around the time I first started up this blog, that either Kelley found my blog or I found hers. I can never remember how I come across people’s blogs, it’s like a neverending circle. But we’ve been “blog friends” for a while now. So it will be awesome to finally meet her and get to be there for their big day. And they have chosen a gorgeous location. It’s going to be a beautiful wedding! Can’t wait!!!

I’ll leave you with a cutie pic of Zach from the gardens today. He looks so cute. I love it.

one down, one to go

My big boy lost one of his front teeth on Friday. Both of the front ones have been wiggly for a while now and he was fiddling with one of them while watching TV the other night and it came right out. I think he was a bit surprised and kept holding it in the palm of his hand until Daddy would take it from him. He was happy in the morning when the tooth fairy had left him some $. :)

Had a nice “date with God” yesterday. Left in the early afternoon and went and sat by Gun Lake and wrote in my journal for two hours. I have been stressing lately over the money and how we will make our bills. I needed to just lay it all down and let Him have control over it. I’m trying. I also have things I’d like to accomplish in life and in my business and I wrote those all down and pretty much told God that the list was His. No matter what … I trust Him. And, like in Facing the Giants, “if we win, we praise Him … and if we lose, we praise Him.” There is a reason. There is a plan. Even if we can’t see it yet.

And here are a couple pages I made recently using Heather Ann Designs’ new stuff!!!!

Happy Sunday!

look, you guys!

Erin picked my layout to feature on the CK website today! I just went to the site to browse the gallery and there it was.

facing the giants

Watched Facing the Giants tonight. It was EXACTLY what I needed to see. An inspirational story of faith. Putting everything you are and everything you have in God’s hands and trusting Him to take care of you and show you what to do. I have had many moments lately when I let the fear creep in about Jake being in school and not having a job and making ends meet. There is a scene early on in the movie where the main character, the football coach, is basically at the end of his rope. Many things in his life seem to be going wrong and he finds out he may lose his job and cries to his wife, “What is God doing?” He is discouraged and feels like a failure and he goes out to a quiet place and calls out to God and prays and reads his Bible. I can’t remember all of the words of his prayer, but as the scene continued on, I felt his words were exactly what I wanted to say to God and I cried and cried. We may not know what God has in mind for us. It may seem hopeless, but there is a reason, there is a plan. I believe that and, whether He reveals it to us tomorrow or the next day or next year, I will keep believing.

Go rent or buy this movie! :)

the makeover

well, as I mentioned the other day, I went with my mom to get a brand new cut and color after having grown her hair for over 6 years. Here is the before and after. :)

The pics on the top were taken with my mom’s little point and shoot camera right before we left for her appointment on Tuesday. And the bottom pics were taken tonight with my good camera. She looks great! :)

We had a little encouragement dinner tonight at the halfway point of our family “biggest loser” competition. My brother, Rick, and I are in the lead. He’s lost 10 lbs. and I’ve lost 6. Woohooo! We all made a plan to get together a few times a week and go walking (running in Rick’s case) at a local park. Now that Spring is here, we can get out and enjoy the outdoors and get some much needed fresh air. :)

Here are a couple more pics from tonight. Grandma and her grandbabies. :)

yeah, I need to trim Zach’s hair. He’s getting a little shaggy again. :)

a day with my mom

no pictures to share, but I spent the day with my mom today. we exercised like good girls and then headed up to GR. the point of our trip was my mom’s hair appointment. It has been 6 years since my mom has been growing her hair out. It was getting really really long, like down almost to her butt long. It was time for a change, but she was really nervous about it. I told her about Cindy, the girl who used to do my hair, at Panopoulos, so she made an appointment. Cindy is great and has been doing hair for over 25 years so she knows her stuff. On top of my mom having really long hair, she has also been frosting her hair for years and so it had become pretty much all light blonde/white. So, I went with her and held her hand while she got 6+ inches cut off of her hair, foils all over her head to add multi-colored highlights and lowlights, and some layers cut for a new style. She looks great!!! Maybe she will let me load the pictures we took on her little Kodak camera and share the before and after pictures. :) I should do a little photo shoot for her with her hair all done up and looking like a hot mama! :D hehe! It was a fun day!

happy st paddy’s day

I didn’t even wear green today. oops! I’ve got a tiny bit of Irish in me. Some of my mom’s ancestors are from Ireland. Zach colored a picture of a leprechaun at school this week and brought it home. He even drew his own little shamrocks all around the edge of the paper. They were a little crooked and looked more like pieces of broccoli, but it was cute and I knew what he meant. :)

my one and only scrapbook page today. Actually played with paper today. “What? Not digital?” you ask. :) It was fun. A bit of a challenge since I’m so used to moving stuff around on my digital pages and if I make a mistake I can easily fix it. But I think it turned out cute.

the text around the outside edge is a bunch of little things about our family:
jake zach chloe + me
happy as can be
a boy and a girl
what I always dreamed of
a husband who adores me
sweet hugs and “I love you mommy”s
Zach reading to me
family movie days
Chloe snuggling up to me with a sweet “I want you, Mom”
my little blessings from God
safe and secure and so loved
my sweet little family

is it spring yet?

the weather yesterday was so awesome! 70 degrees! I was so happy. Opened up the windows and let in the fresh air. It was great.

Worked yesterday while Chloe spent the day with my Mom. As soon as she got home, I asked her if she got to go outside and play. She told me that they went outside to see the dead turkey. huh? My parents have lots of wild turkeys wandering around in their back yard all the time. They live out in the country in the middle of the state game area so there has always been lots of deer and other wildlife around. Well, I guess this big turkey came swooping down and hit the front porch, wobbled and fell over by the rose bush and died. So Chloe had to tell me all about the dead turkey. ick.

Watched One Night With the King last night. Very impressed with the production quality for it being an independent Christian film. I love the look of the movie, too, but most of all the story of Esther. She went before her husband the king unsummoned when it was forbidden by law to do so to plead with him not to kill the Jews. She could have been killed for it but she was spared. It’s an amazing story of faith. Love it!

Also just got A Good Year from Netflix yesterday. The previews looked good for this one. Russell Crowe on a vineyard in France. Sounds good. I’ll probably check it out tonight. :)

And the picture on the right … well, yes, I pretty much almost cut my eye off on the side, but I still like it. It’s a little self portrait from the day I cut myself some bangs. I think I look better with bangs, but I hate that there’s hair against my forehead now. Gotta get used to it again.

Another short post today. Hoping to do a little scrapbooking this week with all the new goodies I bought. Work is on my mind a lot lately and is distracting me from the fun stuff. But it’s all good.

and I’m totally jealous of Heidi, who is leaving for Florida tomorrow! Bring me back some sunshine, girl! :)

around the office

random stuff around the office today

McCafe specialty coffee – not too bad. not as good as Starbucks, but since we don’t have a Starbucks locally, McD’s will have to do.
kids artwork – hanging on the bulletin board. i love my little gifts from the kids.
my computer – editing in photoshop
my wall of fame – i have little wallet prints of a bunch of my clients hanging on the wall by my desk. love seeing these and being reminded of all the cool people I get to work with.
my guitar – notice it only has 5 strings. this is because when I was tuning it recently, the string broke (oops) and the guitar bit me. i have a scar on the back of my hand to prove it. it’s a good thing Chloe hadn’t been standing just inches to the left or she would’ve got hit in the face when the string snapped.
scrapbook stuff – my paper stash and way too many idea books
from my mom – mom got me and heidi each one of these cute mugs last summer. it sits on my desk and acts as a catch all for little things right now.

this is something I printed out over a year ago from Joy Uzarraga’s blog. it was her list of intentions for 2006 and I really loved everything she wrote and hung it up on the bulletin board for inspiration. It sat on my desk for a while until I spilled coffee on it. :D

Click here to see her original post.

and last but not least … me and Chloe.

she looks so cute in this picture. i love it even though I am out of focus. probably better that way. ;) Chloe is getting so big. She had her well-child appointment today and had to get some shots. Jake said she was so brave, no crying, just a little whimper. What a girl!

have a great day!

a sunday

chloe playing “Mary Had a Little Lamb”

This picture was actually taken at the beginning of February, before all the sickness, and I forgot that I had taken it until I loaded the pictures from my day with Jen yesterday and found it. I showed Chloe how to play “Mary had a Little Lamb” one day and she couldn’t seem to get it. So, the next morning, I’m checking my email and I hear the song in the other room … almost the whole song played perfectly. I couldn’t believe it. She remembered and played it all by herself. I was so excited! I jumped right up and took a picture. She has her mama’s musical talent, which is so great!!! I already know she loves to sing, but I hope she plays instruments, too. I took piano lessons for several years growing up, so it will be fun to teach Chloe how to play. :)


Drove through the aftermath of lake effect snow in Grand Rapids to get to Jen’s yesterday. Went to Olive Garden for lunch. Had chicken parmigiana (my usual) and their yummy peach Bellini tea. Our waiter was cracking us up. “It’s almost game time!” he informed us when our food was almost ready. Crazy guy! He made us laugh. Not that we need any help with that, we are always laughing together. We’ve known each other since first grade, so we are more like sisters at this point. And I never had a sister, so it’s cool to have an old friend who knows pretty much everything about you. :)



After lunch, we browsed Baker bookstore and then went to see “Music & Lyrics”. Very cute movie. We went to the Cinemark theater and, oh my word, the previews were so loud that everyone in the theater was literally plugging their ears. Mine hurt so bad. And I thought for sure they would give us an apology as we left or a coupon for free popcorn or something … nada. It took them forever to fix the problem and totally ruined the beginning of the movie because my ears were ringing the whole time. ouch! So, I was a little disappointed that they didn’t take better care of us. Jake recently went to a movie with subtitles that were a little too low on the screen and they gave them free passes and an apology. Different theater, though. Better theater, obviously. Ah well …

Woke up with a headache today. I think it’s the left over nasty sinus stuff from my sickness, but I’m feeling more energized and ready to get back to work this week. I’m behind on wedding stuff because I was sick, so I have to do some catching up.

Watched “The Office” on DVD the past couple nights. We finished the first disk of Season 2. I’m loving it. The stupid things Michael says are so inappropriate sometimes. It cracks me up. And, of course, I love the Jim/Pam relationship. So cute. Now, I just have to wait for the next disks to arrive through Netflix. :P ugh!

Have a happy Sunday!

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